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Hello, fellow openxcommers!! This thread may be appealin for modders, so here at, in this page there's a pletora of resources for xcom/ufo, some also for tfdt and even xcom apocalypse, even with addons, along some editors! Most for ms-dos and win.

A juicy preview, attached there's a screenshot from the Remi Spaans' Partial Conversion for XCOM/UFO, as reported on Xcomutil official webpage. kindly provided by SupSuper taken from Spaan's work. Other than installing the game, be sure to check the official openxcom wiki for mods and modding in general! May someone please extract some more artwork from that PC? Thank you!

Whatever thank you  ;)

Edit: link to wiki added.

Edit 2: Not to mention this forum itself is a good source! Many user have created resource and mods for others openxcom players to use, generally these can be used and modified by other modders, anyway it's advisable to ask the author first.

The following are some interesting resources/mods thread:

Bulletdesigner shipyard
[CRAFT] Ironfist Dropship 1.4
[CRAFTS] New SkyRangers
[WIP][BETA] A Better Skyranger
[CRAFTS] Material for Modders (Skyranger, SkyTrooper, SkySpotter, ...)
[CRAFT] Sentinel class interceptor

Sprites, weapons and various graphics:
Badfella's Guns, Pillows, and Soldiers of Fortune
[ARMOR] [GRAPHICS] Alternate Suit
[WIP] Chiko's Alternate Xcom
Graphic gallery
Graphics from Ufo:TTS and Source Files
[ARMOR] Rebelstar Armor
few resources
[GRAPHICS][RESOURCES] Dioxine's Airtight Hangar
[SPRITES] Gifty's Garage
Noyemi's Cutified X-Com Project/X-Cutes [Weapons/Paperdolls/ETC]
The Leflair Sprite Sweatshop, Voxels need not apply
Kiryu-Kai Mod UPDATED 21th_May
[RESOURCE][GRAPHICS] Just some bigobs I made for fun
[Weapon][Armor]Equal Terms Mod v1.0 for OpenXcom
The_Funktasm's Crap-U-Copia: Alpha on page 3 - 1/1/17

Music & Sound:
[MUSIC] X-Files Music
[SOUND] XCOM:EU Sound mod for Original XCOM
[SOUND] High Quality Sounds
[SOUND] High Quality Sound Replacement Pack (44KHz/Stereo)
timbers of heaven XCOM 2 Music Pack
A simple music replacement by civilian

Weapons only:
drages weapon sprites
Laser reskin mod
New Weapons sprites / Technology Branch
[WEAPONS] Anyone interested in adding M-16, AK-47 and other real weapons?
[WEAPON] Clips for laser weapons
[MOD][WEAPONS] Kappa-weapons(WIP)
[WEAPON] (Updated v.1.01) Heat-Ray Weapons + new melee weapon
[WEAPON] [ARMOR] - Chemical Thrower + Toxi-Suit
[WEAPON/BETA] Assault Rifle
[WEAPON/BETA] Laser Sniper Rifle
[WEAPON] Machine pistol
[WEAPON] [WEAPON] Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
[TFTD][BETA][WEAPONS]Expanded Gauss Arsenal
[ALPHA][EXP] Vesparco's Aircraft Weaponry
Weapon Rework/Expansion - Version 0.8

Some threads jave screenshots, some not. Please, allow me to advice gifty's garage, i really like it, withouth lessen anyone, of course. Thanks again  everybody for the very very hard work, it's really never enough!. There's also luke83's, that has some stuff not shown in the officila openxcom website and the mod portal, though site reads it will be active for next 2 years, seems to be still online. Atm for tftd are very very few, but some still nice pieces are beginning  to appear, such as Disruptor Cannon and Moray sub fighter.

Edit 3: some clarifications and rearrangement by matter :)
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Re: XCOM/TFTD resources from the internet
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Little magic with Windows 7, dashivas_mapwiev & photoshop.


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Re: XCOM/TFTD resources from the internet
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Little magic with Windows 7, dashivas_mapwiev & photoshop.

Thanks pWWWa!!

As for sounds, consider the following websites:

All are free-royalties ones :)

As for sprites: freeware royalty free sprites and freeware royalty free sci fi sprites

Be sure to check deviantart too, for exemple: page of the user purplejub1993DJC has done some amazing works, check  a sample screenshot attached!

Edit: formatting
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...and in the and, i'd meekly ask to pin up the thread  :)


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...and in the and, i'd meekly ask to pin up the thread  :)

...and also please check my very own thread;D


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Also worth mentioning a couple of brand new sountrack made by Gifty! Here these are:

- [SOUND] Gifty's TFTD soundtrack!
- Gifty's new x-com music (published on the mod portal!)

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..and don't even think to miss Roxis123's X-95 Blackbird, very very cool!!

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some tftd icons i made for drones...  :)


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Updated first post with ìmusic resources! And have a look at jackstraw2323's oXc - War of Shadows thoug it is not updated since Jaunary 2016, but a possible source for stuff  8)


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Another update: The_Funktasm's Crap-U-Copia: Alpha on page 3 - 1/1/17 has very interesting sprites  8)


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Updated first post with the bulletdesigner shipyard. In the end, it's absolutely mandatory mention or fesources of old old portal kindly tecoverd by SupSuper

Well since all the resources were moved to the "Resources" forum, please look there for futher stuff. I guess that would be the last update! Last thing, if you'd be so kind to post assets in the resource forum, please use always title tags ([MUSIC], etc). Have a good openxcom ✌


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Since from now on terrain pack wont be allowed to be included in any mod (see,7617.0.html) also terrain graphics are become important, please point them out here? Here is some:

Wolfstarr has done an interesting job here:,6719.0.html
davide has ripped somethin from the good ol'  1993 syndicate:,6923.0.html
Tentaculanrs has realized some interesting tilesets:,559.0.html
luke83 has dome some fine work:,428.0.html
new_civilian made some TFTD masp variants:,4126.0.html and some standard UBASE maps:,6487.0.html
mrcalzon02 has made some base map variants:,5676.0.html
clownagents has extracted some tilesets from "crusader: no remorse" game:,6927.0.html
new_civilian's some wav soundfiles:,7646.0.html
yrizoud's alternative weapon tech armory:,3646.msg46183.html#msg46183
Also provided some stuff:

There are also lots of things fomr the "Work in progress" subforum; please note that luke83 site linked in the first post has a very nice section about editing with explanations, find it here:

In the end, don't even forget falko82's online modding tools:

Definitely, keep on eye on this subforum and have a nice modding time :)

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Hello, i'd lije to add that has loads of stuff for use, i browsed the site and most of the stuff comes from abandonware/freeware games, so at least for those should not be a problem for usage.