Author Topic: Bug: Death/stun animation not here, if alien is killed/stunned in the shadows  (Read 1921 times)

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do you know the situation, when an alien ist scouted just on the boarder of visilble terrain, where it is still in the shadows?
You can target it, because the indicator starts blinking, if the indicator is over the alien.
In the original, you get the "fall to the ground" animation on the kill or on the stun. That´s missing in Openxcom.
The scream is there on the kill. But the animation is the indicator for the stun. And that´s the point. You don´t know if it is stunned or still there, which gets a little confusing.

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If it's stuned/dead, it is laying on the floor like the carpet in the middle of your room.  ;D

So the cursor no longer blink on that position.