Author Topic: [SUGGESTION-UNCUT][#036] Mind Probe displays P.Skill and P.Str all Aliens/Civs  (Read 965 times)

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Add option - Mind Probe also displays Psionic Strength and Psionic Skill for all Aliens/Civilians (not only for Sectoids and Ethereals).

When using Mind Probe on Aliens, Zombies and Civilians, unit stats about Psionic Strength and Psionic Skill are displayed.

I don't know actually if each Muton Soldier (and other Aliens with/without P.Skill) has random different P.Skill and P.Str values (with fixed reference value, ex: value reference XX +/- 20%), or if it's definite fixed values?

Option: Mind Probe Displays Info About Psionic Stats All Aliens/Civilians --> "YES" - "NO" - (default "NO")