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(open)XCOM - Ufo Defence Season 1, by Mandarb
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:58:05 pm »
Hey folks,

after watching some openxcom streams a while back I found that game on one of my old pc backup dvd's again. Haven't played it in ages! But, since I'm currently takeing a break from livestreaming, I thought I give XCOM a go with a few mods.

Season 1 - Settings:

Difficulty = Experienced
Load Save Game = As few as possible
Plasma Guns = I love my Laserweapons

Basicly I try not to load missions again. If I lose a soldier, then that is life. But if I do encounter a bug, I at least can go back to the last save :D

Mods that I use are those awesome extra UFO's, more guns and sniperrifles etc... the first 5 Episodes are rather "normal" starting off stuff. I personaly think that with Episode 6, stuff gets more interessting, and there will be Terror Missions starting from Episode 10 :)

I record normaly 3 to 5 Episodes (20 to 25 min long) in one go, but still upload only 1 episode per day. Small "Last time" and "Next time" scenes are included.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but also remember, that those good ideas might not show up untill a few episodes later.

Anyhow, enjoy the videos... have a good laugh at some funny xcom moments and fear those night and terror missions :D