What's recommended for chances to detect UFOs with Crafts (ON GRAPHS) ???

Regions/Countries with Higher UFO/Alien Activity (Risky)
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Regions/Countries with Moderate UFO/Alien Activity (Positive)
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Regions/Countries with Low UFO/Alien Activity (Less Risky)
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I dunno, maybe 40k Mod exclusive or any TC/megamod exclusive even :-[
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I give up Geoscape Craft Scouting with OG, Modded or TC-Mods, just better off with no scouting for UFOs then, they're so obnoxious, embarrassing and irritating for me, my excuses really. :-\
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anything? :)
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Author Topic: [REJECTED]Does GSC Scouting with UFO/EC Detect Chances Exclusive to the 40kMod?  (Read 899 times)

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I'm going to be playing some UFOD94/UFO:EU94 with OXCE stuff, well, with OXCE Visuals and some mods including the cover and trailer content, just like TV Tropes said about the whole "Trailers/Covers Always Lie" crap i might be going with, still;
Speaking of which, whenever it's just tactical and turn based tactics strategy stuff XCOM related (including strategizing the geoscape instead of battlescape with scouting with crafts),

Is geoscape craft scouting for UFOs and Enemy (Non-Alien) Crafts (e.g. EXALT Crafts, ADVENT Crafts, etc) exclusive to the 40k mod? ???
Although i recommend pressing the graphs (G key) a lot of times, since i watched 12 episodes of Otto's playthrough of the 40k mod waiting for new episodes by seeing the cool (gunfire from weapons) gameplay stuff from it, also with 40k only material/contents at least. :(
I'm going to trying a little scout for UFOs plan via en route and patrolling (might get difficult chances per difficulty) to see if can get one obviously with the need of my 2 only starting tech crafts (SKYR and INTERC), and without the need of my RS (radar system) facilities getting a UFO contact (radar facilities are truly recommended for this or not needed most)

Screw the scouting, i'm gonna start playing, i'm tired of this skit and better off leaving the crafts (let SKYRs do a little scouting instead of INTERCS) in the base forever, just for wasting its fuel. :-\

i'll keep the images 46% temporarily to keep. :p
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