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Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.8 ! Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:55:28 pm »
Nope, can't get the new special missions (MiB terror and MiB base) to work as I intended: with the ufo spawning directly on the ground, and staying there for either 12 hours (MiB terror) or 20 years (MiB base).
Playing the campaign I don't get any “fixed” ufos, until the game suddenly closes up (my guess is that this happens as the firts of these special mission is generated, but I really don't know).

Both missions work in Quick Battle, so there shouldn't be any problem with the battlescape part itself. Although the MiB terror doesn't use the URBAN terrain as listed in the “alienDeployments:” section, instead it still usese the geoscape terrain (it is normal for this to happen though).

To make the ufo spawns grounded and stay down, I created new ufo trajectories with groundtimer set to 36000 (= 10 hours, for MiB terror) and 630720000 (= 20 years, for MiB base) and with a single waypoint [1, 0, 0].
These trajectories are, I think, the culprit for the crashing campaign. Are perhaps the standard initial [5, 4, 100] and  final [5, 0, 100] waypoints, mandatory for some reason (serving as entering and exiting “door” for the ufo)? The game doesn't seems to crash anymore with those added in, but no ufo stays on the ground more than 1 hour.. is there perhaps a hardcoded "move-to-next-waypoint" timer, that forcibly cuts the groundtimer when it's time for the ufo to move on?
Also: what are the “globe zones” in the waypoints, I mean: what stands for "0" or "5"?

Down there I've attached the ruleset as it is right now.

If anyone could give me some hints. Maybe what I'm trying to do is just impossible.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.8 ! Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:55:47 am »
I was looking at the rulesets and it appears that the MiBs don't use the sniper rifle/machine pistol even if they are enabled? I could be totally wrong though. 

Keep up the great work I'm really liking this mod.  :)
You're right, new weapons are only for you now, MiB don't use them anymore. This is because maintaining two deployment lists while you're still working on the ruleset, is just annoying.
When everything will be settled and done, then maybe (maybe!) I'll add the extra deployment list with the new weapons (at least I'd like the MiB agents to use sniper rifles in terror missions).

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.8 ! Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 13, 2014, 01:20:32 am »
I'm testing the campaign and...

..maybe the groundtimer for ufos can't be set too high. The game sometime crashes, and I think the culprit is the groundtimer with the insane number; the other long groundtimer, which is 86400 (24 hours) gets "cut": the ufo appears on the ground the disappear (without flying away) and not even 1 hour passed.
I think I was actually totally wrong on that.

..But still the game now crashes during the campaign. And I haven't got a single special mission, so I guess the problem is related to these new special missions. I fear it's their groundtimer or their ufo trajectories.
So, I'm sorry but the current version is broken for the campaign.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:57:41 pm »
I can't help but think there's something odd about the hair and mouth of the new MiB image, compared to the old one.
And the second "ment" should also be "meant" :X
The old one was a photo, this is a drawing and I'm not Caravaggio! ;_;

"ment" fixed.


Sort of a big update (version 1.8 ) today:
+ Made the new weapons OPTIONAL;
+ MiB Terror mission works for real now (civilians are in; untested in the campaign, quick battle works - see screenshot);
+ Added MiB Commander, has Psi Power (no new sprite though);
+ Now MiB can sort of build a sort of base (still untested in the campaign, but the quick battle works - see screenshot)... Right now the base is a big warehouse lol.
Ideally I'd have to make a very big custom building, but I already checked and making new maps seems a pain...
.. maybe it's possible to make it a two-stage mission, having a XBASE terrain as the second map? Warboy1982 what do you say?

Assaulting a MiB facility in the whatever pole.

MiB Soldier killing civilians

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 11, 2014, 07:21:07 pm »
One thing though. Remember  it's actually written XCom in game, and not X-COM. So you might want to correct that.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 11, 2014, 01:49:00 am »
What about adding more units for the MIB, please Robin! The MIB's way of creating new tech should be very different from ours, since the aliens will be sharing tech with the MIB, but also comes with a cost... Cyborg tech, DNA manipulation, or even letting the aliens put an alien parasite egg in them, with a Symbiosis relationship, spreads through the body, and will improve fighting ability by a lot, and tentacles or weird arms will appear out of there bodies when they take a hit. Reminds me of the movie, "the thing"...

I have a question, what do those little terror bugs do? Do they just bite you? They kept biting my operatives and nothing happened. They were wearing power armor. I guess my guys are immune if they have armor?

Thanks for you mod, it's awesome, just hope going after the MIB on almost every mission doesn't get boring. I wish you also gave them "hidden in public view" bases so we can go after them.
Do they really appear THAT frequently? During all my testing they almost never showed up.
Thanks also a lot for the feedback on the terror bugs, I'll increase their bite damage. I started with a low one bacuse their "explode on death" ability seemd already very nasty.

About the rest..
Your ideas are clearly cool, but as I already said this is intended to be a relatively simple addition (also MiB are intended to be a "side dish" enemy).
I may give the the possibility to build bases, provided it is simple enough...

The UFOpaedia entry for the MiB is like this now:

I couldn't match 100% the original style afterall, but I hope it is good enough.

Offtopic / Re: X-com Apocalypse
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:47:07 am »
X-Com Apocalypse is a missed masterpiece.
Without the troubled development (switched producer 7 times IIRC) it would have been as good if not better than UFO.
As of today it is still the most evolved incarnation of original UFO formula. And actually the only evolution of it really, all the other games just remix the original formula, they're a variation of the theme; Apocalypse instead is "the next step". I'll always be convinced that a true new X-Com game must start from Apocalypse.
But yeah you can feel it's unaccomplished.
Also the game was meant to be realtime only; turn-based option was added later. And you can see it: all the weapons stats are balanced for realtime.
I also love its retro-futuristic style. Still very unique and memorable.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:09:34 am »
This mod is awesome!! You've done some very high quality work here! I'll forget that the MIB are friendly to aliens, I think it will be a good thing, reminds me of X-Files  8) The insect aliens look evil! I haven't seen them in my game though..
I'll get back to you on suggestions after I play for awhile.

What else are you planning to add on the next update??

Edit: I just realized the Alien you made is based on the Alien on the cover box art. I've always wanted to know why they put that alien on the cover. Did Gollop ever say anything about it? I wanna know what he named it if he ever did. Anyone with twitter want to ask him?
The cover alien appears later in the game, it is an endgame-tier alien race just like Ethereals; play a quick battle if you don't want to wait that long.

Right now I just want to finish this because I'm itching to do something different, so I'm not planning to add anything else. The do to list is:
- Finish MiB ufopaedia art.
- Do Cybermite ufopaedia art.
- Do Cybermite autopsy ufopaedia.
- Separate new weapons from MiB (this looks a little painful so I might get lazy and leave everything together. Sorry).
- Balance the new aliens stats.

Gollop now is doing a kickstarter for his new game (you funded it already, right? RIGHT? DO IT). As soon as it's over, I'll try asking him on twitter.

Released Mods / Re: [UFO MAPS] Luke's Extra UFOs (52 working maps!)
« on: April 09, 2014, 10:49:40 am »
This is beyond praise.
Can't wait to play the game again with this.
Thanks you guys.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:50:57 pm »
you solved the ufopedia problem in both mods? i must re download the same files or u have a new ones?
Yes, ufopaedia entries are fixed, but I was waiting to have at least the new MiB picture before uploading a new version.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 06, 2014, 09:01:52 pm »
Tiny nitpick: "ment" should be "meant".
Fixed, thanks.

Should have worked on this yesterday and today but ended up playing Chaos Reborn all the time.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:27:30 am »
Thought about adding a shotgun too, other than the machine pistol and the sniper rifle, but (if I understood correctly what warboy said), the AI isn't "conscious" of the range stuff, so shotguns wouldn't be used effectively against the player.
Also I just don't think I'm going to touch the weapons anymore. I already have to separate the new weapons from the MiB to make them optional, so I won't add more non-vanilla weapons to this mod (if I do, it'll be that railgun).

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:09:47 am »
I'm pretty sure that would require coding.

Also in the ufopaedia entry I state that MiB and X-Com where created as two faces of the same coin, so there's actually no need for a defection to justify their existance.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:59:10 am »
I'll soon as I finish this, I think I'll start on that; the Cthulhu idea is very cool but needs coding (did a concept drawing for it quite some time ago too).
(Though it won't be 100% Apocalypse, I've amassed many designs that I want to use for it, instead of just using vanilla designs).
(And Apocalypse would need coding too for the factions and the diplomacy, but it can still be "fine enough" without that part).
But an Apocalypse mod would be a huge, huge project; even if I start who knows if I'll ever finish.
Still thinking.

Work In Progress / Re: Men in Black -beta 1.2; Cover Alien -alpha 0.8
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:10:24 am »
I don't think I'll ever work on TFTD,  there's too much stuff I'd like to do before TFTD.

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