Author Topic: [FIXED] Ending one dogfight can remove minimised interception windows of others.  (Read 855 times)

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When multiple dogfights are in progress, sometimes one dogfight ending removes the minimised windows of the others, so that you can no longer continue those dogfights.

In particular, if I have a minimised interception window; and a different craft is caught by an enemy hunter-killer; disengaging from the hunter killer removes the minimised interception window. I have to manually tell my interceptor to stop, so that the enemy can get away a little bit, then attack again to bring up the interception window.

I'm attaching an XPZ save which shows this happening. My jetbike is just about to catch up with an enemy, but the snake is just about to be intercepted by a hunter killer. If I minimise the jetbike interception window, then disengage with the snake shortly after, that leaves me unable to continue intercepting with the jetbike even though it is still following the enemy ship.

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When a dogfight against a HK starts, all other dogfights are cancelled/destroyed.
This is intentional.

I don't remember exactly why, but the comment says:
Code: [Select]
// If not, interrupt all other (regular) interceptions to prevent a dead-lock (and other possible side effects)

However, the inability to continue the other dogfights without stopping and re-targeting is not intentional.
It's caused by not clearing all interception info on the Craft object.

I can't resume those cancelled dogfights as minimised (that information is lost), but I can clear the craft interception info properly and let the craft re-target automatically.