Author Topic: [SUGGESTION-UNCUT][#047] UI enhancement - Change soldier position craft, quickly  (Read 4170 times)

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47) Change Soldier position in craft, quickly.

Left click on the "soldier sprite" switches to the "soldiers position in craft sprite" (Skyranger in this case), this can be done at base and also during equipment phase before combat (but not during combat).

As in "Mini Map" screen during combat, each yellow dot represents a soldier.
The red dot is the current position of the selected soldier (current inventory screen - Squaddie Jenny Robertson).
At bottom of the screen, an "Armor" button is also displayed to access the "Select Armor for (soldier name)" window (NONE, PERSONAL ARMOR, POWER SUIT, FLYING SUIT) and change the soldier armor; exiting the "Select Armor for (soldier name)" window come back to the soldier "Inventory" screen (where the button were left clicked).
Near the "Armor" button, the current soldier armor name is displayed (Power Suit in this case).

The player must left click on a yellow dot to switch the soldiers position, he can do this action (left click on a yellow dot) several times.

The "OK" button above the "soldiers position in craft sprite" switches back to the "soldier sprite" and the soldiers position change is validated (the player need to do this to validate the soldiers position change (the "OK" text can be replaced by "CHANGE" text, or "CONFIRM" text, or an icon)).

When the "soldiers position in craft sprite" is displayed, only the area over the "soldiers position in craft sprite", the "OK" button above the "soldiers position in craft sprite" and the "Armor" button are "active"; the player cannot select or move items (he can exit the inventory screen with no change with the standard "OK" button (top right in screen), or change soldier (previous/next soldier arrows), and if he change soldier, the "soldiers position in craft sprite" stay displayed.
If the player left/right click outside this area the soldiers position change is not validated (same as cancel the change) and the "soldier sprite" is displayed.

When the mouse cursor is over a yellow dot it turns green, and the inventory of this soldier is temporarily displayed (as long as the mouse cursor is over the green dot) (temporary inventory screen - Colonel Patricia Trujillo).
Right click on the green dot change the current soldier Inventory (quick change to another soldier), if the player change soldier (right click), the "soldiers position in craft sprite" stay displayed.

As usual, the images are for explanation only.

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I like this. It's not terribly needed for the Skyranger, but other personal carriers are much less simplistic.

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I would do this in a way so you could drag and place the soldiers on the soldiers list. Also on the equip ship screen where you select the soldiers.

So one click would mean that the soldier boards the ship or not, like it now does. And dragging and dropping the soldier would change its place. Codewise this would probably mean that the soldiers switch ids or places in the arrays.

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What can also be good is some kind of notice in the equip screen that tells you what position the soldier is in (ie. Position 01, 02...) without clicking a button and looking at a display. I think this would be good for the skyranger at least.

Also, is it at all possible to change the position of a HWP in a transport?


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As usual, the images are for explanation only.

Really needed! I'd also add a button to switch to/from soldiers inventory. Please add to the next nightly? .;(