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I forsee a huge increase in the popularity and energy in OpenXcom modding, and in OpenXcom in general, once v0.5 or possibly 0.5.5 comes out. I'd like us to be prepared to take full advantage of that energy and talent.

I would like to see a large portion of the mods getting made into a cohesive overall expansion instead of lots of various upgrades where some work together and some don't. Something that doesn't require trial and error to find a selection of Mods that actually vastly improves the experience.

    The Plan:
  • Collect a list/database of potentially compatible mods, mod sets, mod plans, proposed features etc that would improve on the existing game while still preserving the original feel and gameplay, as well as enhancements that could easily be turned on and off in an ingame menu or selected at the creation of a new game.
  • Document the core changes that will be made and how included mods will need to be modified to fit any new requirements.
  • Set up a quality assurance system of some type to determine which mods will actually be used.
  • Set up a database of needed assets to fulfill the core changes decided upon, like new textures, sounds or tilesets.
  • We will also need modders to go through selected  high quality mods that don't match the new requirements and have become inactive or been left.

Right now I'm mostly just looking for input/ideas/criticism on how we could get all this organized. Putting an overall direction plan together will take time, probably more time then there will take time. I want to be prepared to start making that plan as the early crowd shows up, so that when the 1.0 flood comes we can take full advantage of the energy it brings.

Otherwise we will probably have the same mess as the TESV:Skyrim modding fiasco, and I doubt OpenXcom will have Nexus Mod Manager support.

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