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2 person vaulting.
« on: August 25, 2018, 04:50:02 am »
So one issue in XCOM is that, obstacles are either insurmountable with poor weapons / no flying suit, or semi pointless with enough explosives / flying suits. So I have an idea which Might help.

2 people could be able to work together to have 1 person climb up. 1 person under a ledge (or fence), another climbing.

Flat rate would be 40 tu's and 30 energy to climb up, for both the climber and the helper, but with several modifications. First, the TU's would be compared for both units, and the person with the larger TU pool would use more TU's to be using the same amount of TU's as the slower person, since its a team effort. This would be TU taxing obviously, but would give a huge advantage if you sacrificed the time units. The action would also factor in strength, and more importantly, weight.  The weight of the climbing unit itself, and the equipment it carried, would be tallied up, and then compared to the "open" weight in the other individual. The weight OVER the person helpings capacity, after adding the climbers weight of person and items, would tally against the Tu's and energy used, easily making the action impossible if you are both carrying too much, or using weaklings. Health / stun could also factor in, adding to the difficulty in doing so, so a gutshot helper wouldn't be as effective.

Admittedly I'm not at all sure how this would be possible in the engine, perhaps with a contextual move done with open hands by the helper / open hand of the climber, which moves the unit up 1, and forward 2, if facing each other, or perhaps it just enables a pathway to pathfind if the math works.

....So yeah, not sure how well this could work, BUT, this could be an interesting tactic for vaulting strong walls with a scout, and would provide a nice reason for light units (chuck dogs over a wall?) or to have a heavier unit a bit more moderately loaded up. I could see this especially if snipers are used.