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Wild howl?
« on: January 10, 2024, 07:36:05 pm »
Could you guys please explain to me wild howl ability.
So a Gal with 50 bravery deals 40 daze damage. What does 40 daze damage mean? It's 40 direct health damage and 40 stun damage on top of that? What does Accuracy 100% up to 200 m mean? How far 200m is? What does "Accuracy dropoff/tile: 2" mean? I see it has "Morale damage multiplier: 4" so it's like 120 morale damage to enemy on top of that? I say it's a lot. What will enemy do if his morale drops that much? What does
Power reduction/tile?   4
Power reduction threshold?   2
mean? Is it flat value or persantage value?
Will this ability hit allies as well?
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Re: Wild howl?
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2024, 10:46:02 pm »
A gal with 50 bravery does an attack with 40 POWER, not 40 damage. 

a) The power is randomized with a 50-150% spread which can be anywhere between 20 to 60 in your example.
b) Enemy armor resistance to daze comes into account, and is applied to the rolled power.
c) The attack has an armor effectiveness of 0.1, so the enemy armor comes into account. Which would be subtracted from the resistance-modified rolled power.

After all this calculation you have the raw damage.

The raw damage THEN gets modified again:

a)It actually deals 0 damage to health, because it has 'Health damage multiplier' 0.
b)It gets cut by 1/4 and that is applied to stun, because it has 'stun damage multiplier' 0.25.
c)It applies full damage to enemy TU (essentially draining their reaction TU)
d)It multiplies the raw damage by 4 for morale (morale damage multiplier 4) and then FURTHER modifies it by comparing the enemy's Bravery to 110. I am not entirely sure of this, but I think it's 10% per each 10 points of enemy Bravery subtracted from 110. So yeah, it would deal full morale damage, IF the enemy had 10 bravery (lol). So no, it's not a lot of morale damage, unless you howl at a civilian or smth. Worse still, if you howl at enemies who are insanely brave (over110 bravery), they will REGAIN morale.

If morale drops too much (below 50%) the enemy will have to pass a morale check on their turn. If they fail it, they will panic and do nothing that turn, or berzerk and attack randomly.

>What does Accuracy 100% up to 200 m mean? How far 200m is?

200 m is 200 squares away. For comparison, day vision is 40. In piratez-speak it basically means infinite range, meaning that the attack will have full accuracy at 200m.... UNLESS:

> "Accuracy dropoff/tile: 2

Which means that from that accuracy, 2% is subtracted for every square. That means that, for Wild Howl, basically, you have 0 chance to hit at range 50.

Note: This is wrong, please disregard. Accuracy dropoff means that for every tile past 200, the accuracy drops by 2 per tile.

>Power reduction/tile?   4
>Power reduction threshold?   2

Remember what we talked about in the beginning about damage and power and all that? Well, that only applies if you're in the power threshold, which is 2 for Wild Howl. That means just melee range and basically 1 square away. For every square of range beyond that, another 4 is subtracted from the unmodified power. (The one before rolling 50%-150%)

> Is it flat value or persantage value?


>Will this ability hit allies as well?

Not by accident. It has blast radius 0, which means it only affects who you target with it. But you CAN target your allies with it, which would work and affect them if you want to do that for some reason.
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Re: Wild howl?
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2024, 12:25:13 pm »
Thank you for explaining this. Help me imagine how a weapon with such design works.
1) I would say morale drain by itself is useless since there is a chance the target can go beserk, attack randomly  or simply pass morale check: all those outcome might hurt a player.
2) But since this weapon has a huge TU drain on its target, the target won't be able to do anything even if it goes berserk on you - no TU means no action taken.
3) Further if a target failed morale check, it will have no TU on the next turn.
4) Basically if a target gets hit by Wild Howl and fails morale check it gets pinned. Player free to do whatever he wants with the target on the current and the next turn.
5) Armor reduction of 0.1 means the heavy armor won't protect a target.
Did I miss something?
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Re: Wild howl?
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2024, 01:45:52 pm »
Yes. The TU damage is in effect for this turn ONLY. That means it will drain the TU the enemy 'saved' for a reaction attack, but will not prevent them from taking their turn normally (by itself).

At the start of the enemy turn, resources are regained/refilled, THEN morale check happens. So, no, you will still be in danged of bein berzerked upon.

Furthermore, heavy armor, with a multi of 0.1 will not protect by itself, true. But heavily armored enemies, USUALLY have a very serious amount of daze resistance, not to mention you have to be really close, or else power gets limited by range too, and, plus, 0.1 is not 0. Significant amounts of armor will interfere, especially since the attack is already low power as is.

Ultimately, I do not think Wild Howl works. Or if it does, it works in verrrry specific circumstances.

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Re: Wild howl?
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2024, 04:50:22 pm »
I seen one streamer using massed wild howl very successfully (3 werewolf squad) to *stun* enemies. Of course this requires patience, or attacking weak enemies.