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Detailed Soldier Obituaries
« on: July 02, 2013, 10:14:01 pm »
I thought of a change in a reminder of when a soldier dies which adds an option to tell you how he/she died. There is a list of messages that pop up in regards to the cause of death:

Killed by:
Sectoid: "Soldier was slain by a Sectoid."
Cyberdisc shot and explosion: "Soldier was blasted by a Cyberdisc."
Floater: "Soldier was brought down by a Floater."
Reaper: "Soldier was chewed up by a Reaper."
Snakeman: "Soldier was slithered to death by a Snakeman."
Chryssalid: "Soldier was zombified by a Chryssalid."
Ethereal: "Soldier was destroyed by an Ethereal.
Sectopod: "Soldier was annihilated by a Sectopod."
Muton: "Soldier was smashed by a Muton."
Celatid: "Soldier is not meant to withstand a Celatid's acid!"
Silacoid: "Soldier was crushed by a Silacoid."
Zombie: "Soldier was bitten down by a Chryssalid's Zombie."

Grenade: "Soldier was blown apart by a grenade."
Fire: "Soldier was roasted by an open flame."
Friendly fire or mind controlled soldier: "Soldier died in a friendly fire incident."
Mindfray: "Soldier was mind-blasted to death."
Blaster Launcher: "Soldier was pulverized by a Blaster Launcher."

For standard obituaries in regards to tanks"

Tank/Weapon has been wrecked.
Hovertank/Weapon has been shot down.
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Re: Detailed Soldier Obituaries
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 04:48:02 am »
Hard to incorporate so much detail, but it would be a fun feature.

Turned round a corner and spotted a chrysallid.  Was then gunned down by his mates from far away...