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New ideas :)
« on: January 15, 2015, 07:36:23 am »
Training Missions:

How you ask?
Simple you buy the type of training build the facilitys at the base with "Squaddie insert name"
then it opens the transfer window to select Squaddie insert name  and or names (not sure how multi would work )
then put them in the terrain of the appropriate training (IE track,gun range probe attempts,)say a track they have to run so many times to finish level and end training or hit the target so many times before time is up to add 1 point to there stats each training takes time and counts as resting afterwards.

Hostile Panicked Npc:
(not sure if coding will allow)

How you ask?
say an npc walks over a corpse that is has a human weapon they pick it up and panic like a soldier .

Recover VIP:

How you ask?
Have to taze the VIP to recover there body and drop it on the skyranger then it will end the mission on success!
Issues though idk how to make it not auto count as failure or killing an civi.


How you ask?
I have no idea but would be nice i doubt it well let you add aliens randomly to the map once Battlescapes is running unless the code can run in background prior to starting or on start to put in random chance say a Beam like in the intro appears on the map(using the auto snap to of a sighted enemy and pressing the 1-9 key in background) then a group of new enemy's show up say after so many turns.

the new X-com had a great game play mode bomb disposal
How add custom tool with low success rate and use on bomb like the tazer or bomb has high hp and tool is only thing to damage it if it goes off after so many turns then
blows up and auto fail mission.

Standard Aircraft
Cheaper than standard and slower and weaker but can use a few to help the interceptors.