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Programming / Re: OpenXcom 1.1
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:11:01 pm »
You don't need a blessing from above to have a stable point.

Start a thread and simply come to an agreement on which nightly is a good endpoint.  Once divined, consider that version OpenXcom 1.1.  Thats the version everyone considers plateau if they so choose.  Put a link of it on the mod site.  Mention it in the download of your mod.  Etc.

IMO, asking the Vactican to give you a new Pope is going to be a small exercise of frustration.

 :o, Supsuper does not tolerate child molestation in the openxcom team!

More seriously it seems like a worthwhile idea:
1. Grab the latest nightly and fork it.
2. Link it in a forum post and on the mod site as 1.1.0
3. Address any serious bugs that arise in the forked version as versions 1.1.1 - 1.1.5 etc
4. Label mods as 1.1.x compatible until the Scooby Gang releases 1.2.0 with TFTD support.

That way Warboy and Supsuper can continue whatever it is they're doing and not get blamed if anything goes awry. I'd do it myself but a) github confuses me because I'm not a real programmer so even if I managed to fork a nightly I probably wouldn't be able to rebuild it if after any bug fixes, and b) I don't follow OXC stuff reliably, modders/players would need someone that checks their inbox more then twice a month in case a link breaks or something.

A few thoughts:

1. 'Aggressive Retaliation' may make it possible for the aliens to assault your base in the first week, ask someone who's seen the code on that mod/option.
2. I do not use Aggressive Retaliation I had multiple similar experiences with sudden base attacks before the requisite scouting in my most recent game, however I didn't post anything because I can't be certain an undetected scout didn't get lucky. Regardless I was watching the .sav file pretty closely and any retaliation mission would have to have detected my base within a week of starting.
3. Volutar, why are you a 7 post rookie?

Video filters always multiply how hard a game hits your machine but with OpenXcom there should be plenty to spare on any semi-modern computer.

Without knowing more specific information about your computer it's difficult to know why the filters are a problem for you.

Google "how to get a dxdiag file" and attach it. That will tell us pretty much everything we need to know to advise you further. Unless your on a MAC in which case just post your model number and OS version (like OSX Leopard ###). Depending on your hardware and OS I'll have entirely different suggestions and/or follow-up questions.

Otherwise I would want to know what your OS (Windows version) is, your CPU and clockspeed, RAM, GPU, video chipset, current video driver, supported shader model, total VRAM and dedicated VRAM.

Also, unless your are some weird kind of extreme diehard 'X-COM in a Video Filter' fan, I wouldn't recommend dropping Benjamins on a videocard upgrade just for that.

Open Feedback / Re: Odd Gender Ratios
« on: October 22, 2014, 12:01:38 am »
Agreed, non of that here dammit! We just said sexist as a little joke.

I suspect that X-COMs creators thought to themselves "In the future, by year 2000, there will be computers that do your laundry from a payphone, flying skateboards, a black or female President/Prime-Minister, hand-held laser weapons, voice-controlled ATMs, computer-phones that fit in your back pocket and play movies, strawberries the size of apples, hot slutty women in elite combat forces, gas will cost $300/gal but cars will be electric anyway, and America will almost certainly have contacted at least one the advanced alien societies that must litter our galaxy. Oh, I bet there will be battery powered emergency flares too!"

Ya, we got the black President and smartphones a little late but the hot slutty Navy Seals are all a bunch of dudes and I'm just generally all around disappointed with our general progress as a species in the 90s. Good job Mom and Dad, where's my damn laser rifle!

Open Feedback / Re: Odd Gender Ratios
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:56:25 pm »
default is 1:1, xcom1ruleset makes it 3:1, we're not gender biased, vanilla ruleset is.
these ratios can also be overridden by the .nam files, so recruits from the planet amazonia can have a 100% female ratio.

Just in case there's still some confusion for other readers: Warboy is saying that vanilla x-com had a 1:3 ratio (1/4 female and 3/4 male) and Openxcom also has a 1:3 ratio now (in the ruleset).

If you remove the 1:3 ratio rule from the ruleset then Openxcom's engine will default to 1:1 (1/2 Male and 1/2 Female) because Openxcom isn't sexist, only vanilla x-com and the default ruleset.

Also .nam files give name-sets for different countries and modders can add new .nam files for new countries too. A .nam file can be set to have it's own gender ratio, for example if someone added Planet Amazonia they would want all soldiers with Amazonia names to be female.

Suggestions / Re: Aspect Ratio [letterbox] in options
« on: October 16, 2014, 02:05:50 pm »
I loaded the latest git build and this still hasn't been changed so: "Rise Thread, rise and terrorize the living mwahaha"

Resolution options are still the same non-16:10 ones and the letterboxed option is still useless.

There's only one way to get a resolution that is a multiple of 320x200, enter it yourself.

Absolutely, but I think this is already done.

I prefer the scanner as it is, but I also think this is a good idea for those who don't. I wouldn't say you need pencil and paper to use the scanner, though.

I understand how the scanner works, but I need pen and paper to make actual sense of what I'm looking at.

Programming / Re: Battlescape development
« on: July 06, 2014, 09:11:05 am »
you'd need a complete ruleset for that, and i haven't even decided which research tree to run with yet.

I'd recommend just using the tree on the ufopedia site for the default treeUfopedia TFTD reaserch tree. That way you'll be able to look at the pretty picture while your writing the ruleset. Also when people go to ufopedia to look up what they need to get Ion-Armor they'll get the right info without anyone having to correct or expand the article.

And since just about anyone can modify the tech tree in OXC, let some bored moron that isn't doing C++ engine stuff make all the versions they want. Maybe later on when there's a bunch of good techtree versions we can have a menu selector for them.


I'm not sure I like the text strings at the bottom of the screen though, Id prefer something on the cursor. Changing the cursor color seems non-ideal also, and it wouldn't fit international standards for colorblind accessibility.

Wait-a-minute! Why am I even thinking about international accessibility standards for a basement project?

OXC, you have really raised the fucking bar! James Cameron has a diving ball that could use your help!


I ran into this problem a few times when I was playing a ~week ago. I'd read this suggestion and I was thinking to myself "I wish I had the kneel mod right now, I'm not sure she's kneeling or not!"

Suggestions / Re: [SUGGESTION-CUT][#001] Combat area border
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:09:53 am »
One big fat vote for the TTS model: non-pathable greyed 10x10 map-sections around the border of the map.

In the meantime +1 for the optional band around the map.

I never used the motion scanner prior to reading this thread, and I now agree, in certain situations it can save lives. Using it is _such_ a hassle though, I'd love to see a mod/option to make it less painful. I'd even accept some amount of "error" (readings randomly sometimes off by a tile or two) if it just displayed it's reading superimposed over the battlescape.

huh, and I was just thinking I should just admit I was wrong then lock the thread, but apparently it's helping people! I have no problems with being the baitiot. (bait idiot)

Open Feedback / Re: Yaay 1.0 %cough% TFTD %cough yaaay woooo 1.0
« on: July 04, 2014, 09:13:06 am »
... are there plans to implement alien colonies by Alien type, so they aren't always Lobstermen/Tentacults on the 2nd level?  The one thing made me want to always play the original was having each base have a set race to promote more variety - now that I can play with the many many improvements I'm looking forward to this. :)
we'll be shooting for an accurate recreation of vanilla so it will have lobstermen and tentaculats where the original did.

HOWEVER: OpenXCom is moddable enough that you would easily be able to change that.

Based on what's happened with UFO it will be one of the options in the options menu or a built in MOD and will be disabled by default. Racial bases are already supported by TFTD Extender and all the popular core MODs from UFO Extender are already built into OXC.

Short answer - YES: openTFTD will have race specific colony missions. (off by default)

Work In Progress / Re: Few ideas and questions
« on: June 24, 2014, 01:22:49 am »
Is it possible to implement something like an invisibility? Idea is to make a stealth alien race, to give some use for the motion detectors and later researchable stealth technology with invisibility armor for soldiers.

Someone would have to code it, and as far as I know there's no such functionality in the current engine.

Disable the other sides ability to spot the unit and it shouldn't be drawn for them either. Of course you also have to add a stat that controls stealthing to the applicable armor, and a stat that controls whether it's on or not, and add a way to toggle it in the UI, and those stats need to be accessible in the code that updates a units visibility, and for performance reasons the new code needs to be out of the way when updating terrain visibility (which it should already be).

We have 2x2 aliens/HWPs, is it possible to make even diferent sizes? Like 1x1x2 alien or 3x3 behemoth.
In theory ya, but someone would have to code it, and from what I gathered just coding the 2x2 was tricky enough. For the 3x3 ask Warboy, he was messing with that stuff a while back.

The 1x2 is going to create the most problems, because if it turns it's no longer standing on the same tiles. You shouldn't need a background in C++ to see the problems that will raise, or to dream up some possible solutions.

If you really want to have a tiger (I'm guessing) in OXC you probably want to start with a pen and paper and make a list of possible cases on one side and possible solutions on the other side, and a numbered graph to visualize what your working with.

For example:
CASES: From 270° To 225° | ACTIONS:
all tiles pathable| place head in 6 and tail in 7
6&7 unpathable but 4&9 pathable| use 8 TUs and move head to 4 tail to 9

Is it possible to make buffs? Medikit have function that restores morale and health, but is it possible to buff some stat over the max?

If you open up a save file and set your current TUs to 10 thousand bajillions huge number, you'll have a lot of TUs for that turn and they will reset the following turn.

you'd have to code it (again) but it should work. If you want these buffs to persist after the current turn, that would be more difficult.

If some of these ideas can be done and someone will help me with coding I can make all necessary graphics. In the meanwhile I am experimenting with battlescape sprites and I may have some new alien done later this week. XCom have a lot less sprites than standart DooM monsters.

You should probably talk to who-evers doing the pirate mod. They've obviously been fucking with the code and they might be interested in some of the stuff your doing.

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