Author Topic: Anyone opened the Jedi Outcast/Academy code open yet?  (Read 2004 times)

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Anyone opened the Jedi Outcast/Academy code open yet?
« on: May 07, 2013, 11:28:25 pm »
As soon as I found out it had been released I downloaded it, unzipped, and broke it open with mah dick! You ever get into a situation with a girl and you got all this excitement but your not really sure where to put it, or what to do with it once it's in there?

I was looking at the Jedi Academy code and it has all this scary ':std' shit. Looks like some ancient low-level c based code from before with stuff inside () and {} and all the lines end in ';'s, and someone just stuck these random ass -> things everywhere. Maybe C++, but basically it's one of those languages that's free but you got to turn her over a few times to find the holes and read half a public library of instruction manuals just to find out what all the default public libraries are.

It had lots of these *.cpp files in folders with ridiculous names like cgame, ff, bspthing, RMG, qcommon, Win32. Why can't oldschool programmers use useful descriptive folder/file names like 'Game Launcher' or 'Microsoft Windows Integration Functions' or 'Single Player Menus' or 'In-Game Scripting and Model Animations'. Come to think of it, it looked a bit like OXC source! :D

Oh and if your about to tell me that Dark Forces is a FPS game and therefore not X-COMY enough to fit in here, well you'll have to take that up with the late Infograms, Raven Software, and 2k. They're all pretty sure X-COM is just as much about FPS/3rdPS as any turn based strategy. Oh, and space piloting sim, go X-WING: X-COM: Alliance Interceptor!

On a serious note: code I saw all looks really clean and well commented, nicely divided into small files, and overall seems pretty small and mostly modular. Just to clarify it's all C++ with VS project and solution files already built, and I was just joking about the STDs.