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Hi  Xcom maniacs   ;D
I'd like to (proudly    8) ) present final version of my mod: Xcom Scavengers (v.1.0)  [EDIT] ver.1.01  ver.1.02 uploaded

The mod is for OpenXcom, made as ruleset. So, installing it is easy -unzip, and copy the folder "Xcom_Scavengers" (with files Xcom_Scavengers.rul and metadata.yml) to the OpenXcom "Mods"
folder, then start OpenXcom and select it in the menu.

Special credits:
I took a lot of ideas from this forum, especially from Align's "Vanilla Rebalanced" and Reaver of Darkness's "Reaver's Rebalance". But also others (like idea of making Small Radar detection chance bigger than Large's). also, when scanning the forum i realized that a lot of 'my' ideas were alredy made by other people here  8)...

What actually does this mod ? You  have the description in txt file attached in .zip, so there goes a short version:
In general, the aim was to make game harder.

1. NO alien-made goods can be manufactured. You can only use what You scavenge from Aliens/UFOs. But, some of alien-made goods can be combined to make something new (when You research it). Sometimes it requires a special tools, also obtainable from Aliens. Also, some specific Aliens body parts are useful, if you first get proper tools to obtain them and use.

2. I wanted to make more researches useful, so now some of these You knew as useless from vanilla game, gives You very good options. Aslo, every Alien rank except Terrorists will give You valuable informations. From the other hand - medikit do not require research, You just buy it. Also, when you research an alien gun, a clip not need to be researched (exception is Blaster Bomb). Some research takes longer (like crafts), some are shorter. Capturing living Aliens helps a lot. Also, Alien Surgery and Examination Room from UFOs are very useful - thanks to these You can play a doctor with captured Aliens  :P ( but they won't like it ).

3. I made UFO interceptions much more expensive (missiles are very expensive comparing to vanilla) or much more dangerous (all cannons have shorter ranges than UFO weapons). Also, human-made aircraft ranges are much more real-like:  Interceptor range is 1/4 what You are used to, and Skyranges is 1/3. This makes Lightning a game changer, as You finally can react for terror mission anywhere. Avenger is not 'the ultimate fighter' anymore-it is very expensive, very vulnerable (comparing to vanilla) and its building take extremally long time. There is no ship capable of win solo vs alien Battleship now- You need at least 2 Firestorms for that (if armed in Fusion Missiles). UFOs have 2 types of weapon only - small/mediums have 30+ range, and Terror Ship/Battleship 65-km range. Also You can sell Your Lighning/Firestorm/Avenger and get some cash back, if You need.
[EDIT] Ver.1.01 - Laser Cannon and Plasma Cannon fire rates and manufacturing prices upgraded, so i think they are not totally obsolete comparing to missiles .
[EDIT] Ver. 1.02 -Laser Cannon and Plasma Cannon tweaked again- they were too good and i was too hasty- sorry  :(

4. New design of Laser weapons: No longer unlimited shots, now they are battery powered, so they have just a few shots before depleting battery. And battery can not be replaced in the field- You need reload it in the base. Unfortunately, if you deplete battery to zero, the weapon is no longer usable. After researching 'Laser Weapons' topics, you can build a first prototype-a pistol. And all the rest is available for research.

5. New design of Alien weapons- Heavy Plasma is not as uber, as it was (10 shots only). Blaster Bomb is less smart (5 waypoints only).

6. New 'Elerium Explosive' (high explosive) - a special purpose charge, heavy and with extremally small blast radius. Requires being researched, but it can make hole in UFOs.

7. New missiles for Rocket Launcher- heavier and much more expensive. But there is big difference which one You use now.

8. PSI redesigned. Only 1 psi attack per turn, and HWP/Robotic Units are invulnerable. also, Ethereals psi ability exceeds human psi greatly.

9. Alien Soldiers have better combat stats than other ranks. Also, all Aliens uses best armor available, and some of their armors are improved (this makes Mutons even tougher than they were)

10. Xcom recruits have better stats, too. But Xcom armors are in general weker. also, top level armor is now 'Combat Armor' (ex Personal Armor).

11. Alien races- Mutons are extremally psi-resistant, second only to Ethereals (they are now Alien pefect soldiers). Floaters and Mutons both have 2 terror units. Snakemen have a medic. Celatids and Silacoids are highly redesigned. Alien Commander is always the Ethereal. And in Cydonia, there will be no wimpy Sectoids waiting for You after landing...Guess who will ?  ;D

12. HWPs. Now basic Tank is twice cheaper -but also twice weaker. After some research You can build Tank MK2 -much stronger, but more expensive. And after a lot of very specific resear, when You have proper tools and parts, You can build Hovertank (its core is rebuild antigravity unit from Cyberdisc) and Sectopod (You need a lot of parts). So totally 4 HWPs types. Each is available in 4 weapon versions, but weapon needs to be in stores and researched before You start building. Oh, HWP and alien robots are also stun-invulnerable.

13. Earning cash by selling alien goods is harder- the prices are heavily reduced. The same goes for manufacturing-new prices and new (longer) production times makes harder turning Xcom into a manufacturing company.

[EDIT] WARNING: Version 1.0 was not working with OXCE, but now ver.1.02 does. If You find any issu, of course please let me know  :)
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