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[CRAFT] Ultimate interception pack
« on: November 19, 2014, 01:36:16 am »

The idea for this mod came up from watching the incredibly long Jadestar OpenXCom 1.0 Superhuman marathon some time
ago (That was a Pyrrhic victory...). In the later part, Jade was anxious to reach Cydonia but ships and more ships
were getting in his way (" I want to go to Cydonia, FFS!1!1!!11!!!1!").

So, here's where it comes my mod: to let you choose, in a simple way, which ships you want to assault with your
troops, without turning the geoscape into a treasure map with all those untouched X's.

It has two components:

- An advanced craft, way better than the Firestorm, specialized in interceptions (short/medium/long distances).

- An advanced craft weapon, with a very high firepower, capable of destroying even more ships, specially those that
are not that useful/interesting/challenging/rewarding/etc. later on.

Note: The range was set like this by default (It's really an ultimate weapon). You can adjust it if you don't
like/feel OP.   

Note 02: I've tried to balance it to be a useful late game weapon but not a
super-hyper-mega-blaster-powerful-weapon-that-can-explode-the-planet-30-times. Probably it can still be fine-tuned
(excluding damage and range, specially damage).

Note 03: The craft mod has a pending Spanish translation. Feel free to contribute if you want a Spanish translation.

Note 04: Small graphic edit. Most of the graphic part is from the original mods.


tyran_nick = Mass Accelerator Weapons (Railguns)

Shadow = Retaliator
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Re: [CRAFT] Ultimate interception pack
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2014, 09:53:15 pm »
Interesting idea!

This is one I actually had myself because after a while it is like "jesus, you alien stooges... you REALLY must want me to have ALL the Elerium".