Author Topic: Which AI constants should be updated if max view distance weren't 20  (Read 1713 times)

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Hi Warboy,

in OXCE, the max view distance can be increased from 20 to let's say 30-40.

Last time I peeked in AI code (yes, shame on me!) I noticed a few places with hardcoded 20.
I was wondering, which of them could/should be updated?
And since I don't want to study AI code in detail, I thought maybe you could give me some tips on which constants would deserve attention and which not...


Not sure how this would affect the AI's decisions... is there an easy explanation what would happen if this was increased?


I guess this is only indirectly related to max view distance and the algorithm works "correctly" even if 20 is not the limit?


I believe this is a strong candidate for an update? Does this mean AI can't charge from beyond 20 tiles?


I think this works fine, snap shot over 20 tiles is probably useless anyway.


This also looks like a good candidate for update? Affects throwing grenades beyond 20 tiles, am I right?


This is probably OK too... same argument as in 4/

Thanks for any feedback.