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Employee Skills
« on: November 11, 2010, 11:04:24 pm »
Hmm, I like the idea of having skills in specific weapons instead of just "Accuracy". It would add some depth of strategy into the game.

Maybe something as simple as:
Light Weapons (Pistol, Rifle)
Heavy Weapons (AC, HC, Heavy Laser & Plasma)
Explosives (Stun Grenade, Explosives, Rocket Launcher, Alien Rockets)
Melee (If we intended to add that)

As an exile from UFO:AI, i have some familiarity with this.  It's a compelling idea, but implementation is likely to lead to arguments.  For example, at one point there were separate skills for Pistols, Rifles, and Energy Weapons.  Now when a new pistol version of an energy weapon is created, which skill should it use?  These things have an innate tendency to multiply.

I'm not totally against the idea, however.  In fact, i'd like to ultimately increase the RPG aspects of it.  Maybe you've got a doctor who can hold his own in combat.  It could be easily done if the Soldier data structure was made fully generic: an Employee data structure would hold not only combat data, but have placeholders for skills such as Medic, Pilot, Engineer, or Maintenance.  I think we should stick to just a few Combat skills, like Melee, Pistols [all one handed weapons], Longarms [rifles, etc.], and Heavy Weapons.  The rocket launchers, etc. should arguably go in the Heavy Weapons category; i don't imagine we need a separate category for grenades - just lump them into the Heavy Weapons group also.

Another way of looking at it is not by how the weapon is held, but style of aiming.  Replace Pistols and Longarms with Sniper and Auto-Fire.