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[Soundpack] Two Steps from WH40K
« on: July 27, 2022, 05:46:38 pm »
"Two Steps from WH40K" is a soundpack that will replace all the 40K (and also the Rosigma expansion if you have it) geoscape and battlescape musics (along several other) by musics created and owned by Two Steps from Hell

To install, put the "2SFH_40K" folder into

Then once you launch the game and you are at the 40k or Rosigma menu, click on "Mods" and set "Two Steps from WH40K" to YES
And press "OK", OpenXcom/OXCE will reload and the sound pack will now be in effect.

In the 40k or Rosigma Options -> Advanced, if you set "Extended Links" to YES you will have a button Extended in Geoscape and in the Battlescape that has a "Select Track" function, allowing you to choose your music if the one currently playing isn't to your taste.

Download :
or for the new facelift :

Music copyright and all rights reserved to Two Steps from Hell.

NOTE : That soundpack can be made compatible with any other Openxcom megamods by opening the file "metadata.yml" located in the "2SFH_40K" folder with a text editor
Then change
master: "40k"
master: "*"
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Re: [Soundpack] Two Steps from WH40K
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2022, 04:44:16 pm »
updated to version 1.1
Version 1.1 : Added 5 more Geoscape musics and 5 more Battlescape musics
GMGEO19 - Moving Mountains
GMGEO20 - Enigmatic Soul
GMGEO21 - Red Tower
GMGEO22 - Atlantis
GMGEO23 - Unexplained Forces

GMTACTIC25 - Stormkeeper
GMTACTIC26 - Temple of Damnation
GMTACTIC27 - Black Blade
GMTACTIC28 - Hypnotica
GMTACTIC29 - Norwegian Pirate

Download the same as befofre :
or for the new facelift :