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Simple shooting system
« on: December 17, 2023, 04:40:34 am »
There are a lot of complexity in vanilla shooting system. There is even more in OXCE and mods. Anybody tried to implement something very very simple? If not, I am about to.
Ever feeling that game is not telling you everything when your soldier hits adjacent target nine times out of ten with displayed 10% accuracy? No more.

In short. Shooter tries to shoot a specific point. Actual directional angle is deviated from the desired line due to shooter not perfect accuracy. Then projectile flies along the line and hits something. The end.
The spread is angular. Higher accuracy narrows it down. Actual chance to hit is computed on the fly and is displayed on the target the same exactly way it is done in OXCE "realistic accuracy" UI now.

This immediately solves tons of other problems multitude of accuracy mods are trying to achieve.
1. Chance to hit naturally falls with distance. No more need for extender accuracy dropoff. It just happens by itself.
2. Chance to hit naturally raises to near 100% at some distance and closer. No more need for close quarter combat adjustments.
3. Object exposure is naturally taken into account. The flying object can hit the obstacle on the way. No need to adjust computations.
4. No need for accuracy cap or it could be set to quite high values. Higher accuracy proportionally increases confident hit distance but not to infinity.
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