Author Topic: Footage of real XCom ufo interception.  (Read 17990 times)

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Re: Footage of real XCom ufo interception.
« Reply #30 on: August 18, 2021, 04:24:05 pm »
Everyone will believe what they want. The question I'd be more interested in having answered is why the US government wants to focus on such an old and fridge issue if it's bull?
They aren't focusing on it. They declassified it, that's the reason we get to know about it.

AND Why US military pilots and navy personnel can't tell the difference between a bird, a plane, or probe-weary aliens? I expect the answer to the former covers the latter.
They can tell the difference, most of the time. But they get too used to seeing the same old birds and strange lights, and eventually some slip through the cracks. It just takes a fresh pair of eyes to figure out what it is, and the military doesn't disagree with that, nor do they really care as long as it isn't a threat. And everything they have declassified was deemed uninteresting enough to not be worth their time.

All of those pilots who insist it is alien spacecraft are not military intelligence analysts by trade; they are pilots.