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OXCE Support / [Solved] Crash: Segmentation fault
« on: September 06, 2022, 01:45:43 pm »

My game crashes on ~10% of missions with a "Segmentation fault" error.
I included a save file with a Skyranger and Raven en route to a landed UFO. The game crashes when I try to assault the landed UFO and also when I wait for the UFO to take off, shoot it down and then try to assault the crash site.

This is what I've installed:
X-COM: UFO Defense in Steam (with data patch)
OXCE 7.7 (v2022-08-24)
FMP 3.2
FMP Extended 1.0.6
As well as some of the "default" mods like Psi Line of Sight

On a seperate note, Psi Line of Sight doesn't seem to work entirely either; "normal" sectoids in small UFOs and outside of medium UFOs haven't Psi'd me at all, but the Leader(s) in the command room of medium UFOs spam panic/berserk/mind control as soon as my soldiers touch the outside of the UFO. Maybe they learned how to install security cams on their doors ;)?
Maybe I'm just misunderstanding some stuff here though, I haven't really played in a few years.

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