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Submod: Transport Zeppelin
« on: December 16, 2022, 09:19:02 pm »
I didn't like the removal of the transport function for the Spy Zeppelin, so I made this mod. This mod adds another airship, separate from the Spy Zeppelin, that replicates the transport function of the old Spy Zeppelin. It does not work as a radar craft, but it carries up to 20 Hands and 3 large units. The ability to build the Transport Zeppelin is given by the same technology as the Spy Zeppelin. It is cheaper and faster to build than the Spy Zeppelin because it does not carry surveillance gear and uses all the freed space to carry troops instead.

It is NOT undetectable and it is still unarmed. Only use this to assault enemy bases if you have a good armed escort.

Has English and Russian locales.

This submod is a beta. I tested it for the most obvious bugs but I might have missed something.