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All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare v1.1
« on: March 29, 2024, 06:29:15 pm »
Here is the list of all big mods:

Mods Compare System:
How about to think about mod compare system?
If have 40 big mods (TC and Megamods) and 20 hours to play in each mod = it is about 800 hours of gameplay, just to see all mods and make a decision which are good and which are bad.
Which mods are unique? Which mods are just compilation of anoher big mods?
In which mods you have to play to feel the whole unique experience?
Should you play mods sorted by top downloads or gameplay hours?
2014 - Best mods to enhance the original game?
2014 - Recommended mods?
2018 - Comparision of mega mods
2023 - Best mods for OXCE 2023
2024 - [submod]Submod list for XCF
2024 - All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare

People needed for mod community:
- Mod creators - for creating new mods and unlock OXCE full potential
- Mod testers - for testing mods
- Forum Mods uploaders - for upload not uploaded mods from forum (Released , WIP) to - more info about forum uploaders are here, Post #36 #39
- Old site Mods uploaders - for upload not reuploaded mods from old site and old site archive and weebly to , see this topic
- Mod translators - for adding new languages to mods (see "Languages" column)
- Mod converters - for converting old mods to new "2.0 mod format"
- Mod fixers - for fix old mods to work on fresh OXCE build
- OXCE Engine programmers

Info about mods - New Mod Portal!
Loader - Loading dos game without Dosbox or loading Windows game on modern OS
Engine - New game engine that allows you to add mods
Tool - Tools for creating mods
Minor - Small mod
Major - Big mod or many small mods in one
Megamod - It's still about X-COM but so big you wouldn't wanna mix with anything else
Total Conversion - Megamod, but not about X-COM anymore
No category - Mod without category (without Tool , Minor , Major , Megamod , TC)

by Firstrun70

Download Excel list: here

Updated to 1.1:
- Finished categories: Tool, Major, Minor, No category
- Added CONTENT columns
- Added Description column
- Added txt list files
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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2024, 06:30:35 pm »
Spoilers below are divided into 20,000 characters (forum engine limitations)

Mods List - Loader , Megamod , Total Conversion:
Spoiler"Mods List - Loader , Megamod , Total Conversion":
#TypeShortNameAuthorStatusYearDownloadForumOtherUfopaediaBaseSize MB zipUFOTFTDLanguages
1Loader / Major UFO Extender / Enemy Unknown ExtendedSeb76, Tycho, ufopaedia.orgReleased20161.30, 1.34beta4, 1.34beta5forum Link 1 , Link 2 XCOM 1 win240+ EN
2Loader / Major TFTD ExtenderSeb76, Xusilak, Kyrub, Tycho, ufopaedia.orgReleased20161.07.3beta11forumforumLinkXCOM 2 win54 +EN
3Loader / Engine / Tool / Major OpenApocPmProg, redv, SupSuper, JonnyH and many othersReleased202420240321forumgit , ci.appveyorLink 1 , Link 2XCOM 327 25
4Loader / Engine / Tool / Major OXCOpenXcom Milestone / OpenTFTD / OpenXcom NightlySupSuper, Daiky, Warboy1982, michal, NineXReleased202428.02.24forum LinkXCOM 1+25++65
5Loader / Engine / Tool / Major OXCEOpenXcom Extended / OXCE+Yankes, Meridian, ohartenstein23Released20247.12forumgit , hotkeysLink 1 , Link 2XCOM 1+26++33
6Loader / Engine / Tool / Major OXCEBBrutal-OXCE / Brutal AIXilmiReleased20248.3.3forum8.3.3 git XCOM 1+28++33
7forum Not uploaded - Released forum modsvariousReleased Not uploadedforum various999
8forum Not uploaded - WIP forum modsvariousWIP Not uploadedforum various999
9forum From the ApocalypserobinWIP20240.25.6forum +OXCE7+ EN RU
10forum X-Files ResoundKsenniReleased20232.91forum XCF287+ EN
11Megamod Area 51 / UFO Redux / XCOM NemesisHobbesHidden2021openxcom.mod.ioforum + OpenXcom13+ EN HU JA PL RU
12Megamod Awesome Gunsontariobeaver, CanadianBeaverReleased20232.0-alphaforum2.1 git OpenXcom7+ 0
13Megamod Building Mod PackBiggieboyWIP20201.71betaforum OXCE1+ 0
14MegamodFMPFinal Mod PackSolarius Scorch, Human KtuluReleased20233.3forum +OXCE12+ 16
15MegamodFMPEFinal Mod Pack Extended (addon)Solarius ScorchReleased20231.0.8forum FMP4+ 0
16Megamod Hardmode ExpansionhellrazorReleased20240.99.9.4forum0.99.9.3 git+OXCE35+ 14
17Megamod Open-xcom Hotseat Battlescape Multiplayer EnginemisterjoppReleased20231.6 OpenXcom20++EN RU
18Megamod Orion's ShadowIovanWIP20240.9.8.5 OXCE104+ EN
19Megamod Reaver's Faithful MegamodThe Reaver of DarknessReleased20221.4.7.1forum OpenXcom4+ EN
20Megamod Reaver's Harmony MegamodThe Reaver of DarknessReleased20231.1.1forum OXCE10+ EN
21Megamod Return to The DeepNastyKhanReleased20211.0.0forum OXCE1 +0
22Megamod TFTD: Vanilla PlusNeonNito, DaevReleased20241.31 HF4forum OXCE8 +0
23Megamod / No category The Hybrid Mod 3.74 MegamodMutantlord, Precentor Appolyon(wcho035)Released20223.74 Deleted?forum +OXCE335++various
24Megamod The Hybrid Mod version 3.7.5 + Brutal OXCE 6.6.2Mutantlord, Precentor Appolyon(wcho035)Released20233.7.5forum Brutal-OXCE110++63
25MegamodTWoTSThe World of (Terrifying) SilenceNordReleased20242.61forum OXCE25 +EN KO RU
26MegamodXCFThe X-Com FilesSolarius ScorchReleased20243.2forumPedia+OXCE206+ 25
27Megamod UNEXCOMefrenespartano and othersReleased20230.11.1forum OXCE97+ EN RU
28Megamod X-Com TFTUEtherealWIP2022Linkforum OXCE47+ 0
29Megamod XCOM MultimodcevaralienReleased20221.09forum OXCE7+ 0
30Megamod Xcom ScavengersJotReleased20241.02forum OpenXcom1+ 0
31Megamod Xeno Operations LEGACYblackwolfWIP20240.97.06 LEforum Brutal-OXCE23+ EN
32Total ConversionOSCOpenScarfComgreenscarfDiscontinued20210.1.8aforumgit OXCE11+ 0
33Total Conversion [I.D.T.] Terminator: Tech-CommHobbesWIP20220.5.5aforum OXCE8+ EN
34Total Conversion 40kRyskeliini, bulletdesigner, ohartenstein23Released2024037 with cutscenesforum +OXCE1058+ EN RU
35Total Conversion Counter-Terrorist Operationsefrenespartano and IDTWIP20241.0 OXCE12+ EN
36Total Conversion MWEP Mod Integration for X-COM Files 1.0.5Mister_XUwUReleased20231.0.5forum XCF7+ 0
37Total Conversion NuclearWorld: A Post Nuclear Strategy Gameefrenespartano and IDTWIP20230.3forumgit OXCE62+ EN
38Total Conversion OXC FACTIONS / Alien Civil Warefrenespartano and IDTWIP20190.1.0forum OXCE148++EN
39Total Conversion Reach: The Fall, a Halo modefrenespartano and IDTReleased20241.0forum OXCE82+ EN ES
40Total Conversion The Endless WaralinareDiscontinued20181.18forum OpenXcom587+ 0
41Total Conversion The Great War of the Worldsefrenespartano and IDTReleased20241.1 Mk. V Attritionforum OXCE52+ EN
42Total Conversion UFO: Alien TakeoverCooperWIP20240.4.26forum OpenXcom63+ 0
43Total Conversion UNEXCOM: Bureau 11efrenespartano and IDTReleased20220.2.3 The Work of a Nationforum OXCE15+ EN FR RU
44Total Conversion UNEXCOM: Directorate 17efrenespartano and IDTWIP20230.2 "Выше нас только звёзды" OXCE9+ EN
45Total Conversion UNEXCOM: War on Marsefrenespartano and IDTReleased20230.1 Martian Greeting OXCE64+ EN
46Total Conversion X-ChroniclesNordReleased20240.99.17.1forum +OXCE22+ EN RU
47Total Conversion X-Com: From the AshesFinnikWIP20230.1.0.3forumgit OpenXcom218+ EN
48Total ConversionXPZX-PirateZ / PiratezDioxineReleased2020L6 06-Dec-2020 Bag Of Tricksforum +OXCE307++11
49Total ConversionXPZX-PirateZ / PiratezDioxineReleased2024N7.0.4.5forumPedia+OXCE491++16
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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2024, 06:31:01 pm »
Mods List - Tool & Major:
Spoiler"Mods List - Tool & Major":
#TypeNameStatusDownloadSize MB zipUFOTFTD
50Tool[OXCE] Forced BughuntReleasedmod.io1
51Tool[TFTD[ Modular Triton MCD SetReleasedmod.io1 +
52ToolBoolet - the statistically saved bullets modReleasedmod.io1
53ToolImage Viewer & EditorWIPmod.io1++
54ToolLightnia - Modular Craft TilesetReleasedmod.io1+
55ToolModular Lightning Tileset - LIGHTNIARReleasedmod.io1+
56ToolModular Skyranger Plane TilesetReleasedmod.io1+
57ToolOPENXCOM - TRAINERReleasedmod.io2
58ToolXbase Terrain CondensedReleasedmod.io1+
59ToolXCOM IMAGE EXTRACTORReleasedmod.io1
60Major[TFTD] [CheatSuite] Tech-tree Rework and Lore ExpWIPmod.io1 +
61Major[TFTD] Expanded AliensReleasedmod.io1 +
62Major[TFTD] Tech-tree Rework and Lore ExpansionWIPmod.io1 +
63Major1 TU Motion ScannerReleasedmod.io1+
64Major1990s technologyReleasedmod.io1+
65Major40k ROSIGMAReleasedmod.io221+
66Major40k RosigmundaReleasedmod.io1+
67MajorAlien HivesReleasedmod.io1+
68MajorArmed CiviliansReleasedmod.io1+
69MajorArsenal ExpandedReleasedmod.io1+
70MajorCouncil BetrayalReleasedmod.io1+
71MajorEarly InvasionReleasedmod.io1+
72MajorEqual Terms - Wolfram LanceReleasedmod.io3+
73MajorEqual Terms 2.0Releasedmod.io13+
74MajorFactions and Mission Expansion DLC Stargate Vr 1.9Releasedmod.io168+
75MajorFatRed's Research RebalanceReleasedmod.io1+
76MajorHQSounds by DaedalusReleasedmod.io3+
77MajorHQSounds Final Mod Pack by DaedalusReleasedmod.io4+
78MajorHunter Killer UFOsReleasedmod.io1+
79MajorMore Funders TFTDReleasedmod.io1 +
80MajorMore Funding Nations And CitiesReleasedmod.io1+
81MajorMuton WarlordsReleasedmod.io1+
82MajorNight TerrorsReleasedmod.io1+
83MajorOuterworldly PhysicsReleasedmod.io1+
84MajorReaver's RebalanceReleasedmod.io1+
85MajorSpacemen RemixReleasedmod.io1+
86MajorSuper Mega Music PackReleasedmod.io951
87MajorTaller/Optimized Alien BasesReleasedmod.io1+
88MajorTank WarfareReleasedmod.io1+
89MajorTerrain Pack + CMP Combine Mod (Hybrid + Rebel)Releasedmod.io1++
90MajorTFTD Cheat SuiteReleasedmod.io1 +
91MajorTFTD Easier by ReaverReleasedmod.io1 +
92MajorTop GunReleasedmod.io1+
93MajorUFO Vanilla VariantsReleasedmod.io1+
94MajorUnited Nations TFTDReleasedmod.io1 +
95MajorVigilo ConfidoReleasedmod.io24+
97MajorWEP - Woofington's Expansion PackReleasedmod.io1+
98MajorX-Com Demo Terror MissionReleasedmod.io1+
99MajorX-COM UFO Background AmbienceReleasedmod.io255+
100MajorX-Piratez High Quality Sounds (unofficial)Releasedmod.io5+
101MajorXcom Base Facilities Visual UpliftedReleasedmod.io1+
102MajorXCOM2012 Sound Mod for XCOM1Releasedmod.io24+
103MajorXross's XCOM Visual UpgradeReleasedmod.io4++

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2024, 06:31:26 pm »
Mods List - Minor - A-N:
Spoiler"Mods List - Minor - A-N":
#TypeNameStatusDownloadSize MB zipUFOTFTD
104Minor(Archive) Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files]Releasedmod.io1++
105Minor[OXCE] Hyper & TrajectoryReleasedmod.io1+
106Minor[TFTD] Expanded ArsenalReleasedmod.io3 +
107Minor[TFTD] Human Sonic WeaponryReleasedmod.io1 +
108Minor20mm AR [CTO submod]Releasedmod.io1+
109Minor4 NationsReleasedmod.io1
110MinorAdvanced Carapace for OthersReleasedmod.io1
111MinorAdvanced MedikitReleasedmod.io1+
112MinorAlloy TanksWIPmod.io1+
113MinorAlloys and Elerium on top [minimod]Releasedmod.io1++
114MinorAlternate Lightning - ThunderReleasedmod.io1+
115MinorAmiga/PSX Font + Visual Upgrade SymbolsReleasedmod.io1++
118MinorBetter ShadowBatReleasedmod.io1+
119MinorBetter Small RocketsReleasedmod.io1+
120MinorBetter Small TorpedoesReleasedmod.io1 +
121MinorBirds usedReleasedmod.io1+
122MinorCheat Soldier Stat [EU]Releasedmod.io1+
123MinorCheat Soldier Stat [TFTD]Releasedmod.io1 +
124MinorCheat Soldier&Tank StatsReleasedmod.io1+
126MinorCombat Forklifts for TWoTS - new prototype spritesWIPmod.io1
129MinorCondensed FontReleasedmod.io1
130MinorConventional TrapsReleasedmod.io1++
132MinorDark GeoscapeReleasedmod.io1+
133MinorDeath Splash MessagesReleasedmod.io1+
134MinorDelicious Colors (X-Piratez)Releasedmod.io1+
135MinorDemolition ChargeReleasedmod.io1+
136MinorDifficult Cydonia UnlockReleasedmod.io1+
137MinorDifficult HovertanksReleasedmod.io1+
138MinorDoom Skill LevelsReleasedmod.io1++
139MinorDouble Your Pleasure, Double Your FunReleasedmod.io1+
140MinorEarly Retaliation FixReleasedmod.io1+
141MinorElerium FlaresReleasedmod.io1+
142MinorEnergy RifleReleasedmod.io1+
143MinorEnhanced mapsReleasedmod.io1+
144MinorExpanded Terror ReworkedReleasedmod.io1+
145MinorExpanded Ubase ReworkedReleasedmod.io1+
146MinorExperienced SoldiersReleasedmod.io1+
147MinorExtra ExplosionsReleasedmod.io1
148MinorFaces from The X-Com filesReleasedmod.io3+
149MinorFacility Expansion Pack [X-Com Files]Releasedmod.io2++
150MinorFatRed's Air RebalanceReleasedmod.io1+
151MinorFatRed's Miscellaneous RebalancesReleasedmod.io1+
152MinorFirestorm RestyleReleasedmod.io1+
153MinorFirst ClassReleasedmod.io1
154MinorGolden CydoniaReleasedmod.io1+
155MinorHalo SubmodsReleasedmod.io3
156MinorHard PsionicsReleasedmod.io1+
157MinorHead GrenadesReleasedmod.io1+
158MinorHEAT RocketsReleasedmod.io1+
159MinorHeavier plasmasReleasedmod.io1+
160MinorHeavy RifleReleasedmod.io1+
161MinorHelm-off Power SuitsReleasedmod.io1+
162MinorHiring a trained aquanaut [TFTD]WIPmod.io1 +
163MinorHiring a trained soldier [UFO:EU]WIPmod.io1+
164MinorHYBRID GEOSCAPEReleasedmod.io3+
165MinorImmortals for X-COM FilesReleasedmod.io1+
166MinorImproved Coelacanth StatsReleasedmod.io1 +
167Minorimproved hangarReleasedmod.io1+
168MinorImproved Living Quarters & Large StoresReleasedmod.io1+
169MinorInterceptors for X-Com FilesReleasedmod.io1
171MinorJohn Wick Mod(e) [CTO submod]Releasedmod.io1+
172MinorLaser Sniper RifleReleasedmod.io1+
173MinorLess Visually Dense SmokeReleasedmod.io1+
174MinorLong Range Laser CannonReleasedmod.io1+
175MinorMedical BayReleasedmod.io1+
177MinorMinimods Collection for 40K and RosigmaReleasedmod.io3++
178MinorMore facesReleasedmod.io1 +
179MinorMore MedikitsReleasedmod.io1+
180MinorNatasha and Arsenal Additions SyncReleasedmod.io1+
181MinorNew Heavy WeaponsReleasedmod.io1+
182MinorNew shipsReleasedmod.io1+
183MinorNo Gauss Clip ResearchReleasedmod.io1 +
184MinorNo More Two Part Shipping MissionsReleasedmod.io1 +
185MinorNo Perfect CopiesReleasedmod.io1+

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2024, 06:31:58 pm »
Mods List - Minor - O-Z:
Spoiler"Mods List - Minor - O-Z":
#TypeNameStatusDownloadSize MB zipUFOTFTD
186MinorOpen Xcom Files - Lightning WeaponsReleasedmod.io1+
187MinorOrchestra of the DeepWIPmod.io37 +
188MinorOXCE RandomizerReleasedmod.io1++
189MinorPlasma BreacherReleasedmod.io1+
190MinorPlayable XenomorphWIPmod.io1+
191MinorPower Suit UpgradeReleasedmod.io1+
192MinorPS1 Assets - X-Com: UFO DefenceReleasedmod.io210+
193MinorPurchase LasersReleasedmod.io1+
194MinorPYRAMID UFO - BY I.D.TWIPmod.io1+
196MinorRandom Experimental Weapons And ArmorReleasedmod.io1+
197MinorReaver's Fixed HitboxesReleasedmod.io1+
198MinorRebalanced GaussReleasedmod.io1 +
199MinorRecruitment OfficeWIPmod.io1+
200MinorRemastered UFO:EU OST by DeSimoneReleasedmod.io43+
201MinorRemove Reaver's Laser Research TreeReleasedmod.io1+
204MinorReversed Stat Strings for X-Com FilesReleasedmod.io1
205MinorSectopod Laser FixReleasedmod.io1+
206MinorSelf Medkit HealReleasedmod.io1
207MinorSerif FontReleasedmod.io1
208MinorSharkquanaut Combat DiversReleasedmod.io1 +
209MinorSharkquanaut Stand AloneReleasedmod.io1 +
212MinorSoldier ScreamsReleasedmod.io1+
214MinorSpacecraft Fuel is Cheaper (Harmony Megamod)Releasedmod.io1+
216MinorSpin The Wheel (Classic)Releasedmod.io1+
217MinorStart early (for mod "The X-Com Files")Releasedmod.io1
218MinorStatic SmokeReleasedmod.io1+
219MinorStorming the AbyssReleasedmod.io3 +
220MinorStun GrenadeReleasedmod.io1+
221MinorSubmarine Titans Music mod - TFTDWIPmod.io40 +
222MinorSuperHeavy ArsenalWIPmod.io2+
223MinorSupport Deployables v0.9.0 (Campaign ready!)WIPmod.io1+
224MinorSupport DronesReleasedmod.io1+
225MinorTactical Craft WeaponsReleasedmod.io1+
226MinorTactical LightningReleasedmod.io1+
227MinorTeddy's Flag Tag ModReleasedmod.io1+
228MinorTerran Plasma WeaponsReleasedmod.io1+
229MinorTFTD - No Underwater WeaponsReleasedmod.io1 +
230MinorTFTD interfaceReleasedmod.io1+
231MinorTFTD MT-32 Musics (OBSOLETE!)Releasedmod.io78 +
232MinorTFTD Roland Sound Canvas VA soundtrackReleasedmod.io32 +
233MinorTFTD Soldier Nationalities: More FundersReleasedmod.io8 +
234MinorTFTD Super-CM-32L MusicsReleasedmod.io67 +
235MinorTFTD Vanilla/DOS - Magnetic Navigation fixReleasedmod.io1 +
236MinorTFTD Vanilla/DOS USO Audio FixReleasedmod.io1 +
237MinorTFTD Yamaha S-YXG50 soundtrackReleasedmod.io36 +
238MinorTGWotW Modmod - Theremin + WWI RadioReleasedmod.io95+
239MinorThe SFW Files (X-Com Files submod)WIPmod.io2+
240MinorThinky's UNEXCOM OST AdditionsReleasedmod.io12+
241MinorTnarg's and Meson's UFOsReleasedmod.io1+
242MinorTransport for submodification ROSIGMA in 40kReleasedmod.io1++
243MinorTransport TruckReleasedmod.io1+
244MinorTwo Steps from WH40KReleasedmod.io99+
245MinorTWoTSfixReleasedmod.io1 +
246MinorUFO Plus 2.0Releasedmod.io2+
247MinorUFO/EU MT-32 Musics (OBSOLETE!)Releasedmod.io107+
248MinorUFO/EU Super-CM-32L MusicsReleasedmod.io97+
249MinorUNEXCOM SoundtrackReleasedmod.io63+
251MinorVanilla (throwing) Training for OpenXCom ExtendedReleasedmod.io1++
252MinorVanilla Armor Repair for UFOReleasedmod.io1+
253MinorWoofington Vanilla Weapons Resprite PackReleasedmod.io1+
254MinorX-com Chronicles Fantasy Music PackReleasedmod.io417+
255MinorX-Com Files Additions 0.8.1d Anarchic AnachronismWIPmod.io51+
256MinorX-Com Files MegaphoneReleasedmod.io1+
257MinorX-Com Files Names 2.2 (Dynamic Recruitment!)Releasedmod.io1+
258MinorX-Com Files Ratatat 0.3.1 (They ratted us out)WIPmod.io1+
259MinorX-Com Files: Air RaidsReleasedmod.io1+
260MinorX-Com Files: Damaged FacilitiesReleasedmod.io1+
261MinorX-Com Files: Elite CommendationsReleasedmod.io1+
262MinorX-Com Files: Realistic Air Defense SystemsReleasedmod.io1+
263MinorX-Mas: Christmas RevengeReleasedmod.io1+
264MinorX-Piratez Black Armored CarReleasedmod.io1+
265MinorX-Piratez NerfedReleasedmod.io1+
266MinorXCOM Files: Of Men and SpidersReleasedmod.io1+
267MinorXCOM with DOOM SFXReleasedmod.io97+
268Minorxcom Zuper Cool editionWIPmod.io1+
270MinorZrbite FlaresReleasedmod.io1 +

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2024, 06:32:18 pm »
No category:
Spoiler"No category":
#TypeNameStatusDownloadSize MB zipUFOTFTD
271No category[OXCE] First Turn Enemy TU RandomizerReleasedmod.io1
272No category[OXCE] Nighttime Mission IndicatorReleasedmod.io1++
273No category[TFTD] Alien Rank VariantsReleasedmod.io1 +
274No category[X-COM Files] Hyper & TrajectoryReleasedmod.io1
275No category40k Imperial Guard Mini AddonReleasedmod.io2
276No categoryAlien Armoury ExpandedReleasedmod.io1+
277No categoryAlien NavyWIPmod.io1+
278No categoryALL GONE!?Releasedmod.io1
279No categoryAmiga/PSX Small FontsReleasedmod.io1++
280No categoryAnd They shall know no fear: a 40k submodReleasedmod.io1
281No categoryBlues and BulletsReleasedmod.io1+
282No categoryBrave PiranhaReleasedmod.io1+
283No categoryCelebrate DiversityReleasedmod.io1+
284No categoryCH-47 chinnock and V-22 OSPREYReleasedmod.io1+
285No categoryChryssalids can be ExplodedReleasedmod.io1+
286No categoryClass F Federation ShuttlecraftReleasedmod.io1+
287No categoryClose EncountersReleasedmod.io1+
288No categoryCruiserReleasedmod.io1+
289No categoryDart RifleReleasedmod.io1+
290No categoryGauss Hit AnimationReleasedmod.io1 +
291No categoryGauss WeaponsReleasedmod.io2+
292No categoryGibs of GoryReleasedmod.io1+
293No categoryGreat Sakura! 64 troops, Extra Armored Doors etc..Releasedmod.io1
294No categoryGurkoz Visitors ScoreReleasedmod.io53
295No categoryHatching Chryssalids and TentaculatsReleasedmod.io1++
296No categoryHazmat ArmourReleasedmod.io1+
297No categoryHeadbang FeverReleasedmod.io29
298No categoryHybridmod adapted for OXCEReleasedmod.io115+
299No categoryImproved Hand ObjectsReleasedmod.io1+
300No categoryIron Man Super SuitReleasedmod.io1+
301No categoryIronfist DropshipReleasedmod.io1+
302No categoryKronos mod 2.40Releasedmod.io1+
303No categoryMatching Weapon Colors [By Trollworkout]Releasedmod.io1
304No categoryMisterjoper's music collection for X-piratezReleasedmod.io899+
305No categoryMoar Zer0Releasedmod.io1+
306No categoryNatasha Morozova join (for X-Com Files)Releasedmod.io3
307No categoryOpenXcom Extended (OXCE)Releasedmod.io1
308No categoryPiratez Base Defense Armor Penalty RemoverReleasedmod.io1+
309No categoryPistol modReleasedmod.io1+
310No categoryPS1 TFTD AssetsReleasedmod.io164 +
311No categoryRamikin RebalanceReleasedmod.io1+
312No categoryReaver's Space MapReleasedmod.io1+
313No categoryRebel: No Remorse (Hybrid Version) 2.3 (Final Ver)Releasedmod.io279+
314No categoryRT-20Releasedmod.io1+
315No categorySniper Rifle [By Warboy, Toshiaki2115]Releasedmod.io1+
316No categorySniper Spotter AI nerf for Open-xcom engine 7.8.7Releasedmod.io20++
317No categorySolar's new UFOsReleasedmod.io1+
318No categorySupply Ship DoorReleasedmod.io1+
319No categoryTerminator Tech-Comm MusicReleasedmod.io46+
320No categoryTerrain Pack + CMP Combine Patch for Vanilla modsReleasedmod.io1+
321No categoryTFTD Vanilla/DOS - Gauss Coelecanth Research FixReleasedmod.io1 +
322No categoryThe Disconnected Future Version Alpha 1.0Releasedmod.io318++
323No categoryUFO Defense - Music theme Mass EffectReleasedmod.io188+
324No categoryUFO: Cydonia's Fall FLAC MusicReleasedmod.io285+
325No categoryUFO: Cydonia's Fall OGG MusicReleasedmod.io67+
326No categoryUFO/USO Breeching ChargeReleasedmod.io1
327No categoryVeronian Alien AddonReleasedmod.io2
328No categoryWar of ShadowsReleasedmod.io3
329No categoryWaspite problem was fixedReleasedmod.io1+
330No categoryX-Piratez Evil_bl Music packReleasedmod.io563
331No categoryXCOM Terrain PackReleasedmod.io18+

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2024, 06:32:44 pm »
Simple list:
Spoiler"Simple list":
UFO Extender / Enemy Unknown Extended
TFTD Extender
OpenXcom Milestone / OpenTFTD / OpenXcom Nightly
OpenXcom Extended / OXCE+
Brutal-OXCE / Brutal AI
Not uploaded - Released forum mods
Not uploaded - WIP forum mods
(Archive) Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files]
1 TU Motion Scanner
1990s technology
20mm AR [CTO submod]
4 Nations
40k Imperial Guard Mini Addon
40k Rosigmunda
[I.D.T.] Terminator: Tech-Comm
[OXCE] First Turn Enemy TU Randomizer
[OXCE] Forced Bughunt
[OXCE] Hyper & Trajectory
[OXCE] Nighttime Mission Indicator
[TFTD[ Modular Triton MCD Set
[TFTD] [CheatSuite] Tech-tree Rework and Lore Exp
[TFTD] Alien Rank Variants
[TFTD] Expanded Aliens
[TFTD] Expanded Arsenal
[TFTD] Human Sonic Weaponry
[TFTD] Tech-tree Rework and Lore Expansion
[X-COM Files] Hyper & Trajectory
Advanced Carapace for Others
Advanced Medikit
Alien Armoury Expanded
Alien Hives
Alien Navy
Alloy Tanks
Alloys and Elerium on top [minimod]
Alternate Lightning - Thunder
Amiga/PSX Font + Visual Upgrade Symbols
Amiga/PSX Small Fonts
And They shall know no fear: a 40k submod
Area 51 / UFO Redux / XCOM Nemesis
Armed Civilians
Arsenal Expanded
Awesome Guns
Better ShadowBat
Better Small Rockets
Better Small Torpedoes
Birds used
Blues and Bullets
Boolet - the statistically saved bullets mod
Brave Piranha
Building Mod Pack
Celebrate Diversity
CH-47 chinnock and V-22 OSPREY
Cheat Soldier Stat [EU]
Cheat Soldier Stat [TFTD]
Cheat Soldier&Tank Stats
Chryssalids can be Exploded
Class F Federation Shuttlecraft
Close Encounters
Combat Forklifts for TWoTS - new prototype sprites
Condensed Font
Conventional Traps
Council Betrayal
Counter-Terrorist Operations
Dark Geoscape
Dart Rifle
Death Splash Messages
Delicious Colors (X-Piratez)
Demolition Charge
Difficult Cydonia Unlock
Difficult Hovertanks
Doom Skill Levels
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
Early Invasion
Early Retaliation Fix
Elerium Flares
Energy Rifle
Enhanced maps
Equal Terms - Wolfram Lance
Equal Terms 2.0
Expanded Terror Reworked
Expanded Ubase Reworked
Experienced Soldiers
Extra Explosions
Faces from The X-Com files
Facility Expansion Pack [X-Com Files]
Factions and Mission Expansion DLC Stargate Vr 1.9
FatRed's Air Rebalance
FatRed's Miscellaneous Rebalances
FatRed's Research Rebalance
Final Mod Pack
Final Mod Pack Extended (addon)
Firestorm Restyle
First Class
From the Apocalypse
Gauss Hit Animation
Gauss Weapons
Gibs of Gory
Golden Cydonia
Great Sakura! 64 troops, Extra Armored Doors etc..
Gurkoz Visitors Score
Halo Submods
Hard Psionics
Hardmode Expansion
Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats
Hazmat Armour
Head Grenades
Headbang Fever
HEAT Rockets
Heavier plasmas
Heavy Rifle
Helm-off Power Suits
Hiring a trained aquanaut [TFTD]
Hiring a trained soldier [UFO:EU]
HQSounds by Daedalus
HQSounds Final Mod Pack by Daedalus
Hunter Killer UFOs
Hybridmod adapted for OXCE
Image Viewer & Editor
Immortals for X-COM Files
Improved Coelacanth Stats
Improved Hand Objects
improved hangar
Improved Living Quarters & Large Stores
Interceptors for X-Com Files
Iron Man Super Suit
Ironfist Dropship
John Wick Mod(e) [CTO submod]
Kronos mod 2.40
Laser Sniper Rifle
Less Visually Dense Smoke
Lightnia - Modular Craft Tileset
Long Range Laser Cannon
Matching Weapon Colors [By Trollworkout]
Medical Bay
Minimods Collection for 40K and Rosigma
Misterjoper's music collection for X-piratez
Moar Zer0
Modular Lightning Tileset - LIGHTNIAR
Modular Skyranger Plane Tileset
More faces
More Funders TFTD
More Funding Nations And Cities
More Medikits
Muton Warlords
MWEP Mod Integration for X-COM Files 1.0.5
Natasha and Arsenal Additions Sync
Natasha Morozova join (for X-Com Files)
New Heavy Weapons
New ships
Night Terrors
No Gauss Clip Research
No More Two Part Shipping Missions
No Perfect Copies
NuclearWorld: A Post Nuclear Strategy Game
Open Xcom Files - Lightning Weapons
Open-xcom Hotseat Battlescape Multiplayer Engine
OpenXcom Extended (OXCE)
Orchestra of the Deep
Orion's Shadow
Outerworldly Physics
OXC FACTIONS / Alien Civil War
OXCE Randomizer
Piratez Base Defense Armor Penalty Remover
Pistol mod
Plasma Breacher
Playable Xenomorph
Power Suit Upgrade
PS1 Assets - X-Com: UFO Defence
PS1 TFTD Assets
Purchase Lasers
Ramikin Rebalance
Random Experimental Weapons And Armor
Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod
Reaver's Faithful Megamod
Reaver's Fixed Hitboxes
Reaver's Harmony Megamod
Reaver's Rebalance
Reaver's Space Map
Rebalanced Gauss
Rebel: No Remorse (Hybrid Version) 2.3 (Final Ver)
Recruitment Office
Remastered UFO:EU OST by DeSimone
Remove Reaver's Laser Research Tree
Return to The Deep
Reversed Stat Strings for X-Com Files
Sectopod Laser Fix
Self Medkit Heal
Serif Font
Sharkquanaut Combat Divers
Sharkquanaut Stand Alone
Sniper Rifle [By Warboy, Toshiaki2115]
Sniper Spotter AI nerf for Open-xcom engine 7.8.7
Solar's new UFOs
Soldier Screams
Spacecraft Fuel is Cheaper (Harmony Megamod)
Spacemen Remix
Spin The Wheel (Classic)
Start early (for mod "The X-Com Files")
Static Smoke
Storming the Abyss
Stun Grenade
Submarine Titans Music mod - TFTD
Super Mega Music Pack
SuperHeavy Arsenal
Supply Ship Door
Support Deployables v0.9.0 (Campaign ready!)
Support Drones
Tactical Craft Weapons
Tactical Lightning
Taller/Optimized Alien Bases
Tank Warfare
Teddy's Flag Tag Mod
Terminator Tech-Comm Music
Terrain Pack + CMP Combine Mod (Hybrid + Rebel)
Terrain Pack + CMP Combine Patch for Vanilla mods
Terran Plasma Weapons
TFTD - No Underwater Weapons
TFTD Cheat Suite
TFTD Easier by Reaver
TFTD interface
TFTD Roland Sound Canvas VA soundtrack
TFTD Soldier Nationalities: More Funders
TFTD Super-CM-32L Musics
TFTD Vanilla/DOS - Gauss Coelecanth Research Fix
TFTD Vanilla/DOS - Magnetic Navigation fix
TFTD Vanilla/DOS USO Audio Fix
TFTD Yamaha S-YXG50 soundtrack
TFTD: Vanilla Plus
TGWotW Modmod - Theremin + WWI Radio
The Disconnected Future Version Alpha 1.0
The Endless War
The Great War of the Worlds
The Hybrid Mod 3.74 Megamod
The Hybrid Mod version 3.7.5 + Brutal OXCE 6.6.2
The SFW Files (X-Com Files submod)
The World of (Terrifying) Silence
The X-Com Files
Thinky's UNEXCOM OST Additions
Tnarg's and Meson's UFOs
Top Gun
Transport for submodification ROSIGMA in 40k
Transport Truck
Two Steps from WH40K
UFO Defense - Music theme Mass Effect
UFO Plus 2.0
UFO Vanilla Variants
UFO/EU Super-CM-32L Musics
UFO/USO Breeching Charge
UFO: Alien Takeover
UFO: Cydonia's Fall FLAC Music
UFO: Cydonia's Fall OGG Music
UNEXCOM Soundtrack
UNEXCOM: Bureau 11
UNEXCOM: Directorate 17
UNEXCOM: War on Mars
United Nations TFTD
Vanilla (throwing) Training for OpenXCom Extended
Vanilla Armor Repair for UFO
Veronian Alien Addon
Vigilo Confido
War of Shadows
Waspite problem was fixed
WEP - Woofington's Expansion Pack
Woofington Vanilla Weapons Resprite Pack
X-com Chronicles Fantasy Music Pack
X-Com Demo Terror Mission
X-Com Files Additions 0.8.1d Anarchic Anachronism
X-Com Files Megaphone
X-Com Files Names 2.2 (Dynamic Recruitment!)
X-Com Files Ratatat 0.3.1 (They ratted us out)
X-Com Files: Air Raids
X-Com Files: Damaged Facilities
X-Com Files: Elite Commendations
X-Com Files: Realistic Air Defense Systems
X-COM UFO Background Ambience
X-Com: From the Ashes
X-Files Resound
X-Mas: Christmas Revenge
X-PirateZ / Piratez
X-Piratez Black Armored Car
X-Piratez Evil_bl Music pack
X-Piratez High Quality Sounds (unofficial)
X-Piratez Nerfed
Xbase Terrain Condensed
Xcom Base Facilities Visual Uplifted
XCOM Files: Of Men and Spiders
XCOM Multimod
Xcom Scavengers
XCOM Terrain Pack
xcom Zuper Cool edition
XCOM2012 Sound Mod for XCOM1
Xeno Operations LEGACY
Xross's XCOM Visual Upgrade
Zrbite Flares

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare
« Reply #7 on: April 29, 2024, 12:14:06 pm »
Updated to 1.1:

- Finished categories: Tool, Major, Minor, No category
- Added CONTENT columns
- Added Description column
- Added txt list files

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare v1.1
« Reply #8 on: April 29, 2024, 12:14:25 pm »
Description - Megamod , Total Conversion , Major:
Spoiler"Description - Megamod , Total Conversion , Major":

Area 51 / UFO Redux / XCOM Nemesis - XCOM: Area 51 is an expansion that aims to enlarge the original game's experience and give it a couple new challenges, and keep everything else as vanilla. It does not aim to include all the existing mods, drastically change the game or increase its difficulty, although there are a lot of new features and other mods included
Awesome Guns - an awesome modification of the OpenXcom game
Building Mod Pack - Upgraded (higher capacity), Deployed (faster building) and Large version of buildings, General Building, new items for building, many Research and UFOpedia, please like and subscribe for new release!
Final Mod Pack - A multi-level megamod, composed of various community mods which are balanced against one another and topped with a lot of extra original content
Final Mod Pack Extended (addon) - A companion submod to Final Mod Pack, enabling some fun and useful OpenXcom Extended functions. This includes, but is not limited to: new battle mechanics, unarmed combat, better AI, more soldier faces, GUI additions. Obviously, works only with OXCE!
Hardmode Expansion - My Personal approach on creating a sort of Long War Mod for the Original UFO - Defense. I originally created it as a player torture device *evilgrin*, but it turned out to be a Mod people like to play because of the challenge it offers
Open-xcom Hotseat Battlescape Multiplayer Engine - During battlescape, one player controls X-com, the other player controls Aliens, via hotseat
Orion's Shadow - New campaign. Rival faction to XCOM that must be defeated while the alien threat is ongoing or risk losing before ever reaching mars
Reaver's Faithful Megamod - This mod preserves the original feel of the game while making sweeping changes to balance and adding content to fill in several holes in the original game. It is better iterated and far better balanced than the true vanilla experience
Reaver's Harmony Megamod - A massive expansion to X-Com which stays true to the original spirit of the game, yet greatly increases the amount of content, options, and length of the game
Return to The Deep - Make TFTD less annoying and more fun by rebalanced difficulty, more intuitive tech tree and expanded lore
TFTD: Vanilla Plus - An overhaul of the Base game, while keeping the same "Feel" and Aesthetics of the base game. A fairer, but still challenging experience with loads of new content! and more to come in the future!
The Hybrid Mod 3.74 Megamod - The Hybrid Mod 3.74 Megamod
The Hybrid Mod version 3.7.5 + Brutal OXCE 6.6.2 - The Hybrid Mod version 3.7.5 + Brutal OXCE 6.6.2
The World of (Terrifying) Silence - Expansion of original TFTD game, explaining the origin of TFTD technologies such as flying submarines, and adding some depth in a game
The X-Com Files - Grow X-Com from its humble beginnings to the global military force we all know and love!
UNEXCOM - An international organization, the United Nations Extraterrestrial Combat Command fights the alien invasion in the middle of the Cold War. Join them in its crusade to defend Earth!
X-Com TFTU - The main purpose of the modification is to combine UFO and TFTD, realizing the potential of OXCE+
XCOM Multimod - This is an integration of some other mods and parts, alongside to changes of game mechanics and graphic rework of the original XCOM ufo defense game, including new weapons, aliens, effects, xcom base maps and much more
Xcom Scavengers - No alien devices can be produced, Air2Air missiles are expensive, Alien soldier stats are better (Xcom too), psionics is a game of Ethereals, research tree is longer, some researches are now very useful, a lot of items with new prices
Xeno Operations LEGACY - Major Conversion of vainilla XCOM: new sprites, weapons, technologies, lore and integration with OXCE. The mod is a continuation of the work previously done by XOPS

Total Conversion:
OpenScarfCom - (Discontinued) Total Conversion for QOL & Replayability
[I.D.T.] Terminator: Tech-Comm - Terminator Future War total conversion for OpenXCom. 30 years after Judgment Day, Skynet prepares the final offensive to eradicate humanity. John Connor and his Tech-Comm unit are the only hope of mankind to defeat the machines
40k - This is a Warhammer 40k total conversion for OpenXcom, based on an earlier space marine mod by Ryskeliini. As Force Commander for the Imperium of Man on a planet beseiged by Chaos, you must find a way to end the Warp Storm and purge your world!
Counter-Terrorist Operations - A total conversion mod set in the modern day. Lead an international task force against various terrorist organizations
MWEP Mod Integration for X-COM Files 1.0.5 - - 3 new playable units, compatible with all armors: Werewolf,Kobold,Dragon - rebalanced characteristics of units - Changed magic hand moved to internal ability with some rebalancing - Added and redrew sprites for all 10 armors. And 12 new weapons
NuclearWorld: A Post Nuclear Strategy Game - A post-apocalyptic mod, inspired by the Fallout series!
OXC FACTIONS / Alien Civil War - Hybrid Mod of UFO & TFTD with an Alternate timeline. What if the Aquatic Aliens awoke early and help win the first war, what if our planet was conquered & our civilisation was lost ? Are you Brave enough to rise up and lead the resistance?
Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod - A total conversion mod for OpenXcom set on the Fall of Reach, one of the last battles of the Human-Covenant War, from the Halo universe. Focused on a joint SPARTAN-III/Marine/Army team tasked to contain the Covenant
The Endless War - Huge resource mine, available for free!
The Great War of the Worlds - What if WW1 and Battlefield 1 met The War of the Worlds? Fight the Martian Invasion in an alternate 1914 in this Total Conversion! Use historic and prototype equipment from the era
UFO: Alien Takeover - UFO: Alien Takeover is an OpenXCom mod that introduces new items, weapons, aliens, missions, music, tactics, UFOs, terrains, and an expanded alternative story
UNEXCOM: Bureau 11 - Set in the same timeline as UNEXCOM, both a prequel and a standalone mod. Fight a secret war in the early 60s, lead the top Bureau 11, a special branch of the CIA tasked to research and stop any foreign intrusion, either Soviet or alien
UNEXCOM: Directorate 17 - The year is 1958. As the KGB's Directorate 17, unravel a fascist conspiracy in Europe and its alien puppeteers. Prequel to UNEXCOM Bureau 11 and UNEXCOM proper
UNEXCOM: War on Mars - The conquest of Mars has begun, and it's your work to ensure Mankind prevails over the alien Insurgents! Sequel to UNEXCOM
X-Chronicles - Fantasy-themed overhaul
X-Com: From the Ashes - X-Com's initiative failed, alien agents infiltrated Council of Funding Nations. You face a threat of total extermination, recover from the crushing blow, and find a way to continue the fight against aliens in a new setting
X-PirateZ / Piratez - The year is 2601. The Earth has been long conquered by aliens. You run a gang of mutant pirates. Rob aliens and their human proxies for fun, profit and power. But that is only just a beginning... (Won't be updated here anymore)

[TFTD] [CheatSuite] Tech-tree Rework and Lore Exp - [CheatSuite] Makes changes to the research tree, adding Plastics-integrated Coelecanths and Crafts to the game
[TFTD] Expanded Aliens - Adds a new race of aliens as well as some variety to existing aliens
[TFTD] Tech-tree Rework and Lore Expansion - Makes changes to the research tree, adding Plastics-integrated Coelecanths and Crafts to the game
1 TU Motion Scanner - Does as the titles states. I'm always having to check it repeatedly, making it too costly to be useful. Problem solved
1990s technology - Starting crafts replaced by less advanced ones. Reconnaissance, assault, troop transport
40k ROSIGMA - ROSIGMA is a collaboration of Leflair, Xom126 and Buscher combining ROSE and IGMA for the 40k mod. ROSIGMA expands the 40k mod with additional assets for the Sisters of Battle, the Imperial Guard and possibly more factions as well as for the enemies
40k Rosigmunda - Rosigmunda is a small story mod for the Arbites part of the 40k mod. The Adeptus Arbites will fight adequate Chaos forces with Autoguns and other low-tier weapons
Alien Hives - OXCE. Alien bases will launch interceptors against XCom craft and bases. UFO bomber-interceptors will be upgraded as months progress
Armed Civilians - OXCE. Adds paramedics, firefighters, police officers and military soldiers to terror sites
Arsenal Expanded - Adds about 50 new weapons to to the game to increase weapon diversity
Council Betrayal - OXCE. All continents start with an ongoing infiltration. 4 new countries added. Pacts can be reverted be destroying the alien bases built within a country's borders
Early Invasion - OXC. The aliens' invasion timetable is advanced by six months
Equal Terms - Wolfram Lance - The purpose of this modification is give players starting weapons with real life equivalents, ie: weapons UN forces would be using against these UFO attacks
Equal Terms 2.0 - This mod adds and replaces base gunpowder weapons and allows for research of a variety of new weapons for both the laser and plasma weapon tiers
Factions and Mission Expansion DLC Stargate Vr 1.9 - Add a lot of Factions and Mercenary Missions into the vanilla game or mod. Now, Stargate Missions. Stargate update is only for Universal and Hybrid mod version, not Rebel, due to lore incompatibility
FatRed's Research Rebalance - Increases the length of most research projects in the game. This increases the strategic difficulty of the game, since it takes longer for the player to gain better weapons and armor
HQSounds by Daedalus - Replaces all Ingame effect sounds with better quality Versions
HQSounds Final Mod Pack by Daedalus - Replaces all Ingame sounds for a better quality Version. Version for Final Mod Pack
Hunter Killer UFOs - OXCE. Medium/Large Scouts, Terror Ships and Battleships may now attack XCom craft. Soldiers may die when their transport is shot down by hunter-killers
More Funders TFTD - Adds more funders, ports and islands into the game
More Funding Nations And Cities - Adds more funding nations and cities to the globe. I tried to make it as accurate as possible. This is my first mod I have made for this, so please be easy on me. Updated to include even more cities and nations
Muton Warlords - OXCE. Muton UFOs can bombard XCom bases, either partially or even totally destroy them. Muton Commander/Leader added
Night Terrors - OXCE. Alien bases can now spawn terror sites, in addition to supply missions. Terror sites will disappear once their timer runs out, even when targeted by XCom craft
Outerworldly Physics - OXCE. Smoke is 25% less effective blocking alien vision. Electroflare light power reduced by 25%
Reaver's Rebalance - Balances the numbers without affecting the content
Spacemen Remix - OXC. Alien mixed crews may appear during all Earth missions
Super Mega Music Pack - 170 new named music tracks for X-Piratez, The X-Com Files and similar mods. Hand picked epic score from the best composers. Jukebox shows unique names for all Battlescape and Geoscape soundtracks
Taller/Optimized Alien Bases - Makes alien bases 3 tiles in height instead of 2, as well as other minor optimizations
Tank Warfare - Armored vehicles should be feared by grunts. "Tank Warfare" strengthens all vehicle's armors, and improves some armor piercing weapons. It also ads a new anti armor rocket
Terrain Pack + CMP Combine Mod (Hybrid + Rebel) - Terrain Pack and CMP Mod Combine. For all Version of Hybrid Mods and Rebel No Remorse mods
TFTD Cheat Suite - Simple vanilla CheatSuite to make all aspects of the game easier and faster
TFTD Easier by Reaver - Makes TFTD easier and less unfair
Top Gun - OXCE. Adds pilots to XCom, required to pilot all craft
UFO Vanilla Variants - A collection of the vanilla ufo interior variants, made by a variety of people over time. Including vanilla variant files, from Luke's Extra UFO's mod, YetMoreUFO's Mod and Extra Battleships
United Nations TFTD - Adds 1 hwp, 2 xcom craft´s and an one base facility borrowed from the UN
Vigilo Confido - A demake of the remakes - This partial conversion includes the complete EU2012 story line and lets you play through it using OpenXcom. It also adds an extensive class and skill system, thus completely changing the experience
Waspite - its a old mod from the old form
WEP - Woofington's Expansion Pack - A mod that adds new playable races! Werewolves, Kobolds, Dragons! oh my..
X-Com Demo Terror Mission - Adds the map from the demo mission included with many Microprose titles at the time
X-COM UFO Background Ambience - Adds looping background ambient audio SFX for X-COM: UFO Defense, inspired by the PSX version of TFTD. Compatible with vanilla and Final Mod Pack. All sounds have been manually edited and mastered for the best experience
X-Piratez High Quality Sounds (unofficial) - Upgrades and adds new high quality weapons and explosion sound effects. No gameplay changes are made. Compatible with X-Piratez vers L6 and above
Xcom Base Facilities Visual Uplifted - A complete overhaul of the entire Xcom base mapblocks, using terrain tiles and assets from TFTD to achieve a more grittier and compelling appearance including tons of animated props, leaving behind the dull, cartonish and static style from vainilla
XCOM2012 Sound Mod for XCOM1 - This mod refreshes original XCOM1 audios with XCOMEU2012 audio, includes music
Xross's XCOM Visual Upgrade - Upgrades core graphics in XCOM1 and simply updates UIs and adds character shadows in TFTD. Enjoy the XCOM graphic remake! Current State: Gold

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare v1.1
« Reply #9 on: April 29, 2024, 12:14:39 pm »
Description - Loader , forum , Tool , No category:
Spoiler"Description - Loader , forum , Tool , No category":

XcomUtil - 100 mods in one
UFO Extender / Enemy Unknown Extended - 125 mods in one
TFTD Extender - 85 mods in one
OpenApoc - OpenApoc is an open-source re-implementation of the original X-COM: Apocalypse, that requires the original files to run, licensed under the GPL3 and written in C++ / SDL2. It was originally founded by PmProg in July 2014, and has since grown in community
OpenXcom Milestone / OpenTFTD / OpenXcom Nightly - OpenXcom is an open-source clone of the original X-COM, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL. It was originally founded by SupSuper in February 2009, and has since grown into a small development team surrounded by a very supporting community
OpenXcom Extended / OXCE+ - OXCE is a younger brother of OpenXcom
Brutal-OXCE / Brutal AI / BOXCE - Based on OXCE and compatible with all mods that are compatible with OXCE. Adds an optional new and much scarier AI to the game. The units of the AI act like a team with shared vision and the ability to wait for other units to act first

Not uploaded - Released forum mods - There are released mods on the forum that are not uploaded to
Not uploaded - WIP forum mods - There are mods in development on the forum that are not uploaded to
From the Apocalypse - X-Com Apocalypse is my most special game. This mod is my personal re-imagination of that game and at the same time a tribute to it. Some designs have been ripped straight from Apocalypse, some are stolen elsewhere, but some others --such as: plasma weapons, laser weapons, and Auto-Cannon-- are made entirely by me
X-Files Resound - New sounds

[OXCE] Forced Bughunt - This forces bughunt on OXCE to turn on after turn 30
[TFTD[ Modular Triton MCD Set - A more modular tile set for the Triton
Boolet - the statistically saved bullets mod - Reenables statistical bullet saving in mod form. No more, no less
Image Viewer & Editor - JAR I'm developing that allows viewing/editing of sprites & palettes
Lightnia - Modular Craft Tileset - This mod expands the original LIGHTNIN.MCD tileset with all of the pieces you need to design ships of any shape, complete with complex internal structures and onboard equipment
Modular Lightning Tileset - LIGHTNIAR - This tileset provides several pieces which are compatible with the old LIGHTNIN tile set but which greatly expand your options
Modular Skyranger Plane Tileset - Modular Skyranger expands the original PLANE.MCD to enable complex craft shapes and styles
OPENXCOM - TRAINER - OPENXCOM - TRAINER is a savegame-editor for openxcom and partial openxcom extended / "The X - Com Files" / XPiratez / 40k
Xbase Terrain Condensed - Enables adding 47 more terrain tiles to the Base Defense missions
XCOM IMAGE EXTRACTOR - XCOM IMAGE EXTRACTOR is a simple GUI for some tools of Bomb Bloke's X-Com toolkit

No category:
[OXCE] First Turn Enemy TU Randomizer - Randomizes enemy TU on first turn to between 33 and 100 percent
[OXCE] Nighttime Mission Indicator - Standalone mod to display an icon on the mission start screen to notify you that it's night
[TFTD] Alien Rank Variants - A cosmetic mod that adds subtle and not-so-subtle appearance variations for aliens of different ranks
[X-COM Files] Hyper & Trajectory - A port of the original Hyper & Trajectory mod by GREENSCARF. Make the game faster paced by replacing most projectiles with high visibility trails
40k Imperial Guard Mini Addon - A small addon for the 40k mod to add Multilaser Sentinels, Veteran Officers as well a few balance touches and possibly fixes. The mod is modular per *.rul file so features can be hand-picked. Please see the README for details
Alien Armoury Expanded - Adds new weapons for the aliens
Alien Navy - An expansion mod to the original X-COM. New Aliens, missions, and weaponry included
ALL GONE!? - Organize your big mods more cleanly. This mod simply handles the job of deleting the vanilla stuff for you; so your mod won't be as confusing and long to scroll through
Amiga/PSX Small Fonts - Implements the small-character fontset used by the Amiga/PSX ports of X-Com. Drastically improved readability verses the out-of-the-box fonts included with OpenXCom
And They shall know no fear: a 40k submod - A very simple submod that sets the minimum bravery for space marine recruits to 50
Blues and Bullets - Speeds up the animation of shots
Blues and Bullets FMP - Speeds up the animation of shots for FMP
Brave Piranha - The ability to install any weapon. 4 points for weapons. More health, speed, improved radar, larger fuel tank. Reducing the amount of rent by 20 times! All of this makes Piranha a useful as Interceptor in the early, mid and even late game
Celebrate Diversity - More nationalities and names
CH-47 chinnock and V-22 OSPREY - Add two new crafts to the game, CH-47 chinnock and V-22 OSPREY
Chryssalids can be Exploded - For all your Chryssalid exploding desires!
Class F Federation Shuttlecraft - A Star Trek Original Series Shuttlecraft. To go boldly where the Skyranger went before
Close Encounters - OXCE. Alien spotters/snipers added. Alien melee units will charge more aggressively
Cruiser - New things: Cruiser, Cruiser B, Stun pistol, Stun rifle, Heavy stunner, Tachyon beam cannon, Power suit B, Flying suit B, Capturable Cyber discs, Capturable Sectopods, Lift animation is changed, Stamina regenerator
Dart Rifle - Adds a weapon shooting tranquillizing darts
Gauss Hit Animation - I was doing a little rooting around in TFTD's files with nadir and we found an unused hit animation. A little recoloring later and it's a hit animation for the Gauss weapons
Gauss Weapons - Adds a new line of items: Gauss weapons
Gibs of Gory - Soldiers and Civilians may get gibbed, burned or turned into goo
Great Sakura! 64 troops, Extra Armored Doors etc.. - Increased number unit to 64 . Added more speed, acceleration, health, a larger tank for fuel. Improved radar that will allow you to see ships with a high probability and range. 4 slots for any weapon. You can install any gun that you have. Any Codex
Gurkoz Visitors Score - A music modification based on the soundtrack from the hit TV show V
Hatching Chryssalids and Tentaculats - An example mod to showcase infections. In this mod Chryssalids and Tentaculats don't kill soldiers directly but infect them with parasites instead. When soldiers are finally killed by attacks or the infection, they will finally turn into zombies
Hazmat Armour - Adds a new armour for your troops
Headbang Fever - Summary: Minimum 10 characters Me: "subscribes to this good mod"
Hybridmod adapted for OXCE - This is Hybridmod by Precentor Appollyon adapted for OXCE 7.2
Improved Hand Objects - Adds in Hand Objects for all Vanilla game items. No longer is the standard Grenade or Stun Bomb graphic used for Medikits, weapon clips, etc
Iron Man Super Suit - Iron Man Super Suit, research and more research, add many of the technologies that have been developed from research and combine into one powerful suit
Ironfist Dropship - Adds a new troop transporter
Kronos mod 2.40 - This mod is for those who find the bases too small and cramped. Buildings now have more power, but also more cost. Alien vehicles cannot be reproduced. But there are new weapons and tanks
Matching Weapon Colors [By Trollworkout] - This mod is in fact 4 different mini-mods in one. Changes the look of lasers , of plasma weapons, alien blaster launcher and and of first tier xcom weapons to match with same tech
Misterjoper's music collection for X-piratez - The accumulated collection of soundtracks i've added as i was playing X-piratez
Moar Zer0 - Makes the number 0 different from the letter O
Natasha Morozova join (for X-Com Files) - Submod for mod X-Com Files. Natasha Morozova and other characters join xcom. Some of them have special abilities or other traits
New Council of Nations - Creates a new council of nations
Piratez Base Defense Armor Penalty Remover - This mod will remove stupid chance to be without an armor on base defense (Vanilla chance to be "naked" in base was - 15%)
Piratez Names - More (and enhanced) names for X-Piratez!
Pistol mod - V1.0 adds new pistol Glock 9mm and ammo
PS1 TFTD Assets - I reuploaded (and fixed) the UFO PS1 assets a while ago, and now I have the TFTD assets. (I recommend the PC version's cinematics where applicable, but I won't not upload the PS1 ones if you prefer them for whatever reason)
Ramikin Rebalance - Firestorms and all Craft Weapons are useful now. Also, Heavy Laser and Laser Tank improved, lasers are Alloy tech. Vanilla friendly: almost no new content. Instead, I try to make vanilla weapons work better
Reaver's Space Map - A small demonstration of how to make an outer space map
Rebel: No Remorse (Hybrid Version) 2.3 (Final Ver) - Welcome to Rebel: No Remorse, or X-Rebels. A mod that is a total conversion of X-Piratez. This mod will have new gameplay mechanics and completely new story line, and completely unrelated to Piratez
RT-20 - Replace Heavy Cannon with RT-20
Sniper Rifle [By Warboy, Toshiaki2115] - Adds the sniper rifle from UFO:TTS to the game, and a custom variation. includes new sprites and sounds
Sniper Spotter AI nerf for Open-xcom engine 7.8.7 - Modified x-com engine where Spotters are only able to mark you during their turn. Atacking or hitting spotters no longer makes you a valid target for enemy snipers. Note:X-com doing reactions shots on spotters will give your position away.(unchanged)
Solar's new UFOs - Adds 3 new UFOs
Supply Ship Door - Adds a cargo door to the Supply Ship
Terminator Tech-Comm Music - Adapted from the Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie soundtracks by Human Kthulu
Terrain Pack + CMP Combine Patch for Vanilla mods - A Patch that allow Vanilla Xcom mod to use both Terrain Pack and CMP Terrain Pack
TFTD Vanilla/DOS - Gauss Coelecanth Research Fix - Removes the absurd 'Alien Sub Tech' prerequisite for building the Gauss Coelecanth. It may be built as soon as you've researched the Gauss Cannon that sits on it
The Disconnected Future Version Alpha 1.0 - This is a mod by Precentor Appollyon. Not completed in its current version, but playable. This mod one can say is the Hybrid Mod Mk 2, but of a completely different plot and mod. Using the most up to date features that's available in OXCE
UFO Defense - Music theme Mass Effect - ogg files in folder SOUND
UFO: Cydonia's Fall FLAC Music - Remastered soundtrack of the X-COM: UFO Defense music in FLAC format
UFO: Cydonia's Fall OGG Music - Remastered soundtrack of the X-COM: UFO Defense music in OGG format
UFO/USO Breeching Charge - Adds a powerful but very low blast radius breechng charge capable of piercing UFO/USO hulls. Intended as a replacement for "High Explosives are Breeching Charges"
Veronian Alien Addon - This pack adds the Veronian species to OpenXcom. It contains all ranks and variants of the Veronians, their weapons, a X-Com version and new two terror units
War of Shadows - A sort of sequel to X-Com/XCOM. The basic premise is that the after the aliens were defeated they went to ground and hid while they infiltrated the govt. and nearly eliminated X-Com as an organization
Waspite problem was fixed - With this file fixing problems and become work, Use it who dislike writting codes. :)
X-Piratez Evil_bl Music pack - New tracks for: Geoscape, Tactical, Dogfights, etc..
XCOM Terrain Pack - New Geoscape and 70+ terrains for the OXC game, as well as original terrain packs and mods for UFO2000 and the original game. New version 1.0.0 - Open Source release with a CC NC-BY-SA license. OXCE

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare v1.1
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Description - Minor A-O:
Spoiler"Description - Minor A-O":

Minor A-O:
(Archive) Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files] - Hanger Upgrade Expansion pack for X-Com Files REPLACED BY: X-Com Files Facility Expansion Pack as of 19 Feb 2024
[OXCE] Hyper & Trajectory - high opacity trajectory & blatantly fast projectiles
[TFTD] Expanded Arsenal - Adds Surface only ballistic weapons, Human Sonic weapons, gauss side grades, armor repair and finally displacer armor and ion weapons
[TFTD] Human Sonic Weaponry - It adds Human Versions of Sonic Weapons that are identical to the Alien Versions, but you must convert them
20mm AR [CTO submod] - Single shot rifle "chambered " in 20mm based on a meme in the IDT discord. Submod for Counter-Terrorist Operations
4 Nations - Adds 4 nations to the game, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan and New Zealand
Advanced Carapace for Others - A submod for the 40k mod that adds Adv. Carapace variants for medics and officers
Advanced Medikit - Adds a series of medikits to X-com Equipment, corpse based research needed
Alloy Tanks - Adds Alloy Tanks and mfg. upgrades for vanilla Tanks to Alloy Armour
Alloys and Elerium on top [minimod] - Alien Alloys and Elerium will be listed first, for convenience. Also works in TFDT, for Aqua Plastics and Zrbite
Alternate Lightning - Thunder - The THUNDER is a complete replacement for the rarely used LIGHTNING
Amiga/PSX Font + Visual Upgrade Symbols - Amiga/PSX version of Enemy Unknown fontset with support for the Visual Upgrade mod. Note: This will remove support for the Japanese/Korean typeset due to different font size
Avenger - Redesigned Avenger
BasicArmorPedia - Adds missing basic armor entries to the Ufopedia. Works for UFO and TFTD
Better ShadowBat - Improvement of the mouse, more speed, durability, use of the entire crew space for landing and the ability to use it for any codex
Better Small Rockets - Let's make small rockets useful again - small rockets are now half-the-size, allowing you to fit 2 shots per reload. Weight is the same as a heavy rocket
Better Small Torpedoes - Same as Better Small Rockets - small torpedoes are now clip size:2 and have adjusted torpedo damage values to the same as xcom 1
Birds used - More weapons for birds, more strength, speed, improved radar, Increased fuel tanks, always 1-2 pilots. XPiratez
Cheat Soldier Stat [EU] - Start Game with cheat Soldier stat's - Enemy Unknown version - author: LM2000
Cheat Soldier Stat [TFTD] - Start Game with cheat Soldier stat's - Terror From the Deep version - author: LM2000
Cheat Soldier&Tank Stats - I jest modify CheatSoldierStatXCOM1, so this mod now changes stats of tanks(Cannon Tank, Rocket Tank, Laser Tank, Hovertank Plasma, Hovertank Launcher)
CheatTanksStatXCOM1 - Start Game with cheat Tanks stat
Combat Forklifts for TWoTS - new prototype sprites - Yes, it does what you expect - it adds Combat Forklifts
Commendations - Your Soldier will now receive rewards for specific battleactions, like taking headshot on enemies. Currently there are 61 Commendations available, even thou some are still missing proper graphics and awesome texts
COMMUNITY MAP PACK - CMP - This map pack is a collection of assets from many OXC modders who have agreed to share their works under the CC-BY-NC licence
Condensed Font - Replaces alphabetical font with a condensed typeface
Conventional Traps - Add Caltrops, Throwing Net and Bear Trap to the game
CraftInfoArmor - Adds armor specific icons for crew in the craft info screen. Works for UFO and TFTD
Dark Geoscape - Changes the Geoscape palette to make it a bit more inky
Death Splash Messages - Are you a masochist and want the game to insult you when somebody dies? This mod is for you. A randomized message will be displayed when your soldiers die, reminding you just how bad you are at this game
Delicious Colors (X-Piratez) - Makes women so... hot, with tones more peach and orange, and reds so vibrant and delicious. Affects normal, hot, cold terrains. Palette swap only, no sprites
Demolition Charge - The demolition charge was designed specifically to breach the UFO's outer walls, without exposing the X-Com troops to an excessive risk
Difficult Cydonia Unlock - Increases the research difficulty to unlock the final mission
Difficult Hovertanks - Challenges commanders by making Hovertanks more difficult to manufacture
Doom Skill Levels - Changes the difficulty names to that of DOOM. New in version 1.1 * Added translations for Dutch (Wario) and Norwegian (Kitten). * Added support for TFTD Mod originally by CryptoCactus
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun - Increases ammunition capacities and Doubles the capacity of some critical single shot weapons
Early Retaliation Fix - Fixes the problem with suddenly losing the game when your base gets attacked way too early
Elerium Flares - Elerium Flares are a tier 2 flare that unlocks after Alien Alloys and Alien Grenade research is complete
Energy Rifle - Adds the Energy Rifle, a Non-Lethal weapon, into the game
Enhanced maps - A collection of Enhanced maps with 18 new maps. 17 on the wilderness and 1 a new terror on a refinery
Expanded Terror Reworked - The times of the usuability for Lukes Expanded Terror Missionsis is back again, running trimmed and finely on the newest github code from OpenXcom
Expanded Ubase Reworked - More Alien Base Maps in N,S,W,E configuration. Reworked Routes for more tactical maze! You will love it or you will hate it. Adds 84 maps to the vanilla 16, soo 100 total =)
Experienced Soldiers - This mode highly increases the starting stats of your soldiers to make them more formidable. The trade-off, however, is that they cost more to purchase and have a higher salary
Extra Explosions - Adds colored explosions to differentiate between damage types
Faces from The X-Com files - Now you can choose from 112 different faces for your agents! "Extracted" from "The X-Com files", by Solarius_Scorch, and modified by me, complying with the mod's license
Facility Expansion Pack [X-Com Files] - Adds additional facilities to the X-Com Files Mega Modpack. REQUIREMENTS: BRUTAL 8.2 (OXCE 7.11 ) X-Com Files 3.2 or newer
FatRed's Air Rebalance - My air rebalance mod tweaks the stats of all UFOs and X-COM craft weapons. UFOs now have greater weapon ranges and deal more damage, so they'll respond more aggressively to X-COM interceptors. For X-COM craft, all weapons now have a niche
FatRed's Miscellaneous Rebalances - Requires OpenXcom Extended (OXCE). Makes some minor tweaks to a variety of game aspects. Reduces motion scanner TU cost, makes it so alien infiltration missions have a chance to fail, and a few other minor tweaks
Firestorm Restyle - A more advanced, Terran look for the Firestorm
First Class - OXCE. Only the eight starting soldiers can be promoted to Commander rank
Golden Cydonia - Reskin of vanilla underground base in Cydonia
Halo Submods - The Halo Submods change the Battlescape gameplay experience by adding and removing features, inspired by the classic Skulls of the main franchise!
Hard Psionics - Aliens Psi stats are improved by around 15-35%
Head Grenades - Gives an use to all those sectoid corpses :)
HEAT Rockets - Replaces the small rockets with HEAT rockets
Heavier plasmas - All plasma weapons are now heavier and magazines carry less ammo. Weak soldiers will need to use the rifle, and aliens may carry extra ammo
Heavy Rifle - Adds two OICW-like weapons
Helm-off Power Suits - TFTD-style inventory sprite for Power/Flying Suit wearers
Hiring a trained aquanaut [TFTD] - The more experienced aquanaut is in hiring, the greater the monthly cost. Rank don't work
Hiring a trained soldier [UFO:EU] - The more experienced a soldier is in hiring, the greater the monthly cost. Rank don't work
HYBRID GEOSCAPE - Vanilla Hybrid GEOSCAPE Mod. Use this as a Base to start your own Hybrid Mod, created by IDT - Luke83
Immortals for X-COM Files - Starting soldier can be revived if killed
Improved Coelacanth Stats - Simple mod that gives the Coelacanth SWSs the stats of the Displacers. It's modified from the XcomUtil Improved Ground Tanks mod that's included with OpenXcom and shouldn't cause any issues
improved hangar - 10 aircraft for 1 hangar instead of 1. Allows you to get more space for other buildings. For XPiratez
Improved Living Quarters & Large Stores - [Posted with Dioxine's permission] Adds two new facilities: A large Living Quarters and a Large Storage. Also adds bathrooms and showers to existing living quarters
Insignia line on armors - Put insignia line on armors(including coveralls). Rooky = no line, squaddie = white, sergeant = green, captain = blue, Colonel = red, Commander = gold
Interceptors for X-Com Files - More Vehicles - cars/crafts/ships/planes for mod "The X-Com Files". v.0.3.20
Inventory - New inwentory
John Wick Mod(e) [CTO submod] - Submod that adds John Wick to CTO
Laser Sniper Rifle - A laser sniper rifle for OpenXCom Extended, perfect complement even for Plasma weapons
Less Visually Dense Smoke - This only changes the smoke animation to make it less dense - it does not affect its ability to block LOS
Long Range Laser Cannon - Increases the range of the laser cannon to make it worth using. Accuracy and damage are both lowered to maintain balance
Medical Bay - Based on the Sick bay from The X-Com files, adds an in-base medical facility
Minigun - Adds several minuguns and a minigun tank
Minimods Collection for 40K and Rosigma - This is a collection of several minimods to customize and tweak a bit the mega mod 40K and its mega expansion Rosigma
More faces - Adds 64 inventory pics for all TFTD armors
More Medikits - Based and inspired by "Advanced Medikit", but with an intermediate instead of an advanced one
Natasha and Arsenal Additions Sync - Enables heroes from Natalie Morozova mod to use their abilities with Arsenal Add-ons mod items, wear armours the mod provides and do some transformations. Also fixes some issues the mods themselves had. Check README file for more information
New Heavy Weapons - Replaces Heavy Cannon and Auto-cannon with Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Light Machine Gun
New ships - Adds a new ship: SPIN. Three modifications
No Gauss Clip Research - Folds clip research into the main project for each Gauss weapon
No More Two Part Shipping Missions - Reduces Shipping Line Attack terror missions to a single part
No Perfect Copies - Commanders can no longer manufacture alien equipment
Open Xcom Files - Lightning Weapons - Add a new electric and EMP type of weapon to Open Xcom Files
Orchestra of the Deep - The definitive lore-friendly soundtrack remake for TFTD
OXCE Randomizer - A mod for randomizing various aspects of the game

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Re: All Big Mods 2024 - List and compare v1.1
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Description - Minor P-Z:
Spoiler"Description - Minor P-Z":

Minor P-Z:
Plasma Breacher - The Plasma Breacher is a tool for breaching UFO walls
Playable Xenomorph - Adds Xenomorphs as playable units
Power Suit Upgrade - This mod simply allows the commander to manufacture Flying Suits from surplus Power Suits in storage
PS1 Assets - X-Com: UFO Defence - Also known as X-Com: Enemy Unknown when released for the PS1 (Since the term UFO in a titular context was already contested by the then-running TV series), this version of the game came with CD audio and FMV content that is included in this mod
Purchase Lasers - Purchase handheld lasers from the market now
PYRAMID UFO - BY I.D.T - A new Collection of Pyramid UFOs that where inspired by some unused Game data found in the original UFO install that grew into a 9 ufo set
QLB-06 - Replace Auto Cannon with QLB-06
Random Experimental Weapons And Armor - Adds Diablo/Borderlands style random weapons and armor (over 12000 variations) to UFO Defense. Requires OXCE
Reaver's Fixed Hitboxes - Fixes unit hitboxes to match their sprites, mostly making them larger
Rebalanced Gauss - This mod aims to make the original TFTD Gauss weapons more useful without altering enemy resistances
Recruitment Office - Recruitment Office
Remastered UFO:EU OST by DeSimone - Cover of the UFO:EU OST. OGG format. Setting audioSampleRate to 44100Hz is recommended. Artist link:
Remove Reaver's Laser Research Tree - My mod Faithful contains a revamp of the laser weapons research tree which will not allow some mods to run with it. This mod replaces the Faithful laser research tree with one closer to vanilla which should be compatible with other mods
Retaliator - An intermediate fighter craft between the Interceptor and Firestorm
Retaliator-X - An "Expanded" version of the Retaliator for OXCE
Reversed Stat Strings for X-Com Files - UPDATED FOR XCF 1.0 - Reverses the Stat strings so they show how much training a soldier has left
Sectopod Laser Fix - Adds a custom laser fix for a long-standing bug with Sectopod bullet sprites
Self Medkit Heal - Enables OpenXcomExtended's medikitTargetSelf feature for the standard Medkit item (STR_MEDI_KIT only) in UFO and TFTD
Serif Font - Replaces the big and small alphabetical fonts with a serif font
Sharkquanaut Combat Divers - Version 0.9! This expansion for TWoTS adds shark combat divers to the X-COM side! Adds a new playable unit type with armour and research related to it. Requires "The World of (Terrifying) Silence" Megamod and TFTD to work
Sharkquanaut Stand Alone - A Stand alone version of Woofingtons Sharkquanaut mod for TFTD that DOES NOT require TWotS for it to work
ShowWeaponRanges - Shows weapon ranges in ufopaedia articles. Made possible by Meridians OXCE addition
Skystriker - The SKYSTRIKER is a modifikation of the Skyranger Craft. Refitted with a alien alloy airframe
Soldier name by Countries & Regions - This mod extends solders' same of OXCE a lot. Soldiers' names are now determined by the location of their base in three steps
Soldier Screams - New death screams for male soldiers :D
Soldiers+(legacy) - Hire more types of Soliders available to a Secert Govermenet Coalition(now an addon for X com files) Vets unlock with basic operations, Clones and androids have thier own resarch. MUST HAVE "The X-Com Files"
Spacecraft Fuel is Cheaper (Harmony Megamod) - This mod makes Deuterium Fuel Pods half the price so you aren't bankrupt whenever you mass produce spacecraft fuel. For the Harmony Megamod
SpeakerGun - Commander lets show these damn aliens some old school reggaeton
Spin The Wheel (Classic) - For X-Piratez L10.3 and above. Reverts Gambling behaviors to the original dynamic where Jack's Tokens are only used for high end prize coupons
Start early (for mod "The X-Com Files") - Start early in "The X-Com Files". You will have extra time investigation until invasion begins. Version updated for version 2.8 x-com files
Static Smoke - Makes smoke be motionless
Storming the Abyss - Weapon, armor and craft expansion for TFTD, made by the Inventorum Development Team
Stun Grenade - A stun grenade created from a stun bomb
Submarine Titans Music mod - TFTD - A music port from the 2000 underwater RTS "Submarine Titans" by Ellipse Studios
SuperHeavy Arsenal - Adds 3 new "superheavy" weapons as well as a new armor capable of carrying these new superheavy weapons as well as taking immense punishment from the aliens
Support Deployables v0.9.0 (Campaign ready!) - Adds manufacturable deployables that will help save soldiers from death temporarily, boost their stats or heal their wounds over time, as well as some other nifty gadgets
Support Drones - This mod adds a army of small drones towards the xcom arsenal. The drones are small 1x1 sized tanks, which are mainly used for scouting and in support roles
Tactical Craft Weapons - Fusion Launcher reworked to DESTROY any UFO in a single hit, and the Laser Cannon to be useful
Tactical Lightning - This is a complete reworking of the Lightning with custom graphics for the battlescape, base view and ufopaedia
Teddy's Flag Tag Mod - A very simple mod that adds a 3 letter (TAG) to each soldier, showing you the country they are from; acting as a text "flag" of the nation!
Terran Plasma Weapons - Adds a whole line of Terran plasma weapons. Alien plasma is unusable by humans
TFTD - No Underwater Weapons - Ever wanted to bring heavy weapons on TFTD's surface missions? Well now you can!
TFTD interface - Interface for the UFO, close to TFTD interface
TFTD MT-32 Musics (OBSOLETE!) - Adds high-quality recordings of the music from a hardware Roland MT-32 to the game
TFTD Roland Sound Canvas VA soundtrack - TFTD soundtrack recorded from Roland Sound Canvas VA software synthesizer
TFTD Soldier Nationalities: More Funders - Extra names and flags for TFTD! More Funders Edition
TFTD Super-CM-32L Musics - Adds music from a MUNT Super-CM-32L to the game - Completely obsoletes my previous MT-32 Musics mod
TFTD Vanilla/DOS - Magnetic Navigation fix - Adds a 'Navigator Interrogation' prerequisite to research Magnetic Navigation, similar to the Vanilla/DOS TFTD experience
TFTD Vanilla/DOS USO Audio Fix - Fixes the hit sounds during USO combat to match the behavior of Vanilla/DOS
TFTD Yamaha S-YXG50 soundtrack - TFTD soundtrack recorded from Yamaha S-YXG50 software synthesizer
TGWotW Modmod - Theremin + WWI Radio - Adds a lil' atmosphere over that default music
The SFW Files (X-Com Files submod) - Tones down some of the NSFW dossiers, ufopaedia pictures and sprites in general
Thinky's UNEXCOM OST Additions - Two new Geoscape tracks added from the open-source UFO: Alien Invasion project. Requires UNEXCOM to function
Tnarg's and Meson's UFOs - This mod adds four new small-to-medium sized UFOs to the game, adding variety to the gameplay
Transport for submodification ROSIGMA in 40k - Added an alternative to Chimera. And two more cheerful fortress ships: "Empire-30", "Spin-26". Who is interested can see. There are graphical flaws in some parts of the game that I will fix. Version: 0.9
Transport Truck - Replaces the Skyranger battlescape map with a transport truck
Two Steps from WH40K - Two Steps from WH40K is a soundpack that will replace all the 40K (and also the Rosigma expansion if you have it) geoscape and battlescape musics (along several other) by musics created and owned by Two Steps from Hell
TWoTSfix - A small little QoL mod for TWoTS to fix minor issues
UFO Plus 2.0 - UFO Plus is a mod that makes the following changes to just add a bit to UFO This mod can imbalance the game depending on the choices you make using it. I do NOT recommend this mod for a first time playthrough of UFO
UFO/EU MT-32 Musics (OBSOLETE!) - THIS MOD IS OBSOLETE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. SEE DETAILS FOR LINK TO MY EMULATED CM-32L MUSICS. Adds high-quality recordings of the music from a hardware Roland MT-32 to the game
UFO/EU Super-CM-32L Musics - Adds music from a MUNT Super-CM-32L to the game - Completely obsoletes my previous MT-32 Musics mod
UNEXCOM Soundtrack - Listen to the same music in your bughunts that the GIs listened while they chased Charlie in the jungle!
Untouchables - A mod for OpenXcom Extended that adds a new Soldier type and two powerful Transformations. This expands and extends upon heelys Immortals for X-Com Files, so Credit for the original Idea goes there :)
Vanilla (throwing) Training for OpenXCom Extended - Enables the new Vanilla Training option for OpenXCom Extended. Requires v7.9 or newer. Will likely produce unintended consequences if you're playing with heavily modded or non-vanilla weapons
Vanilla Armor Repair for UFO - Allows recovery of armored corpses so the armor can be repaired and reused
Woofington Vanilla Weapons Resprite Pack - Texture pack for most of the vanilla weapons, giving them a new look as well as making tiers colour-coded, as well as adding a background to the inventory!
X-com Chronicles Fantasy Music Pack - Music sub-mod for X-chronicles which only adds ost from games like Age of wonders 1,2 ,3, Endless Legend, Eragon, Rise of nations: Rise of Legends and Total War:Warhammer 1
X-Com Files Additions 0.8.1d Anarchic Anachronism - An expansion for the great X-Com Files by Solarius Scorch, more weapons, light HWP's, more armors and new missions!
X-Com Files Megaphone - Add an item that can control, panic, or stun civilians
X-Com Files Music 1.0 - Carefully selected music for X-Com Files! In brief, this mod adds 200+ new tracks!
X-Com Files Names 2.2 (Dynamic Recruitment!) - New names and nationalities for X-Com X-Files, and dynamic recruitment for all nations!
X-Com Files Ratatat 0.3.1 (They ratted us out) - Rats with glocks
X-Com Files: Air Raids - Submod for "X-Com Files" mod. Alien retaliation missions now have the ability to launch missiles or bombs that destroy base facilities without a base defense battle
X-Com Files: Damaged Facilities - Submod for "X-Com Files" mod. When defending a player's base, now, during active hostilities, base modules are replaced by damaged ones, rather than destroyed completely
X-Com Files: Elite Commendations - Submod for "X-Com Files" mod. Continues the line of original XCF medals by adding elite variants with increased requirements to obtain them
X-Com Files: Realistic Air Defense Systems - Submod for "X-Com Files" mod. Player's Air Defense Systems has ammo and requires time and ammo for rearm
X-Mas: Christmas Revenge - Santa stopped being nice and sends his minions forth! Can you stop the invading forces of Christmas? This humorous mod adds some Xmas spirit into the game by changing alien sprites and descriptions to make them more jolly!
X-Piratez Black Armored Car - Replaces the green Armored Car with a Black Armored Car based on the nazi version, the maltese cross is replaced with a red anarchy symbol
X-Piratez Nerfed - Some of us just want the adventure and not the challenge, due to stress over personal or world events. Pads difficulties. Compatible L10.3+
XCOM Files: Of Men and Spiders - First part in a series of mods that I plan to make that allows the player to take a more unconventional approach to the field of genetics and use the aliens own biological abominations against them. This part of the series focuses on spiders
XCOM with DOOM SFX - This mod mixes DOOM SFX and music into XCOM1
xcom Zuper Cool edition - Like xcom? Want to pimp it up and make it just a bit spicier? Many great mods are "salt", adding new realms of pleasure. This mod however, would better be described as black pepper, subtle yet noticeable and intriguing flavour
Zhu-Rong - Incendiary deals twice as much damage, and causes massive morale lost
Zrbite Flares - Zrbite Flares are a tier 2 flare that unlocks after finishing aqua plastic and sonic pulsar research