Author Topic: Can't find the ruleset for soldiers/new recruits  (Read 377 times)

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Can't find the ruleset for soldiers/new recruits
« on: January 20, 2022, 01:13:15 am »
I can't find the ruleset for soldiers/new recruits. I know I've seen it before but that was many years ago. I need the command path to figure out how to find it.

Maybe I need to be doing it in Xcom? Or openxcom? or Openxcom extended?

I don't want a supersoldier cheat mod. I like my soldiers gradually getting better, but I just want them to start with a bit higher minimum scores. Seriously, soldiers with 21 str; most real life troops carry around 80 pounds of gear.

I have idea of thestats, thanks to finding a post by the_third_curry.

Thank you for any help.

From the_third_curry

There's a pretty easy way to change the stats of incoming soldiers without a mod; you can easily edit the ruleset to get better soldiers. Just look for this section here in the ruleset:

  - type: XCOM
      tu: 50
      stamina: 40
      health: 25
      bravery: 10
      reactions: 30
      firing: 40
      throwing: 50
      strength: 20
      psiStrength: 0
      psiSkill: 0
      melee: 20
      tu: 60
      stamina: 70
      health: 40
      bravery: 60
      reactions: 60
      firing: 70
      throwing: 80
      strength: 40
      psiStrength: 100
      psiSkill: 16
      melee: 40
      tu: 80
      stamina: 100
      health: 60
      bravery: 100
      reactions: 100
      firing: 120
      throwing: 120
      strength: 70
      psiStrength: 100
      psiSkill: 100
      melee: 120
    armor: STR_NONE_UC
    standHeight: 22
    kneelHeight: 14
    genderRatio: [3, 1]