Author Topic: Changing equipment from the basewide soldier list should update vessels.  (Read 261 times)

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Currently, if you change a soldier's equipment from the "inventory" option in the base (the one that lets you equip them directly from the base itself rather than having to first transfer items to a vessel), the equipment isn't transferred to their vessel - not until / unless you remove them from that vessel and then re-add them.  If you send them out on a mission without doing so, and the vessel didn't already contain the needed equipment, they will be unequipped on the mission.

I'm unsure if this is an oversight, a bug, or if it's as-intended, but either way, if you use the base interface to change a soldier's equipment, it should probably update the gear on their current vehicle, as if you'd removed them from it and then re-added them.  The current behavior is, if nothing else, unintuitive - it took me a while to realize precisely why soldiers weren't showing up with the gear I assigned them.
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