Author Topic: Improvement of the original flying suit usage - what do you think?  (Read 1217 times)

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An useful "upgrade" imo could be (feature request #307):
- the flying suit's engines are initially off while the wearer is on the ground (Movement type=walking)
- hit the up arrow button once
     => if the ground height on the tile is 0 or 1, the wearer starts flying in the same tile (right over the ground , movement type=flying), minor TU cost, no more terrain penalties => else the wearer does start flying in the same tile , but terrain penalties apply, (movement type=flying) at minor TU cost
    =>hit the up arrow button again => go to the tile above (as it happens now) at the normal fly cost
- assume the unit lands as now. One more down arrow shuts down the engines, (Movement type=walking) at minor TU costs.

This would allow to directly go downstairs or fall from heights.
Would need a probably ruleset change to allow multiple movement types to armors (a set). And the armor/unit would need a current movement type from it's set, so savegames may not be compatibles...