Author Topic: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich  (Read 3938 times)

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Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« on: February 18, 2017, 07:09:20 am »
I am building this mod for my Reaver's X mod series, however I am trying to keep it compatible with vanilla X-Com. It should work correctly without any other mods, but the attribute balance of things may fit better in my version of the game.

This mod gives you expensive things to spend your money on. They aren't that much more powerful than the cheap versions, but a little can make a lot of difference. Generally these won't be worth the money but if you get your income ahead of your expenses, you may find yourself with some excess money you don't know how to spend. Well now you have a way to waste money!!

The mod folder comes with a set of segment rulesets and matching segment folders. The folders are draft versions and don't affect the mod. You can pull any one of them out and use it as a standalone mod, however they may not have all of the final fixes applied and thus can be buggy.


Super Air Weapons

Predator Missiles: These missiles have power similar to Stingrays but range more like Avalanche. They can easily bring down terror ships if you've got the armor to stand up to one. This is a great way to spend extra funds in the early game -- as long as you're spending the funds on missiles and not on new aircraft...

Blazer Cannon: This is a laser weapon with range comparable to the Laser Beam and power closer to the Pulse Cannon. It's not all that expensive and not all that exciting, either. A good stepping stone for the slightly rich.

Plasma Torpedoes: These combine the sheer power of "light" fusion balls with the elerium efficiency of a plasma weapon, and with a greater ammo capacity to boot! A set of these can take down anything, and they'll do it messy! Prepare to spend a lot more greenbacks than goldybits to power this thing. Research plasma beam and fusion missile to build these.

Craft Fusion Beam: We thought it wasn't possible, but it turns out enough money can do almost anything you want it to! This weapon costs no elerium at all to fire, but each shot is pretty expensive and it's very expensive to fully load the weapon. It mimics the attributes of the old Plasma Beam for nostalgia. Research fusion defense to build these.

Super Soldiers

Super Soldier: Serum technology can greatly enhance soldier combat prowess at great cost to their long-term health and sanity. If the paycheck is high enough, you just might be able to convince them to sign this waiver right here... You can hire these after you research Medi Kit.

Super soldiers have their maximum starting attributes and attribute caps increased significantly, but have a particularly large advantage to their minimum starting attributes. You won't get any bad soldiers, though they still vary from one to the next. Their psionic attributes are the same as vanilla including their minimum values, which is still a lot higher than the 60/60 from Reaver's Soldier Classes, though you might have to recycle a few to get good psi strength ratings.

Super Armor: This armor has the toughness of the power suit plus the flying capability from the flying suit. It also has the TU bonus they both have, the strength bonus of the power suit, the accuracy bonus of the flying suit, and an additional bonus to health. If you're particularly good at losing soldiers, the high price on this armor might even be a financial investment.

Super Tanks:

Each super tank has guardian tank armor and health with assault tank speed, accuracy, and reactions. They are very expensive initially but cheap to maintain. If they use ammo, they take assault tank ammo.

Planned projects:

Super Aircraft:

Super Interceptor: Same attributes as the vanilla interceptor, making it a lot stronger than the Interceptor, Punisher, or Marauder from Reaver's Armada.

Super Transport: Same capacity as the 18 troop Custodian, same speed as the 1140 knot Skyranger, possibly also with enhanced fuel to enable long-range patrol capability.

Manticore: Bit of everything. This is a low-tech elerium-powered craft with speed between the Sparrow and Lightning, one weapon, hit points similar to the Marauder, room for a few soldiers, along with low fuel consumption and a strong radar. It'll stay afloat for a couple days which is more than enough time to get to the other side of the planet.

Conquerer: It's the old Avenger. You know you missed that ship when I nerfed it. This one is far more expensive to build, however.

Except for the Conquerer and Manticore, these aircraft are not only expensive but also have high rental rates. If you're keeping them around, you'll want to make sure you have ample income.

Super Ground Weapons:

There will be one super ground weapon for each basic weapon type: AP, laser, plasma, and launcher. The first three will have weight a bit under the heavy weapons, but rate of fire closer to the rifles. They will be fairly accurate but will hit nearly as hard as heavy weapons, meanwhile they will have good rates on all three shot types. In Reaver's Ground Weapons, the automatic weapons have lousy snap and aimed shots, while the semi-auto weapons have either lousy auto shots (rifles) or no auto shot (pistols and heavies).

Super Launcher: this weapon will load clips containing five rounds each which can be given waypoints like the blaster bomb, but come in a variety of damage types and power values, including AP.

Known Bugs

If you install this without Reaver's Tanks, you'll have assault tank ammo options without the tanks. This is for the super tanks, but might be slightly off-putting.
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Re: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2017, 12:52:23 pm »
Great idea actually, Reaver. Good luck with it!

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Re: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2017, 07:51:26 pm »
Looks exciting, I will certainly be keeping an eye on this

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Re: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2017, 05:40:53 am »
I'd love input on the balance. The costs are what I'm most worried about. Everyone is going to have a different income rate and I don't know what kind of excess funds most of you will have left over. So if anyone wants to give me input on the pricing, that would be much appreciated! Ideally it should be within your power to own some of these things, but it should feel unrealistic to go completely on rich stuff alone, unless you're just great at generating funds.

I noticed I didn't upload the zip file for the mod. Oops! Well it's fixed now. First version is up!
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Re: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2017, 09:05:26 pm »
One idea I once heard for a alternate sequel idea mod, was the player being able to use loadsamoney to equip themselves in UFO endgame Elerium weapons.

Its more of a TFTD idea, but you get my thought.
Don't remember the mod.

One idea: Terran power armor. Slow, expensive, but you can carry more. Maybe with alloy version.

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Re: Super Rich - A Reaver's X Mod for When You're Very Rich
« Reply #5 on: March 05, 2017, 06:18:54 am »
I'd like to try to avoid adding new things where possible and rather tweak what I already have. I kept the lineup of expensive items short because the list of regular things was already getting pretty big. I've already got a strength bonus on the power suit.

The TFTD idea is very reasonable and most of the UFO Defense equipment was pretty superior so it would be neat to have it, and understandable the stuff is locked up tight. That was the basis behind gauss weaponry after all: plasma tech that doesn't require elerium.

I used something like that for this mod, in that some of the lore behind the existence of these items deals with previously-recovered alien technology. I imagine in the X-Com universe, there were a handful of different artifact recovery locations found by various governments and kept for secret research, while there may yet be more to be found. The aliens have been on Earth for millions of years (at least), despite their low profile they've still probably left a few things for us to find. There's not a lot of room to mention these things in the UFOPedia but I hinted at a few, especially with the starting-tech items. I don't know much about the details of pre-first war lore, so if any of you have any useful info or ideas for lore, I'm all ears!
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