Author Topic: [minimod] Defeator (cheat)  (Read 1304 times)

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[minimod] Defeator (cheat)
« on: August 11, 2022, 04:25:54 pm »
Sometime you may enjoy your current run so much that you may want to play it "forever", but you may have screwed up a couple of things and could be under the threat of having your " fun forever " ended by reaching the score or the budget conditions for a game over :
Spoilerxcom game over conditions:
- high budget debt with council warning you about it for 2 consecutive months
- very negative score (the exact number depending on difficulty level) for 2 consecutive months
- deciding to go for the Cydonia mission and failing it
- all your bases are destroyed/capture
with whatever megamod your're playing that tweak them a bit.

The 2 defeator minimods attached to this post are simple minimods (it will just increase enormously the defeatFunds and defeatScore that then just can't be virtually reached even if you try hard to screw up your run) that will allow you to ignore the budget and score game over condition and continue playing (until you reach the other 2 game over conditions that can still end your run)

Budget Defeator will allow you to continue playing despite having a horrible debt every months
Score Defeator will allow you to continue playing despite having very negative score every months (but important it will not prevent the nations from defecting or lowering their funding on a month getting negative score, it only allow you to continue to play)

How to Install
Both minimods are compatible with original xcom1/xcom2 and every megamods for them.

Download and attached to this post.

Open them, take and move the folders "BudgetDefeator" and "ScoreDefeator"
to ...\OpenXCOMDirectory\User\mods\
or your

Both minimods will be available to enable or disable in the main menu category "Mods".
Enable your prefered one by setting it to "YES" (note : you can enable both if you wish without problems).