Author Topic: [Not possible?] Playlist modes for jukebox  (Read 1061 times)

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[Not possible?] Playlist modes for jukebox
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:15:17 am »
Rejection reason: I would like to have e.g. shuffle tracks too, but I don't think the SDL libraries we use in OpenXcom allow this... if I'm missing something, do let me know!

The jukebox feature in OXCE is pretty amazing, and after it was implemented I finally started listening to in-game music tracks rather than external music.

However, it's still rather limited by the fact that you need to change tracks manually, otherwise the current track will be repeated.

Ideally, the jukebox should come with all (3) common playlist modes: 1) repeat track (as it is right now); 2) repeat list - play each track once in order, then repeat; 3) shuffle list - play each track in the list once in random order, then repeat.
For easier implementation, shuffle doesn't have to be persistent or anything, it's quite okay for any current playlist information to be lost on exit or on e.g. globe/mission switch. Also, no need to change anything in the existing behavior of picking a proper track for geoscape/mission/etc, as the only new thing here is about what to do when that properly picked track has played to its end.

PS: I honestly tried poking around the code, but admittedly I'm just not enough of a C++ programmer to make something like that.
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