Author Topic: Thoughts for making the game challenging for longer  (Read 1962 times)

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Thoughts for making the game challenging for longer
« on: July 24, 2011, 02:00:39 pm »
 Really looking forward to seeing a stable complete remake of x-com so then people can start thiking about MODS to increase its life span. To me part of the thrill of the X-com series was the unknown , What weapons would you get to research next , what race of aliens where going to show them selves next and what New ways to slaughter my men would they find. However after many, many years of playing this series i find myself doing the same things every time.

 It would be Nice if at the start of a new game ( playing a modded version) That the game would Randomly select what aliens you where going to come up against , Randomly select the Skill levels and special talents they would have ( for example in one game maybe the Floaters would be the strongest most elite troops and the Mutons may be the weakest).
 Also the weapons they use should be random so it may not be possible to research every weapon type . Just image not being able to research  laser weapons and having to rely on conventional weapons in some games.
 Of course to have this occur you would have to create New aliens ,New craft designs, New technology and New Human weapons to allow it to be RANDOM and i know this would be a Hell of a lot of work but its just something i have been thinking about lately.
First things first lets get the Remake made , its times like this, i wish i had some skill to share on a project. Testing is about all i can really do :(


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Re: Thoughts for making the game challenging for longer
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2011, 02:33:42 pm »
1) Variable alien race name (composed of number of syllables, similar to planet names in Elite(tm)).
2) Variable race appearance (similar to Spore(tm) random generation) and characteristics (graded by difficulty levels).
3) Variable alien technology/artifacts/weapons.
4) Variable alien tile visual style and base structure.
5) Variable Earthlings' armour/weapon with logical properties, derived from alien researched artifacts.
6) Variable technology tree, which would obey some logical rules.
7) Variable alien home worlds -> variable final missions (one race beaten, another appeared).
8 ) Political decisions, like aliens surrender before final mission, or allied with each other against earthlings, or allied with earthlings...

Which theoretically could lead to almost unlimited gameplay, considering growing difficulty of opponents and power of technology.