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Offtopic / Anyone opened the Jedi Outcast/Academy code open yet?
« on: May 07, 2013, 11:28:25 pm »
As soon as I found out it had been released I downloaded it, unzipped, and broke it open with mah dick! You ever get into a situation with a girl and you got all this excitement but your not really sure where to put it, or what to do with it once it's in there?

I was looking at the Jedi Academy code and it has all this scary ':std' shit. Looks like some ancient low-level c based code from before with stuff inside () and {} and all the lines end in ';'s, and someone just stuck these random ass -> things everywhere. Maybe C++, but basically it's one of those languages that's free but you got to turn her over a few times to find the holes and read half a public library of instruction manuals just to find out what all the default public libraries are.

It had lots of these *.cpp files in folders with ridiculous names like cgame, ff, bspthing, RMG, qcommon, Win32. Why can't oldschool programmers use useful descriptive folder/file names like 'Game Launcher' or 'Microsoft Windows Integration Functions' or 'Single Player Menus' or 'In-Game Scripting and Model Animations'. Come to think of it, it looked a bit like OXC source! :D

Oh and if your about to tell me that Dark Forces is a FPS game and therefore not X-COMY enough to fit in here, well you'll have to take that up with the late Infograms, Raven Software, and 2k. They're all pretty sure X-COM is just as much about FPS/3rdPS as any turn based strategy. Oh, and space piloting sim, go X-WING: X-COM: Alliance Interceptor!

On a serious note: code I saw all looks really clean and well commented, nicely divided into small files, and overall seems pretty small and mostly modular. Just to clarify it's all C++ with VS project and solution files already built, and I was just joking about the STDs.

Open Feedback / Absurd ludicrous FPS
« on: May 02, 2013, 10:07:25 am »
30 FPS is acceptable, 60 would be good, 120 is ideal for action games but thoroughly unnecessary in menus and turn based stuff. And it's nice to know that my computer can run the game with out breaking a sweat or having to slow down at any point...

But 950+ FPS is so many times any monitors refresh rate or any living creatures flicker rate that it leaves me scrathing my head and wondering 'why?'.

I'm not saying we should cap the frame-rate, just that ... I'm really not sure what I'm saying other then anything faster then 10 million trillion frames per picosecond is overkill.

What exactly are we updating every time the sun emits a new photon anyway?

Work In Progress / Re: The Dalek Invasion of XCom
« on: May 01, 2013, 11:48:37 am »
ROFL Daleks in X-COM!

exterminate all xcom soldiers. Exterminate! Kill! DESTROY X-COM BASE! DESTROY LARGE RADAR FACILITY!

Place AVENGER.MAP and or PLANE.MAP in data/MAPS.
Overwrite the original files of the same name or back them up somewhere.

Suggestions / Re: Lets release a new "stable" build
« on: April 16, 2013, 03:13:11 am »
i thought they where working on getting the next stable build out thus the lockout of any new features so they could focus on BUgs.

I had thought the feature freeze was over like 4 days after the announcement since new features kept getting added, but I looked at the commit history and its fixes for weeks.

At any rate my thinking is that the crowds of casual fans are coming around right now from XCOM2012 and Blizzard Entertainment is looking enviously at our unyeilding commitment to excellence and they're thinking to themselves "I wish we could be more like that and only release G2Gs instead of crap!"

For each new fan that makes an erroneous bug report for the 'stable' version without realizing that we all play git-builds, 110 people clicked on the stable, noted the date, and shed a single tear for the death of the project. They did not pass GO the forums, they did not collect $200 a git-build, they went directly to Jail facebook to check their messages.

We could at least have a little notice like "2013 new version soon guys!"

Programming / Re: release schedule.
« on: April 14, 2013, 06:40:14 am »
That is fucking awesome, whoever came up with that site is a genius lol.

Suggestions / [old]Lets release a new "stable" build
« on: April 14, 2013, 12:05:18 am »
Or get rid of the idea... at least until 1.0

It's misleading to newcomers and the current release isn't really serving any purpose. It's kinda like - we have this complete, updated, mostly debugged total re-implementation of the good ol X-COM1 that we're ironing out the last few wrinkles from. However what we're showing to the world is this thing that says:

Look, we've got a spinning globe, with bases, and we made even more progress on the battlescape. We even have place-holders for the ufopeadia and graphs, and it all has the original look and feel. Here in another year or two we might even have a version that lets you play x-com without having to install dos-box. Well ok, I guess that's probably not going to happen, but we haven't given up yet and neither should you.

Unfortunately we had to go get real jobs about 8 months ago, and since Firaxis/2k made that other X-COM we just haven't been all that interested anymore. But at least you know your not alone in thinking the good ol X-COM is still worth playing.

Anyway here's what we had before, well, we don't really want to say it... Hey, want to try out one of our test builds? They're really fun!

Currently psy-controling aliens causes them to become selected immediately. This might sound like an odd request but I'd like to be able to turn that new feature off.

In vanilla I could mind control up to 3 aliens before I had to scroll back to the Avenger to select my next psywarrior-in-training.

Also I'd like if I could do something about the duration of the pop-up, it's kinda annoying, especially when your spamming panics.

I'm not sure how to implement telekinetic bowel movements but for psi labs I'd like to see an alternate implementation that doesn't limit you to the end of the month. Here's how I'd implement an alternate psy-training if I understood C++/OXC code:

  • Any soldier can be placed into or removed from psy-training at any time. The psy-training enrollment screen would be accessible from the 'soldiers' screen or psy-training could be toggled from a soldiers stat screen.
  • Initially soldiers will start with a negative psy-skill value which will be used to determine how many more days of psy-training they need to unlock their psy-potential. Their Psy-skill would still be hidden on their stat sheet, the purple notice in the upper left would say the number of days of psy-training remaining. (We don't want to add a new var to record the amount of psy training done if we don't need too. The battlescape code for psionic attack/defense strength would have to treat negative psy-skill as 0 psy-skill.)
  • Psy-Training would be calculated every day at 0:00
  • Soldiers with psy-skill < 0 would get ++psy-skill each day
  • Soldiers with psy-skill 0 would get +14 to +26 psy-skill
  • Soldiers with >1 and <19 psy-skill would get +1 psy-skill each day
  • Soldiers with >19 would have a chance of getting a psy-skill equal to 30 / (2*psy-skill)
  • Finally any soldiers purchased, whether or not alternate psy-training is being used, will start with -30 psy-skill. (Soldiers from old save-games that have 0 psy-skill and aren't in psy-training should have their psy-skill set to -30 as well. The actual -Psy value should be set in the ruleset and should just default to 30. Any soldiers with a psy-skill lower then the initial amount currently set in the ruleset (-45) should have their value reset to the starting value in the ruleset on their first day of psy-training.)

Yep, or even just one string where you place a variable code, eg. %n, to indicate where to place the relevant integer from the ruleset.
I think it needs to be the var code, otherwise there would have to be duplicate code for each language or some languages would be very difficult to translate into.

Open Feedback / Re: What's left to implement finishable game?
« on: April 01, 2013, 10:46:43 am »
guys, just curious, whats Multi-UFO Alien Missions which left for implent? they were in original game?
No they weren't in original. It's just another crawling feature we're going to avoid until release.

Multi-UFO Alien Missions - This is something I added to the feature list part of the development history on UFOpaedia and I guess you weren't the only one that misunderstood what I meant, it's still flagged as incomplete. Multi-UFO Alien Missions meant alien missions that lasted more then a single UFO spawn and had the ability to spawn swarms, like when the aliens have a bunch of UFOs building a base or infiltrating a country.

As far as this other multi-UFO concept I have no idea what it's about but it shouldn't be in the Dev history if it's not from vanilla and isn't needed for 1.0 release. I'm setting Multi-UFO Alien Missions to "yes".

Open Feedback / Re: Missing items from Ruleset
« on: March 31, 2013, 05:37:57 am »
Personnel Monthly Costs: The monthly costs are the same as the hire costs (as per vanilla), they can be separated if someone needs it.
I thought there was something wrong with this, it turns out I'm right. If a soldier costs the same when you buy them as they do each month then lost soldiers can be replaced for free (the same as their wages would have been) if you wait until the 1st of the next month to replace them.

Personnel costed twice as much to hire as they were paid each month in the original. I'm guessing the confusion started because of TTS. TTS used the same hire and monthly costs to make alien and x-com units more equally expendable for balance purposes, and to allow x-com players greater flexibility in how many soldiers/scientists they wanted to employ at any given point, also for balance.

UFOpaedia - hireing/fireing for the hire vs monthly costs of personnel.

Programming / Re: Question on alien appearance ratios
« on: March 29, 2013, 06:05:09 am »
The chances for a given alien type to appear as set before you start the game are month to month based on the appearance ratios you linked. What you need to understand is that only a handful of actual new missions are launched through-out the game.

To illustrate this, look at a save file under 'AlienMissions'. (open it in notepad++, select YAML as the language, hit alt-0, and scroll down and expand just 'AlienMissions'.

In early games you will likely only see a reaserch or terror mission. The reaserch mission will be sectiod and will launch only sectiod UFOs. The terror mission could be sectiod or floater.

By June you will see a retaliation mission for each base you've built and generated some hostility toward and one or two infiltration missions. These missions don't go away until they're completed so if you shoot down terrorships preventing terror sites you will also have a terror mission.

The race of each mission is determined when the mission is started. The aliens will only run one terror mission at a time to If you haven't let a terror site happen since feb then terror mission UFOs are going to be sectiod/floater until you let the aliens complete their mission and start a new one.

If you start a new game and create 8 bases with hyperwave and avengers all in jan, then you will see non-stop sectiod ships. This is because the aliens launched 8 sectiod retaliation missions and probably a couple other sectiod missions and never complet anything, because you shoot them down. If you were to allow each base to be detected and defend each one, you should get all new retaliation missions afterward with races based on when the new missions are started. Retaliation mission race might be dependent on the race of the UFO you shot down to start the retaliation.

Open Feedback / Re: Ranged Based Accuracy
« on: March 29, 2013, 05:38:15 am »
Another interesting thing would be to implement an accuracy deadzone. No missing 3 times in a row at point blank range, although I think that's partially covered by the tighter shot grouping already.

Open Feedback / Re: Missing items from Ruleset
« on: March 29, 2013, 05:34:24 am »
Soldier Stat Caps: That's because there are no caps. Should there be? :P
Yes. In xcom1 soldiers can only train their stats so high, except psy-skill in psy training which disregarded the cap and could overflow from 255 back to 0. See Caps on UFOpedia. I'm used to having an avenger full of guys with 80-81 TUs and 70-71 str.

Personnel Monthly Costs: The monthly costs are the same as the hire costs (as per vanilla), they can be separated if someone needs it.
I didn't really think of that, I just instinctively thought of hire costs an wages as separate things. I had thought of having an option for a more expensive soldier purchase option with higher minimum stats (pre-screened). The soldiers would still have the same monthly costs.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to respond to this

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