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Re: MAPVIEW upgrade
« Reply #420 on: April 12, 2019, 11:14:10 am »
Hey, just checked out MCDEDIT, looks very nice, not sure if you plan on doing the art edit side of things or not to replicate VOutars version?

i have no plans for it at present... my sentiment is that pixel-editing is best suited to a dedicated pixel-editor (a real image editing program). Granted, i'm not an artist so it doesn't occupy much of my thoughts...

some time ago I adapted PckView with the ability to touch-up sprites that have rogue pixels, which is sorta common in the stock resources. So, if i need a project in future, am leaning toward handling sprite-editing in PckView. idk

I do have a feature request for it though,I am always merging MCDs from different sets to create my own, what would be good would be if open a separate view window on the side of the main window,  Select another MCD set and copy over the  MCDdata and MCDimage from the secondary MCD into the main one.

this sounds more interesting. Like a new command: File|Open copy panel...

- shows an overview of a secondary MCDset and allows multiple records to be copied to McdView's internal copy-buffer

( have gotta get keyboard navigation sorted first tho )

EDIT: whackloads of keyboard-shortcuts incoming ...


2019 April 22
- keyboard shortcuts: see keyboard_cheatsheet.txt or the CHM Helpfile
- several UI changes, insubstantial (mechanically) but noticeable
- the Maptree gets double-buffered to stop flicker (non-Mono build only)

Reminder to backup yer stuff.

next... the Copypanel (see screenshot)

2019 April 27
- add CopyPanel to McdView + tweaks. The CopyPanel is a subsidiary window that can open an MCDset, from which records may be copied for insertion into McdView proper.

screenshot#2 - InsertAfterLast (alpha, not in master branch yet) - an operation that inserts tileparts from the CopyPanel along with their sprites and sub-parts to Main. (note: a regular copy/insert from the CopyPanel transfers MCD-data only, that is sprites and sub-parts usually need to be tweaked up after insertion).

2019 May 10
McdView's CopyPanel gets InsertAfterLast: optionally inserts sprites as well as death/alternate parts to the terrainset.

screenshot #4 -- calculate on-the-fly TabOffsets in PckView (not in master branch yet)

2019 May 12 - PckView upgrade.
- arrow-keys navigate sprites
- [Delete] selects next sprite (allowing quick deletion of a range of sprites)
- shortcuts have been re-assigned
- update CHM helpfile
- confirmation on save if spriteset has changed
- and the selected sprite's TabOffset is printed to the statusbar along with the offset of the 'next' sprite.
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Re: MAPVIEW upgrade
« Reply #421 on: June 24, 2019, 10:41:23 pm »
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2019 June 24

- possible fix for intermittent exception related to MCD Info, caused by discrepancy between the way MCD records load in MapView and (external) McdView (after being invoked via TileView).

reported by Kato /thks