Author Topic: [The Final Mod Pack] Advanced Weapons part  (Read 6459 times)

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[The Final Mod Pack] Advanced Weapons part
« on: May 18, 2014, 09:03:40 pm »

The goal of this project is to make huge community modpack well balanced with multi-language adds for strings (en-GB, en-US and fr strings for begining).

I have indexed all existing mods and classified in the following way :

[HERE] - core : the main tech tree
[HERE] - vessel : improved fighter, longrange fighter, ultimate fighter ...
[HERE] - personnal armour : combat uniform, jump armor ...
[HERE] - basic weapon : sniper, shootgun, grenades, machinegun, knife, ...
[HERE] - advanced weapon : plasma, gauss, railgun, laser, dart-rifle, FushionTorch ...
[HERE] - hwp : all tanks and overtanks, sectopods, ...
[HERE] - misc : maps, new units, custom rulset's, gfx/sfx improvements, ...

Of course I will not included the totality of the existing mods, but to choose most interesting and to balance them in the game.

Thanks for your support !
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Re: [WIP][The Final Mod Pack] Advanced Weapons part
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2014, 09:03:56 pm »

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Re: [WIP][The Final Mod Pack] Advanced Weapons part
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2014, 09:24:37 pm »
- Alien Armoury Expanded
- DartRifle
- Elerium Mace
- Fushion Torch
- heatraaaaaaaays
- LaserClips
- Mind Missile
- power-glove
- scater laser
- sniper laser
- light saber
- railgun_v2
- Terran Plasma Weapons

Ok so, for advanced weapons we have :

- Alien Armoury Expanded
- Gauss Mod
- Scatter Laser (and maybe a little graphic mod for other laser weapons)
- Dart Rifle
- Fushion Torch
- Mind Missile (good or bad idea ?)

I think we can forget "Terran Plasma Weapons" ?
If not What else ?

Yeah, I think we can forget the Terran Plasma Weapons mod, unless we come up with something really new. I keep thinking about a Plasma Shotgun, but it sounds a bit... silly. Still, I think it would be cool. ;)

As for other stuff, there are a few small mods that I think are worthy (or more!) to be added, particularly:
- Ryskeliini's Elerium Mace (after some serious nerfing),
- Clownagent's Mind Missile (perhaps with a whole new launcher and a set of rockets to simplify and streamline things, but I like the general idea),
- perhaps Civilian's Heat-Ray mod - I haven't tried it out yet, but it looks solid (though I'm against fixed TU cost in this case).

Of course I'm only talking about weapons here; there are other mods I consider worthy or even essential (for example Shadow's Power Suit Helm Off, or Civilian's various terrain mods), but we'll get there later.

Quote from: Human Ktulu on May 04, 2014, 01:19:17 am
    I see extra guided-missile for standard rocket launcher, this is it ?

Yes, but after some thought I decided it would be better to make a new Rocket Launcher and new rockets (Small, Large and Incendiary, unless we do something differently). The reasons are:
1) To make the system more clear - new weapon, new ammo.
2) To make it more logical - how do you control the missile with no controls on your Rocket Launcher? You need a special Rocket Launcher!
I also think we could use standard rockets as raw materials for new, mind-guided rockets (after all we just need to install the psi control device). Unless we make completely new rockets.
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Re: [The Final Mod Pack] Advanced Weapons part
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2014, 04:17:16 am »
I'm thinking about toning down Gauss weapons a bit. They used to compete with lasers before, but now they have no competition, so they shouldn't be too strong... Rifle 30 vs. Gauss Rifle 70 is a huge change.