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Blue Plasmas
« on: June 20, 2017, 06:54:44 pm »
I made some blue plasma gun art based on the plasma rifle.
If you like these graphics, check out my other work on red/blue lasers:,4804.0.html
I made the heavy laser and laser pistol look similar to the laser rifle.

Here's all of the plasma weapons I have:

Spoiler Old image:

I've incorporated the art into my major mod, applying it to the automatic plasma weapons.

Here's a video showing my plasma guns in action:

I believe I'll be releasing my full mod soon, though it will likely remain in development for some time yet. I'm tidying up a few things but it's very playable and pretty well polished overall. I'd also like to make the clips all look alike, but I'm tired of doing graphics for now.

edit: BluePlasmas2 contains the new clip graphics as well as updated plasma rifle graphics.

edit: I just found Chiko's graphics. So Shadow used Chiko's weapon designs, which I borrowed for my mod. I see that Shadow brought the pistol designs closer to the original motif and made the Terran variants blue, which I like very much. Chiko also has a set of red/blue lasers and blue plasmas that are remarkably similar to mine. And to think I could have saved myself all this trouble. Oh well, Chiko didn't make a heavy laser like I did, and my plasma pistol is different.,383.0.html
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