Author Topic: Finally beat Terror from the deep  (Read 972 times)

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Finally beat Terror from the deep
« on: September 22, 2022, 09:30:21 pm »
Special thanks to Reaver's mod (makes it more manageable). I've finally beat the game.

Maybe it is because beating this game has always alluded me that I thought it would feel so much better but instead I'm left rather puzzled.
The finale (all 3 levels), only one levels was challenging and the final 2 were a more an endurance test than marksmanship.

This game had the potential of being a great follow up but the end fell flat. A Cydonia style finale would have been much better in my opinion or maybe only one level the strength challenge.

It took me almost 40 turns on level 2 just to get to the end. And then while I was there, there was no way to finish.
I finally figure out there was an alien hiding inside a wall with no entry (or maybe I missed the entry). I had to use 4 grenades to blow the wall apart before viewing him inside of it.

Anyway, loved the concept, was a lot like UFO EU. But it felt like there was a rush to finish the game.

I do know the background on the Microprose story so I get it. Just wish this was a little better.