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« on: March 18, 2023, 02:26:12 pm »
Old issue from vanilla 40k battlesprite sheet with shield being on the wrong hand.

« on: March 17, 2023, 12:03:52 pm »
The Liberator Autostubber is available if you research a captured variant. Does require Ceramite research too however, it's a late game gun.

The 2.1 Beta is now undergoing testing, full release will be available soonish unless something big creeps up.

**Requires OXCE 7.8. Works with 40k 034**

- Removed redundant orbital strike handsprite.
- Hangar Requirement Issue for Outposts
- Holographic Guardsmen are now immune to zombification.
- Wallfix, URBAN04.MAP
- Ammo sell cost update to fix a INFINITE MONEY exploit. Melta Ammo now less lucrative to mass produce. Trade goods profitabiltiy improved instead (outpost).
- Support Servitor, Chimedon, Castigator, Exorcist and Damocles turret energy regen fix
- Adeptas autogun melee sound and animation now reference the correct index.
- Tarantula turrets can now no longer run around all willy nilly.
- Added Missing Kill Token rewards for Deathskulls Orks and the basic Ork Boy.

- Streamlining of Guard armors in the store for Abhuman units using Flak/Carapace. Buy one type of armor and units equipping these armors will switch to the appropriate version depending on unit type. Reduces store clutter.
- Changed craft carrying capacity for HWPs, now using the more specific maxLargeUnits: function of OXCE instead of "Vehicles".
- Translatable script messages
- Improved Heavy Weapon Toolkit description
- Manufacture Categories implemented for many manufacturing projects.
- Valkia corpse naming clarified vs live captures.

- Edited the RED palette to be more saturated at brighter values (top 8 or so). This means less pink Blood Angels, and more bloody gore!
- GIBS proof of concept for overkilling guardsmen with physical weapons. Splat! Limited to Flak Guardsmen right now. Expanded GIBS also include getting Necron Flayed and BBQ'd by Flamer weapons, leaving a nice ash pile.
- Added particle trails to Nurgle spit/puke and spewer attacks.
- More HEAT adjusting bigObs added for various plasma weapons.
- Various handOB fixes/improvements.

- Hologram Grenades can now be batch produced for 10 killpoint tokens per grenade (batches of 10).
- Infection Rebalance, Reduced the insta-zombification chance of most things across the board further.
- Slightly reduced the infection removal amount of the medikit heal function; now 5/10/20 instead of 10/20/30 for research levels 1 to 3.
- Added faction attribution to infection; units that succumb to player caused infection/corruption don't spawn hostile units.
- Slightly rebalanced several infection causing weapons; most notably gave the Plague Spewer weapon a snap shot.
- Devotion now affords protection from Chaos corruption/infection at a rate of 1% resistance per 2 points of Devotion above 50.
- Added rapid morale recovery for manned turret armors.
- Trading Outpost's trade goods now yield 10% profit rather than 5%.
- Lascannons now do gaussian damage rather than 50-200%.
- Large lascannon charge reduced to 5 shots down from 10.
- Tarantula turret base tiles added for Defense Corridor.
- The Arvus is replaced by FAT ARVUS. Cousin of Arvus and formerly in the Italian Mob, Fat Arvus can carry 24 soldiers/4 2x2 units. Arbites, Sisters and Inquisition can use the Fat Arvus.
- Munitorium ammo piles health increased to 100. Will now die slightly slower to random hits. Also made infection immune.
- Standardized Shotgun buckshot to have extra Time, Energy and Stun damage.
- Standardized most fragmentation, krak, photon and phosphorous rounds.
- Frag, Krak, Phosphor and Photon grenade costs made sane.
- Normalized the heavy frag missile to the new standard frag munition conventions (debuff modifiers).
- Added Gaussian random type to many low fire rate lascannon style weapons (tl;dr less whiffing when hitting).

- QoL: Made Nurgle Cultists give another interrogation for free when interrogated.
- QoL: Made several Chaos commanders/leader give another interrogation research topic for free once researched.
- New Article for Pump Action Shotgun.
- QoL: Added information about Corruption/Infection mechanics to the Codex under the Help section.
- QoL: Made varius Adeptas armor codex articles available from the start when playing as Adeptas (varies by strategy, but possible to get certain armors early vs when you can buy/build them.)
- Split Ork Kommandoz articles and created a new one for the Sniper variant. They share autopsy and corpse.
- Death Skulls research topics linked to Codex articles added.

- New Pilot armor/unit.
- Moved Light Taurox to Mid-tier, Manticore to Ceramite tier.
- Arbites Taurox Turret gets more shots
- Small buff to Enforcer Heavy Armor (and Shield version) front and side armor (+5).
- Arbites can now produce same drum ammo as guard can (shared weapons).
- Expanded PAINT IT BLACK, formerly green guard weapons are repainted into Arbites grey/black when used by Arbites.

- FIX: Moved Commandery/Landraider convoy to ceramite tier repentia
- Bloody Rose armor option now have unique (and very red) Inventory sprites. Bullying Leflair to sprite harder works.

- Alliance mechanic now available to Guard as well as Arbites.

- Tauros 2x2 unit assets and armor code. Heavy flamer and heavy stubber options.
- Ogryns now have a basic default carapace armor that doesn't require manufacture. Manufactured Carapace rebranded as 'Reinforced'; most manufactured Ogryn armor given slightly better protection at the cost of more weight.
- Ogryns given 33% infection resistance.
- Chimera speed increased to 150 from 120.
- Commissars have improved Psi Defence: 50% of Psi Skill (100% for Lord Commissar) + 100% of their current Morale. Commissars also have 33% Intimidation resistance (50% for Lord Commissars).
- Added Ripper Gun armor piercing flechette rounds; intended to make ripper guns more viable vs mid-late game armor. Unlocked for purchase and manufacture via Ogryn Requisition + Mid-tier Guardsman research.
- Added manufacturing recipes for Ripper Guns, Ripper Gun Munitions and Mortar Rounds.
- Frag Mortar ammo added.

- FIX: Requirement for Corvus updated for inquisition use.
- FIX: Requesting Arbites Judge support now unlocks the bike bolter ammo.

- Added Bad Moons Ork race tag for relevant units.
- Added Death Skull research topics (interrogation/corpses).
- Deathskulls Mekboyz added to Deathskulls lists. An enemy leader, it is armored with a Shokk Attakk gun that teleports Gretchins (inside you).
- Weirdboyz have visited the spa and gotten their legs cleaned up, new baby smooth skin inventory art.
- Added Bad Moon Mekboy Codex+art.
- Added Kommandoz Sniper battlesprite and inventory art+codex article. They now have their own armor with slightly less front armor and 10% greater fire weakness.
- Added Bad Moons Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns and Nobz. Slightly better armored and ranged focused (worse melee) than the Evil Sunz boyz, they'll hang back more. For now they've taken the Evil Sunz Ork Boyz place in the mid-tier Ork lists. Big 'Uns and Nobz are better armored and got even bigger guns, but similar role.
- Added Bad Moons Snazzy Shootas, equivalent to High-Grade Imperial guns, they currently come in 3 versions. A more accurate Shoota, a Kombi-Rokkit and a Kombi-Blasta (plasma pistol) variant. Bad Moons Boyz, Big 'Uns and Mekboyz uses the various versions to provide more of a mid and late game challenge once encountered.
- Created a mid tier Evil Sunz list, removed the Deffkopter from the Early Tier ork list (also Evil Sunz weighted).
- Added but not implemented fully yet, inventory sprites for:
Blood Axes Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns, Nobz, Kommandoz, Stormboyz and Meganobz.
Goffs Boyz, Big 'Uns.
- Expanded Ork Clan race lists and mixed lists will be implemented as we get these into the mod.

- Expanded Khorne rampage and intimidation mechanics for units like Warptalons, Valkia, Daemons and Berzerkers. Intimidation = "Terrify". Khorne weapons updated for the mechanic. A character that is totally demoralized will take any overbleed as stun damage then stun overbleed is taken as health damage.
- Added resistance mechanics for intimidation.
- Juggernauts now have the Khorne rampage mechanics, heightened aggression and Psi Vision to aid them with their hunt. They now have heightened TUs, stamina and stamina recovery to match their distinction as a Khorne steed.

- Tzeentch spell tweaks for Flamer and Glimmering One.
- Tzeentch casters now tend to use spells in lieu of guns; taste the Warpfire rainbow.
- More Tzeentch Spells added to Daemons and sorcerers. 

-  Throw range for Nurgle spawner grenades capped at 20.
-  Reduced infection ratio on some Nurgle grenades.
-  Infection damage capped to a unit's maximum health; this generally means weaker units cannot spawn more powerful daemons when they succumb to infection/corruption. Low health units like guardsmen will instead turn into weaker poxwalkers, thralls and gimps.

Check the notes for fixes for issues you've run into, or if we've missed something.

« on: February 04, 2023, 01:49:52 pm »
Version 2.0B is now live on

**OXCE 7.8.0 recommended**

- ROSIGMA now compatible with Brutal AI, for the full BRUSIGMA experience, activate that submod with rosigma.
- For a easier experience (but still more challenging than default AI), use Therons 50% or 75% unit count submods (found on the discord).
- Brutal AI now supports autoplay with player units, for those milk run missions. Not recommended vs large enemy ships/Counts.
- Reminder that there's plenty of Quality of Life submods on the Discord and Forum, like showing actual damage inflicted.

- Crash: Certain Sacrifice missions would crash due to wrong deathFrames number on certain sacrifices.
- Added a missing HSHIP11.RMP file for routes on said map.
- Added Arbite Shield handob sprites.
- Attempt at making CAS rocket pods less prone to exploding.
- Elevator to floor 2 on
- Tarantula Hyperion fix. Now requiresBuyBaseFunc: [IMPERIUM]
- Melee on Marine jump packs and chaos armor. Created a jump pack variant with melee punch.
- Researching the Chaos sister path will also now unlock the chaos weapons for use.
- Machine Spirits tire less (turret energy on various transports).
- Calling In a Airstrike doesn't cause reaction fire.
- PSI: 0ed psiSkill for several units that shouldn't be throwing around mind controls. Nerfed Tzeentch mind control units ability as well. 
- Script workaround for OXCE mechanic: Bravery >= 110 will no longer cause loss of morale from morale buffing actions.
- CH04WINGS.RMP spawn nodes updated to disable the underwing galleries from being turned into doggy-houses. Doggies got stuck.

- New Main Menu and End Turn artwork to make it easier to see if you got rosigma loaded over the 40k base mod. Future updates may randomize End Turn art with different factions. Artwork is very subtle modified Wrath & Glory: Dark Tides cover, and art from 40k Gladius.
- SOUND: Normalized geoscape sound effects and music tracks volume.
- AMMO: Players can now produce more ammunition types (Bolter Kraken rounds, metal storm etc) at the cost of resources.
- AMMO: More ammunition is now manufactured in batches for QoL; resource and monetary costs have been adjusted accordingly.
- TRANSPORTS: Add 1 HWP slots for Thunderhawk class Transports
- ENERGY/STAMINA: Energy Recovery now based on 0.33*Stamina instead of 1*EnergyRecovery.
- Flares are now 33% lighter (2 instead of 3 weight).
- Trading Posts now cost 1 million but have 500 storage space, generate 200k per month, and allow the player to purchase Trading Goods for resale at a small profit after a month long delivery time.

- Turrets Reaction set to a low 20 generally.
- Stub Rifle range and drop off buffed to serve as sniper rifle.
- Standardized most sniper rifles in the game to use gaussian damage randomization, improved kneel bonuses, and heavy weapon classifications/recoil where appropriate.
- Rebalanced standard sniper rounds in terms of armor piercing.
- Fire Mode Power Bonus Scripts can now either scale with a % of the user's Firing Accuracy or a flat amount. This bonus can now also be either a flat amount added to weapon power, or a percentage of the weapon's power.
- Orbital Beacon costs slightly more money and 200 kill point tokens.
- Removed Ability to Orbital Strike (your own) basements.
- Frag and Krak Grenades weight reduced slightly to help noodly armed guardsmen toss them a little further.
- Frag grenades now have more utility damage effects, a little armor stripping, wounds and energy damage instead of pure health damage (remember, enemies get these too).

- Dodge now has limited uses per turn. 10% chance = 1 dodge attempt. 30% = 3 dodge attempts. Slaanesh and Eldar have the highest (along with imperium assassins), while Khorne, Orks, Nurgle and GSC (aside for Genestealers) have only 1-2 dodges per turn. Once exhausted, you can hit them like normal.

- Lead By Example ability now ignores armor entirely.
- Repentia Strategy gets the research for the Penitent Engine with their reinforcement event now.
- Tome requirements changed with Library requirement for production removed.

- Now starts with Enforcer armor available. Cost (cheaper) and stat requirements modified.
- Banner and Tome rebalance. Banner scales with bravery and devotion now. The tomes are now scaled by Psi ability instead of Bravery. Banner now cost 1000 kill tokens, the tomes 250 and have to be manufactured instead of just bought from Wish. Tomes require the Library facility and the Banner the Chapel (Psi lab).

- Improved Field of Fire for Taurox
- Fixed starting Guard Missile launcher to the right type.
- Turret stats made more consistent with other turrets. Leman Rus super-reactions dropped.

Inquisition Stormtroopers:
- Now have access to three additional weapons, the Longlas, Twincore Plasma Rifle and the Multimelta. The Plasma Rifle and Multimelta require requisite research to unlock and use (Dekker Plasma Rifle and the Multimelta).
- The Longlas armor grants the Analyze ability as well as superior Anti-Camo, Thermal and Night Vision; ideal for a scout or sniper.
- Special Psi Defense bonus has been reduced by 50 to account for their Psi Strength no longer being bugged.
- Inquisitor Stormtroopers are now immune to zombification due to their warded armor.
- Added Jumppack and Medicae options to Inquisition Stormtroopers.

- Added expanded Eldar unit types to Eldar race list. Reapers, Scorpions, Wraithguards, Avengers will now appear at Eldar sites.
- Added ELDAR_EARLY to first quarter of missions.
- Updated Eldar Mission types with ELDAR_EARLY, ELDAR and ELDAR_ADV racelists. Eldar forces will become more advanced with time and have more aspect warriors.

- New Infection mechanics. Instead of instant turning, certain GSC units now cause (attempts) to Infect units that will slowly turn them unless purified by healing.

- Chaos Stub Rifles now support the expanded ammo types in rosigma.
- New Infection mechanics for Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch. The respective Corruption will eventually turn or transform units unless purified through healing.
Certain weapons apply Infection when dealing damage, usually in proportion to the damage dealt
Some armors are either impervious or resistant to Infection (typically those that are zombie immune)
An infected unit takes damage to their health, morale, energy and stun at the start of each of its controller's Turns in proportion to the level of infection.
A unit that dies while infected typically changes into some other horrible form, irrevocably warped either by chaos corruption, the level of the unit's Infection usually determines the nature of this change.
Some types of infection intensify over time. All infections can be treated and purged with the Heal function of Medicae items and apparatuses.

- Nerfs to Khorne weapon TU recovery on kill/damage.

- Slaanesh spawned Daemonettes now start with 10% of TU instead of 25%.
- Slaanesh gas grenades now do less direct damage, but causes Slaanesh corruption.

- Several Nurgle units and weapons now cause Nurgle infection, eventually turning units into Nurgle creatures unless healed.
 - Necron weapons now have properties that are more canonically accurate; Gauss weapons now strip armor rather than ignore it. Synaptic Disruptor now deals stun typed damage and thus is only effective vs organics, while inflicting stat debuffs. Gauss Flayers and Gauss Blasters now have axe bayonets.

40k / Re: 40k
« on: January 05, 2023, 03:39:51 pm »
Finished my first full playthrough as SoB, and the faction sadly feels like an afterthought.

Adeptas are more fleshed out in ROSIGMA, so try that submod if they're your jam.

The economics is different, you get more armors&tiers and more crafts (Castigators) + a lot of new weapons.

The main mod will get a update for the crash issue with the PCK.

« on: December 30, 2022, 10:13:15 pm »
The Force Halberd should ignore the 2-handed penalty (or its very low).

« on: December 27, 2022, 10:40:13 am »
The wiki gets broken/hung up whenever changes are made on the live build, which is common.

Version 2.0A is now live on

**Requires OXCE 7.7.3 or 7.8.0**
- Added codex article text for several of the vanilla mission types instead of the placeholder text.
- Other assorted codex updates.

- BALANCE: Longer production time for highest tier armors.

- 2 tile Snap Shot thrust attack to Force Halberd that can be used for longer range pseudomelee.
- Rebalance of GK Armors. Adds Captain level scaling to Techmarine and Apothecary Aegis armors. Apothecary Aegis has access to better Nartheciums at Paladin and Captain rank.
GK Librarian now has the custom Holocaust short range fire based psychic power instead of Shield and Lockdown, and Psi Vision 3 and 4 respectively at Paladin and Captain rank. Deals incendiary damage, and deals damage to morale and armor, igniting and hitting a fixed Radius 2 AoE. Made its accuracy scale slightly with psi.
- Fixed GK Apothecary armor for Castellans not displaying their UFOpaedia entry appropriately.
- Tweaked GK Librarian armor to be more competitive at Captain/Rank 5; gets Shield 80, Psi Vision 5 up from 4, and Melee Accuracy 15.
- Captain GK Techmarines now get Thunderfire spawners.
- Added Inquisition Flamer Stormtrooper subtype; grants access to a mastercrafted flamer with some bonus range and accuracy and double tap Snap Shots. Deals TU and extra Morale damage.
- Fixed Inquisition Stormtroopers having a max psy strength of 0.
- Inquisition Stormtroopers now start with a fairly high Devotion because they are elite servants of the Inquisition who are rigorously screened and tested for loyalty.
- Inquisition Stormtroopers PsiDefense enhanced: they now gain a bonus to it equal to 100 + their Devotion and their current Morale, reflecting the impact of their training, discipline and Hexagrammic wards.
(Surrealasers additions/changes).

- Space Marines and Grey Knights now recover from wounds in 1/3rd the normal time like Ogryns due to their superior physiology.
- Primaris Marines now recover from wounds in 1/4th the normal time.

- Player controlled Eldar Seers now can use their Eldar Light psychic power (aimed shot only). Eldar Lightning for player Farseers scales somewhat with psi; UFOpaedia entry is unlocked upon researching psychic powers and a live Eldar Farseer.

- Updated Daemonette battlesprite and ability sprite linking. The "spawned"/weaker Daemonette retains the old battlesprite.
- Added Kill Tokens for Hedonite, Demimonde and Dire Daemonette corpses.
- Added Slaanesh Ships and Bases (see MAPS segment). Slaanesh Infiltration, Supply and Base Building missions etc now broken out from the rest. Small chance of some Slaanesh lists hitching a ride on other chaos ships still.
- The Slaanesh Base will generate special Slaanesh Terror Missions (using a Slaanesh ship) instead of sending out Khorne Defilers.
- Reduced chance of Slaanesh appearing on normal terror missions to compensate.

- Added new corpse for the Putrifier + Kill Tokens.
- Most Nurgle units now have regeneration of some kind based on their current hit points.

- Bloodletters regain most stats on kill and damage.

- Swapped out some white shirt unarmed infected Ogryns for more heavily armed Orange versions in existint GSC lists.

- Added 2 new variant buildings for industrial urban and cult missions.
- Added Slaanesh Terrain Tiles and full map sets for both first and second level Slaanesh base.
- Added Slaanesh Ship Terrain Tiles and 7 ship variants (pretty basic variants of the usual chaos ships, different decor though).

- Added Shrine Terror missions to HARD Terror mission selection, these will now appear for all factions and after mid-tier research.

« on: November 29, 2022, 12:53:58 am »
- Eldar Seers can enter Devotion training despite never gaining Devotion from it.
Well, they are Xenos. Keep at it, they must learn the Imperial Creed at some point! (Will probably take years).

- Not sure if bug/unintended but I'm pretty sure that Khorne Valkyries shouldn't be using psionics as Khorne is clear on where he stands when it comes to sorcery; probably something that should be looked at for all Khorne affiliated units.
They're just that intimidating, either people panic, go berserk or start simping. Please report the guilty to your nearest Commissar. Valkias don't have PsiSkill, so shouldn't be that.

- Also it appears that unconscious units can dodge somehow.
Haven't encountered this one, but probably a script issue.

- It seems that the Crozius Arcanum for the Grey Knight Chaplain is broken; even if you're Rank 3 or higher, you do not get access to it.
Will look into it.

- Oh, would definitely add the ability to see friendly shield values. Apparently X-Chronicles mod displays shield values, and the script from this can be copied over.
Will look into it.

- I was surprised to see that Arbites are part of an enemy faction on some maps with gene stealers and Tyranids. Are they supposed to be traitors? I thought at first that they would attack the enemy like the ally guardsmen we see in some missions.
How purple is their skin. Any heretical symbols on them? Have you received any mysterious messages. Just checking.

- Also noticed that Grey Knights and Inquisitors can never benefit from the Shield spell. Is this a bug?
Units that already have shields probably don't benefit from it. Depending on circumstance (are their shields down?)

- Okay, there should probably be an undodgable tag/property for attacks so that my Assassins don't end up dodging the Inspires from my Sister of Battle, lol.
To be fair, they are very hard to nail down for an inspirational speech.

- I see there are 2x Liberator Autostub ammo types but I never saw the weaker one....I always get the dmg 75 type? but I see that there is also a 65 dmg version but I never saw it ?
The Kelermorphs can use the weaker version of the ammo if encountered early.
The basic autostub ammo is 60 power and availble from the trade market if you have STR_AUTOSTUB_AMMO researched+requires researching the Liberator Autostub itself. The Volonium version (75 power) requires Ceramite research+researching the Volonium bullets as well to buy.
Depending on if you caught any spare basic ammo, you may or may not get to research that version. They're a fair bit cheaper.

« on: November 16, 2022, 06:32:37 pm »
Ah, explains why it didn't display anything for the volleygun.

And clearer error message would be helpful.

I noticed this in the log:
[15-11-2022_20-32-30]    [INFO]    Playing flx, 320x200, 1541 frames
[15-11-2022_20-32-31]    [INFO]    SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[15-11-2022_20-34-03]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-03]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-04]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-13]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-14]    [WARN]    No free channels available
[15-11-2022_20-34-45]    [INFO]    MCD ICHURCH object 35 has 0 armor
[15-11-2022_20-34-45]    [INFO]    Playing flx, 320x200, 1541 frames
[15-11-2022_20-34-46]    [INFO]    SDL_mixer initialized successfully.

Know what could be the cause of it?

Open Feedback / Re: Looking for some advanced strategies and their counters
« on: November 16, 2022, 02:38:41 pm »
Speaking of AI units that can see through smoke, like with heatVision (%), I assume all the sniper-positioned aliens could use that unit as their spotter? Guess its similar to having a flying unit that see through most smoke relaying positions.

- One common player strat is to put primed smoke grenades on their units, so if one is killed the smoke grenade drops and pops´ but the AI should reasonably well know the location of the spotted soldiers (guess this falls under spotter-AI).

Dealing with "Hard Cover:" Similar to AI options for their own motion-detector, some AI units have things like psi-vision, but there´s also scenarios where a player can reasonably guess an alien is behind a "soft" wall (wooden planks for example) or inside a building and take (auto) shots to get through the wall and hit the enemy - but this falls under your "no blindfire" rule for the AI? It´s also a scenario where the player is using a lot of these LOS obstacles to step-out-and-shoot and be pretty impervious to the AI (thinking base defenses and "exploiting" the mutual-surprise rule in favor of the player).

- some weapons that can just vaporize walls and keep on going. Either to hit or create an alternative opening in a wall to get at the enemy. But again, blindfire/niche use cases for the AI. But for example, if all approaches are blocked by proxy-grenades.

Speaking of proxy-strats - if the AI has a unit with very good armor vs the proxy-grenade (be it damage type like HE, or just armor thickness) using your out-of-order unit movement to send that unit in first to trigger and soak all the proxy grenades for its buddies?
This could also be an AI strategy if they have a tought armored unit and a bunch of squishies, to send in the tough one to trigger reaction fire and then send in the squishies (especially if they are melee units).

- Been brought up in the thread, but defensive-vs-aggressive AI posturing, depending on mission (aggressive for attacking player bases, maybe more defensive/reaction focused for defending big crashed UFOs/bases)?
One issue with any fixed AI is that it will always behave the same, so once the player figures out its weak-points and behavior they can deal with it every time. I´m guessing you´re familiar with games that use various AI-profiles to sorta getta round this (could be tied to race or mission type).
Guess this could also cover things like certain aliens being flagged to use a specific counter-profile vs smoke (spray and pray vs sacrifice lemming to spot etc).

« on: November 16, 2022, 12:56:58 pm »
Seems to be a OXCE 7.8 issue, not getting it with 7.7.3 - the solution:
- You go into your options.cfg and look for the following line
Code: [Select]

oxceModValidationLevel: 2

and set the 2 to 0

« on: November 15, 2022, 10:33:52 pm »
Version 2.0 is now up on

Patch Notes
**Requires OXCE 7.7.3**

- Removed voice clip 3714 for moving with the player tzeentch armor, clip too long.
- Blight Spewer weapon can now be recovered.
- URBAN28 Height 9 crash.

- Lowered armor vision range (day) to cap out at 40. Mostly affecting some enemies and turrets/sentinels that had 42, 45 or 60 vision ranges. This should result in slightly better performance. Raised anti-camo some on the Sentinels and turrets to compensate.

- Changed to now be a chance to trigger depending on level of overkill (damage), now also includes Fire, Plasma, HE, weapons in addition to Melta. If successfull, will stop transforming enemies (vaporize).

- New custom Scion lines (including special attack lines for hellgun and volleygun variants), voiced by ErraticDeviant.

- Gave the Dread Assault Cannon 500 rounds built in, instead of using normal assault cannon 100 round ammo.

- Added Slaanesh cultist Demimonde ritualists and civilian Hedonist sacrifices. Variant of these cultists added to early Slaanesh race lists, armed with slaanesh laspistols and autoguns.

- Added Nurgle Cultist and Cult Leader Ritualists for their sacrifice missions. They can be found in Nurgle Sacrifice rooms.
- Added Nurgle Blight Hauler (art by XOM) tank as a 4-tile CSM-list terror unit. Armed with multimelta and missile launcher (similar to Servitor) + a melee bite, it has tough front armor but weaker rear.

- Added Tzeentch Ritualists and Cultists for their sacrifice missions, based on existing units.

- MOUNT(ain) terrain pack reCovered, a few new variant map blocks that offer a little more cover for tactical gameplay.
- INDUSTRIALURBANCULT expanded with over 30 new 10x10 and 20x20 Grover Haus Engineering certified cult sacrifice buildings and decoys, with some new surprises and Chaos cult specific rituals. Difficulty has more variance, so stay on your toys - the forces of chaos are not to be underestimated!
- Adjusted a lot of civilian only nodes on these map blocks to allow for enemies, you'll now see a better distribution of these units (although some highway lineups will be present, depending on randomized block distribution).
- Formerly mixed Sacrifice rooms have been made Bloodletter specific.
- Fixed XCOM coded nodes in the Brick Temple map (industrialurban 20) and added 2 new variants of this small temple building.
- Summoning missions have been expanded with 8+ more chaos god specific maps.

- 2 new GEO tracks, 3 new Tactics tracks. Named Craven, Durandal, Soil Control, Knight of Fire and Omega. From Ground Control and Xenogears.

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][SOURCEMOD][OXCE] Brutal-AI
« on: November 12, 2022, 05:11:32 pm »
Specific unit flags would be quite handy, that way you can divide it between melee units, normal units and "elite units".

Another interesting way would be to have it flagged for race lists, so any unit within a race list is under say "shock attack" command and will obey brutal AI rules but otherwise not (example, press ganged cultists who are normally derpy/cowardly but in a certain list acts under better command).

One final issue I've encountered is with chryssalid type units, that will waste all their TUs on one target (I believe even if that target is zombified?). There was an attempt at a flag to allow controlling how many attacks a unit will do against a single target before moving on, but I couldn't get that to work.

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][SOURCEMOD][OXCE] Brutal-AI
« on: November 12, 2022, 04:48:23 pm »
How does this affect the melee AI?

Some issues I've noticed in the normal AI:
- Enemies will shy away from fire, even if they can pass safely through
- Melee enemies will stop if they are reaction fired upon, hit or no hit, or even if the attack can't really do damage.
- Very conservative in conserving TU to lower reaction fire risk, regardless of if LeeroyJenkins mode is on or not.
- Will be very caution in moving in if 2+ soldiers have LOS on them (presumably also to not draw reaction fire).

So instead of just moving in and getting their hits in, they'll waddle around back and forth or just plain stop cold well within fire range of the enemy - getting killed when it's the players turn.

I have a few units where just shutting this kinda caution off will significantly increase their lethality and danger.

« on: November 06, 2022, 03:49:09 pm »
Check on the floor below, there's 2 possible places for the Hulk computer to be down there.

« on: November 05, 2022, 06:15:57 pm »
Due to weapons and ammo being split up between factions, it's usually easiest to search for the (suspected) name string in the ruleset folder, which will catch any files it is in.

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