Author Topic: [STATSTRINGS] Episode-Specific Statstring Mods  (Read 2380 times)

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[STATSTRINGS] Episode-Specific Statstring Mods
« on: May 23, 2018, 08:36:11 am »
This mod adds very little, but is not without its utility. The XComUtil statstrings mod, found in /standard/XcomUtil_Statstrings, is not entirely up to a peculiar task; having made something serviceable, I decided to upload them here.
This mod changes:
* The permissions usually necessary to edit the Statstrings under Linux, or leastwise Lubuntu 16.04. Editing /usr/local/share/openxcom/standard/XcomUtil_Statstrings/ files was odious. This makes them as accessible as any other mod.
* The breadth of any given statstring mod. No longer will the same stat strings be used for UFO and TFTD, so long as you turn off XcomUtil's version and enable these.

Known Issues:
* If you have enabled both the XComUtil statstrings and a modified statstring file downloaded here, you'll have a right mess. If you don't want Horiana Smith/pbwmrPpbwmr, you'd best be sure of your edits and turn off the XComUtil statstrings entirely.

Use Example:
* In an unreleased mod (as of 5/22/18) for TFTD, soldiers.rul is modified to yield psi strength no greater than 80. In order to maintain stat strings consistent with labeling the top two quintiles, I changed the TFTD statstrings to label "p" for 48-63, and P for 64-80.
 - This same logic can be applied to most any mod that changes the available soldiers, but the specifics are entirely untested on my part.

As there should be no discernible difference between the XComUtil statstrings and those found here, I doubt it's necessary to include screenshots. These mods are of very limited utility, changing only the accessibility and specificity of the statstrings.