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« on: November 03, 2022, 09:21:51 am »
Cancer is probably the least of these Guardsmens concerns ;)

The CAS valkyrie gives you 1 turn to have a look around the map before deploying, so if the spawn is shit, you can simple leave and come back.

Armor: Yes, most weapons in this mod do some preArmor damage, slowly damaging it (or quickly, with melta, hotshot etc).
Generally the best armor damaging weapons are Melta (although beams weaken with range) -> LAS -> Acid/"Rust" -> Hotshot -> Normal pew pew.
KRAK/Kraken AP rounds will do more piercing damage (ignoring % of armor).
Fire DoT will ignore armor to an extent, ~5 HP damage per turn of the unit burning. Armor does protect against flamers direct damage though.

You can repair armor using servitors or techmarines, facing the armor that is damaged (facing is important on the armor-unit itself too, damaged side needs to face the repairing unit) - then "hit" with the repair item. A wrench should appear to show the armor has been repaired (doesn´t work well on 2x2 units).

Resistances are also important, althoguh all weapons can take down all enemies - might just need something like 30-40 shots of bullets vs a Neverborn (very weak to fire/melta/LAScannons though).


« on: November 02, 2022, 01:12:16 pm »
1.09D November 2022 update is now out, see the patch notes in the second post on the first page / on the download page in the
Some fixes for reported bugs, balancing and map updates. Eldar stats are now more in line with ROSIGMA (buffed).


- Economy: You probably have tons of captured loot and corpses you can sell. Only a few things from each craft is required to build your own craft/research things, and you´ll probably have adamantium and promethium in excess by the late game (or even early with a few good landed missions). Doing well in the early months will also rake in a few million extra from score. Space Hulks can be quite the cash cow too.
I´d also recommend having a fast deployment craft in addition to your slow Chimera. The CAS Valkyrie is very good, as is the Tauros (air transported). Other factions get drop pods (and later Thunderhawks) for this purpose.

- Stub Gun AP/Man-Stopper rounds you can get as Guard and Arbites by researching Adamantium (so pre mid-tier).
Kraken Penetrator Rounds for autoguns is locked behind Ceramite (a tier higher than midtier), Rotor cannons also get AP Kraken rounds after researching well, the Rotor cannon tech. Then you find them as a manufacturing project.
Heavy stubbers get master crafted ammo after researching Mid-tier Mastercrafting. This research topic is available after researching mid-tier.

- Psykers: Have you tried swapping armor in the unit/craft Ui screen? (Abhuman guard strat is limited to biomancers at first).

« on: October 26, 2022, 01:31:41 pm »
That is one of Filips extra mods, you can download it on the discord in the #other-mods channel (along with other essential mods, such as the Sentinel Honk ability).

Working on the next small update that will fix some bugs (ammo for the lascutter) + rosigmafy the eldar statlines and give their transport more soldier slots + even more new maps.

Next big update will probably have the Nurgle tank, some GSC hybrids etc. Other potential avenues of expansion is the Eldar roster (2 easily added aspect warrior types, like Rangers), more necromudna style gangs, GSC Hybrids/player path etc. Some people have been working on some Mechanicus stuff, but such sprites are quite difficult to make (weapons we have some sprites made for, and could potentially show up in the trade depot earlier than any Mechanicus update).

Bulletdesigner has mentioned the Dark Eldar as a potential future focus before. The Dark Eldar snakebros are an easy addition.

Then we have more Chaos god flavored cults and traitor guard (Slaanesh, Nurgle).

we are currently a bit swamped with other work though, so it might be a while before we tackle something huge.

« on: October 16, 2022, 05:40:22 pm »
ROSIGMA 1.09C is now released.
Highlight: Some 18 map variants added for Deserter Hideout missions and the Space Hulk.

**Requires OXCE 7.7.3**

- Minor sprite correction to Slaanesh Missile BigOBs and Adeptas Assault Cannon
- Adeptas Galgalim Assault Cannon bigOB adjusted to show correctly in the inventory when equipped.
- Adeptas Castigator AC turret battlesprite position adjusted
- Plague Spewer Handob will now display correctly
- Webpistol handob updated to not overlap with the Handcannon index.
- Unit UI sprites updated with the new Eldar UI mini-me.
- Missing vanilla Eldar Craft Equipment language strings.

MAP Updated:
- The Space Hulk top floor has been modified, as has the second level core area to make it a little harder to rush.
New GSC spawn ins will be defending the core (Any present Orks may or may not take note of them).
Spawn in Timers tightened 1-2 turns.
- Added 8 variant first level Space Hulk maps, with different approaches, changed rooms and some surprises. Each map has its own timers for spawn ins. The trickier layouts have more genrous timers.
- URBAN08, Deserter Hideout base map updated, also added URBAN19-27 which are variations on URBAN08 with different rooms and layout + 2 larger map blocks. Deserter Hideout map generation increased from 50x50 tiles to 60x60 tiles. A larger % of units will spawn indoors.

- Updated Plague Spewer with animation script and new floor corpse.
- Added custom color index for vaportrails to enable green goo hosin´ from the Plague Spewer.

« on: September 27, 2022, 09:00:46 pm »
Mr Jopper comes up with quite creative ideas.

Scamps: Interesting idea for dodge. Don't want it to go away completely (defeats the point of it for melee units that need dodge to be a bit survivable up close) but some sort of reduction by range might be possible to script.
Anyways, both 40k mainmod and ROSIGMA have now updated. 033 and 1.09B respectively. Requires OXCE 7.7.3

Patch Notes:
**Requires OXCE 7.7.3**

- First phase new Eldar 40k v33 update integration.
  Eldar armors given suitable dodge values.
  Eldar armors given updated personal lights values.

- Improved movement range for jump packs while flying, reduced TU cost.

- Buffed Portable Multilaser versions, slightly better range and 2 more shots (12 total, up from 10).

- Raised Repair Rates of ground craft to 10 (usually 4-6) and aircraft to 5 (from 1).

- Malthus Light Lascannon buff: accuracy +10, TU cost -5 (now 2 snap shots possible if not moving). Power +10 dmg, toHealth +10% and power drop off +6 tiles (now 16).

- Buffed armor (Front, Sides, Under to 200-260). Venerable Dreads (SM and GK) are stronger.
- Buffed Health (to 100-120, max 150, from 50-70) for the FALLEN SM/GK Dread Pilots

- Buffed SM Assault Cannon, higher rate of fire (10 rounds auto) + small accuracy bump and TU cost reduction.

- New Enemy Unit: Deathguard Plague Spewer, armed with its namesake weapon. Sprays foul TAINT everywhere. Think flamethrower but with ACID damage. Ignores 40% of armor and does lot of fatal wounds. 

- New Weapon, Ork Chainsword.

« on: August 24, 2022, 11:53:13 am »
Lots of good feedback from you guys. Let me dive in.

Final Mission: It is indeed slightly different for each faction. Won´t spoil how, but basically you encounter different enemy mixes depending on your own faction (easier for guard/Arbites than Sisters/Marines/GK).

Spiral Throne and Xeno Infection researches

Research hooks for fluff + Events + unlocking some sort of final GSC mission, whenever I get around to expanding the GSC implementation.

add promotion from Enforcer to Judge? (otherwise the 2x best Arbiter armors cannot be used by veteran Enforcers and so Judges are needed to be trained early on...and it would be nice as the Pardon is working for Long time service, maybe Enforcer to Judge after reaching veteran?)

Not sure on how fluffy this is, but I´m not against it, fairly easy to implement.

- Guard strategies lack codex entries. What is 'Scion' Strategy? Sorry, I am not that familiar with 40k.

There´s plenty of missing codex entries that needs writing up. Just haven´t gotten around to it.

- Also sister 'strategies'. Which are not currently strategies as they don't limit development. If they will stay that way, probably not call them strategies at all? Like "We currently have/Request help from   Novices/Repentias/Superios/Dominions".

They do limit development, but mostly in subtle ways.
Novice strategy is the longer one, while SoB and Dominion shortens the early tech tree. Dominion Strategy also gives access to the special veteran sisters right away (and some other better techs).
They also have somewhat different craft access, and starter craft.

- Novitiate Sister Superior, Repentia Sister Superior and Sister Superior. Do these differ in any meaningful way? Looking in the codex I can't see the difference. Maybe it is in scripts though.

They are slightly different, but exist mainly for flavor with GWs own design decision (a bit of an issue in general, not in the mod: the Dogmata which is another similar unit).
Why they are in the mod: You get some to start with as Novice/Repentia strategy (their specific flavor) with different gear.
The Sister Superiors are in the promotion chain to the Canoness.

- Pilots can use honorguard armour.

Battle Sister pilots are technically just battle sisters, hence not as restricted as other pilots. Due to starting out with a bunch of them, for certain strategies where we don´t just want them switching over right away to power armor the current implementation is what it is. Less of an issue for later armors though.

- Repentia armour has really low energy recovery, especially for melee armor.

Good on spotting that, will be buffed.

- What is the point of repentia transformation? Free armour and that's it? Other sisters can use it as well. From lore perspective it is hard to say why convertion is necessary. Maybe repentance can be achieved after a single battle, and in a day there are again sins to atone for?

Again, fluff mainly. The more restricted repentia soldier type for the repentia strategy (again, to prevent them from just swapping to power armor right away). This restricted repentia armor does have some benefits over the other version though.
- Order Mechanicus though is a good candidate for transformation lorewize. It bugs me somewhat that every marine can wear mechanicus armour.

A vanilla 40k mod implementation, haven´t touched it but probably a good change to make for fluffiness.

- Generally amount of transformations seems too high. For example, award cantus armour? Does it really need a transformation?

These sort of upgrade transformations is generally to award specific equipment packs. The Cantus is not a new soldier type.

- Why manufacturing projects like requision inquisitor have byproducts? Piratez somehow manages without that. Also, some things like a free De'az bolter may be obsolete by endgame.

The game crashes if the manufacturing project do now have 1 byproduct, hence certain projects needing to give a purity seal or something else (this item can technically be "invisible" by making it like, adamantium or such.)

- Adeptas gravgun requies researching 5 different chaos gravguns, all of them. An overkill, probably? Found four, than edited the save.

Probably needs a research setup change to allow "one" of these to give the research access.

- Why do sniper rifles have limited aimed range? They won't be overpowered even if they were able to shoot across whole map. Armour poses a serious problem to them (and they are SLOW).

We prefer to keep [sniping meta] a little weaker, to expose snipers to some risk. The AI generally isn´t very good at dealing with this, as firing ranges are more limited for most weapons in this mod vs base x-com.

- Is it intended that enemies spawned on player turn via reaction fire or transformation immedially have TUs and can reaction fire? I believe it was not the case some versions ago (might be wrong though).

Some do, some do not. Summoned enemies that can´t act until "another turn" are very weak. Think of their danger as a replacement of just having a big damaging explosion from like a grenade.
- Restoration time. Apothecary is not nearly enough! Everyone has a ton HP! Grey Knights will resurrect their fallen faster then wait for healing! Or maybe it is just my problem.

Looking at a fix for this, maybe with a script to make recovery time dependent on % of health lost rather than a flat amount. Not an issue in base X-COM, but more so here with higher health pools.

Dodge mechanic proably warrants a separate post, but let's keep it here.
Dodge as currently implemented is highly RNG dependant. Sometimes it does not trigger at all, and another time I had a case when 3 sisters fired at a genestealer from 1 tile away, and did not hit it a single time (guess what happened next turn). Also busrts hit or miss in their eternity, be it 2 or 10 shots in a burst. My idea is to make dodge cost TUs. You can even make dodge guaranteed if enemy has enough TUs. But! If TUs go negative, they should carry to next turn, like webber script. That way if the genestealer from above example avoided 3 sister-turns of fire, it should at least not act on his next turn. Sorry if it is too complicated, I am a designer, not a scripter :-)

The issue with such dodge implementations (TU dependent) is that the AI doesn´t know how to use it. Instead Ive chosen to lower health/armor of these units vs what they were before (which was a crutch then due to not having a dodge mechanic).
Maybe in the future, with some sort of suppression script, one could lower % chance over repeated shots at the same enemy. But in effect, with random rolls you will land those hits if you fire 10 shots (aside for a rare few enemies, no unit has over 33% dodge).

Simi822: Looks like nice changes to Arbites. If you got the modifications saved and can share them I could update the mod files, as we haven´t focused much on Arbites.

« on: August 13, 2022, 08:46:02 pm »
No, they're available to everyone. You will get some different options as Marines with the Chaos Path though.

« on: August 10, 2022, 05:33:09 pm »
Yes, to tackle the late game / final mission you´ll need carapace/power armor/heavy armor (abhuman), refractor shields etc.

You can make do for a while, but managing losses and resources to build that up is where the main difficulty lies.

« on: August 10, 2022, 10:43:40 am »
Melta weapons will vaporize most of the weaker Necrons if you land the killing blow with it. Portable lascannons are pretty good at zapping them too.

Simi822: If you can buy and transfer the lascutter ammo between bases there shouldn´t be anything preventing loading it on your craft.
Arbites is a bit of a hardmode right now.

noflic: No Ratlings yet. If you want to make them, go ahead, but as you say - needs art assets.

« on: August 06, 2022, 01:53:27 pm »
You can re-add it yourself in research_adeptas.rul, just remove the line under:
  - name: STR_ADEPTAS
    unlocks: !remove
      - STR_MOTION_SCANNER <<<-----

« on: August 04, 2022, 09:57:28 pm »
Requires OXCE

1.09 Release Notes:

- New Beastguard Heavy Armor and Slab Shield armor
- New Adeptas Celestian and Sacresant Armor (+Gunshield)
- New Jump Armor script
- New Ranged Dodge script for agile units (including jump/assault units, while airborne).
- New Gravgun script for scaling HP damage with armor value
- New Necron Get-Back-Up Mechanic and units
- New Light Meltagun and Lascutter weapons (all factions)
- Adeptas Skull Servitors given Analyze
- QoL: Weapons tougher to reduce item stack wipe (does not apply to ammo!)

OXCE Support / Re: Rosigma issue (armor naming)
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:27:34 pm »
It does run!

Although no idea what fixed it. I only added the STR_ when R1d0 pointed out they were missing, and now removed them from those files.

I guess the new ranged script had the STR_ by default (because STR_FLOATER_ARMOR1 has STR_ in vanilla 40k, but FLOATER_ARMOR1 and 2 does not have STR_... so easy to mix up).

A completely unintended fix, but I'll take it.

OXCE Support / Re: Rosigma issue (armor naming)
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:21:17 pm »
The script one is reversed too.

Again, has nothing to do with the geo corpse issue.

OXCE Support / Re: Rosigma issue (armor naming)
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:05:14 pm »
no it makes no difference to this issue.

OXCE Support / Re: Rosigma issue (armor naming)
« on: August 04, 2022, 07:01:05 pm »
I don't know if there's a way to point out case sensitive "duplicates" in github, it's not exactly a useful feature.

I've reversed the STR_ stuff.

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