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FtA installation guide
« on: April 17, 2022, 03:06:44 am »

I hope that Windows installer, that is distributed on can cover the most cases. You can get it by visiting

However, you might want to install it manually, so here I'll describe it in details.

Technically, From the Ashes consists of 2 big parts: engine and content.

FtA engine from user perspective can be handled just like OpenXcom or OpenXcom Extended. Stoddard created Jenkins job for me, just like he did for OXCE, so you can get the latest nighty here:
Current stable build is 0.7.1, Windows version can be downloaded with
Just unzip it somewhere on your hard drive =)
Bionic Linux version can be downloaded with
Currently, I don't have any Mac OS, Android and iOS versions. AFAIK, Mac OS can be created just fine, I just don't have Mac  ;)
In case you would like to get source code, it's available on GitHub:
All compiling guides for OXCE should work for FtA as well:,7048.0.html

Content part is just a megamod, it can be loaded from GitHub:
You can install it just like any other OXCE mod, I recommend unpacking it to C:\Users\{user}\Documents\OpenXcom\mods\
This should be obvious, but I still want to say that - FtA as a mod would not work properly if you launch it on OXC or OXCE, you should use FtA engine!

In turn, you can run any OXC or OXCE mods on FtA engine, AFAIK it should work just fine. You might want to do that in order to get some QoL things that I added to my engine.

Ofc, you need to have original game files, just like for OXC/OXCE. Currently, FtA needs to have only UFO. If you are running Windows, store it in C:\Users\{username}\Documents\OpenXcom\UFO
You actually don't need the whole original game, it would be enough if you will paste this OG folders:
 If you use Windows installer, it would ask to define path to files, and if you have X-COM: UFO Defense on your steam account and loaded locally, installer would use path to it automatically. You can get the game from
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