Author Topic: [Submod] Alternate Starting Troops for X-Piratez  (Read 485 times)

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[Submod] Alternate Starting Troops for X-Piratez
« on: August 29, 2023, 05:22:57 am »
I have created a basic submod to facilitate starting X-Piratez with different troops than the standard six lunatics.

Updated to 2.1: Recruiting gnomes or catgirls with wooden apples also produces a new research item that gives Soldier: Gnome/Catgirl, to allow researching armor for them earlier.

This submod adds 18 Wooden Apples to the starting base inventory, and new manufacturing options for recruiting the following soldier types. These replacements will have the Escaped Lunatic condemnation.

3 Wooden Apples:

2 Wooden Apples:
-Assault Clone (with aqua suit)

1 Wooden Apple:

When recruiting gnomes or catgirls this way, a new item will also be produced (Guide to Gnomes/Catgirls) which when researched provides the Soldier: Gnome/Catgirl tech.
The purpose of this is to allow for some armors to be researched for these troops in a reasonable time, as it is very possible not to reach this for these units for a very long time
in normal play.

Note that there is a hardcoded transfer time of 24 hours for each trooper produced via manufacturing, so I have left the six lunatics in case a mission comes up before the replacements arrive. The lunatics will need to be dismissed manually.

I recommend hiding the manufacturing recruitment options after you have used the apples, or disabling the submod.
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