Author Topic: [OXCE] How to request a new feature?  (Read 1209 times)

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[OXCE] How to request a new feature?
« on: December 09, 2023, 01:22:37 pm »
1. Open a new thread in this board (,35.0.html)

2. Give it a good name

3. Describe what you want to achieve (e.g. via use case, example, etc.)

4. Don't panic if I don't respond immediately

- one thread = one feature request... if you put more than one request into a thread, there's a good chance I will ignore it completely as spam
- describe the requirement/problem, not only the solution... there are many solutions to the same problem, and I will likely come up with a different solution (so if the problem is not described well, you will be double-disappointed, because I will do a different solution than you wanted AND the problem might not even be solved)
- I accept QoL features from anyone (modders and players)
- I accept modding features ONLY from modders (either established modders, or new modders who have already published at least something non-trivial)
- I do not accept private requests (i.e. some new feature for your own private mod, which you will not share with anyone)
- I don't have much time anymore, don't panic if I don't answer within 1 day... written answer and/or just a categorization of the request can take several weeks, implementation can take months or even years depending on complexity and priority
- this is not my job, it's a hobby
- if I reject your request (,6498.0.html), don't take it personally... I am also entitled to my own opinion

Also, if you're a DEV wanting to contribute a new feature:
- do not just make a PR
- open a request here like everyone else, where we will first discuss if the feature is suitable for OXCE and if the solution is suitable for OXCE
- if github had an option to disable PRs, I would disable it already long ago... but it doesn't, so don't blame me
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