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« on: November 06, 2023, 10:06:00 am »
Yeah, I see that type of "armor size" error pop up from time to time when doing an update of the installation, so its something relating to it.

« on: November 02, 2023, 02:34:40 pm »
Check your installation so you do not have a zip file in the mod folder.

« on: November 01, 2023, 07:26:27 pm »
CHILL MODE 2.4 files, suitable for chill times, or if you're gonna use Brutal AI are available on the Discord "Other Mods" channel.

- alienDeployments_40k.rul: Enemy Deployment numbers and mission frequency reduced by ~33%.
- alienMissions_40k.rul: Enemy Lists, normal and hard, regardless of player faction, ramp at 24 months instead of 12 months.
- alienItemLevels.rul Enemy weapon loadout tech progression speed halved

Any of these alone or together can be used by pasting and replacing the same named files in your 2.4 installation folder.

« on: November 01, 2023, 07:24:28 pm »
Liking the latest version a lot - though not run into any Hrud yet (alas), and while the modular turret system's very cool and a good late-game money sink, I can't figure out how to get particular turrets on particular vehicles; is there a particular set of turrets (not sponsons) that only the Leman Russ can mount? I'm assuming the craft weapon mounts can't be used as turret slots, so just knowing if there's x turret it will definitely go to y tank would help to parse what I'm up to on the equipment screen. Also, <yells at cloud> the Armoured Convoy still starts four hapless guardsmen standing on top of a Chimera waiting to catch reaction fire instead of being tucked safely in the four empty spaces in the middle vehicle. It isn't quite as lethal as you'd expect, weirdly, but it's still a pretty reliable game of "use the guardsmen to stop those bolter shells scratching the paint".

That aside, had an unrelated question that I'll spoiler in case anyone hasn't seen the research in the UFOpedia:

If I want to
do a renegade/traitor run
, what's the best faction to start as? They all have research routes for it, it looks like, but it also looks like Sisters/Marines might get the most unique recruitable units, with the Inquisition subfactions coming in after (and themselves having different options to each other, AFAICT). So, I wondered what route gives me the most options, as well as if there's any important research/units that should get done before

Correct in that Leman Russ have some unique turrets, and sponson turrets are named differently (front sponsons vs side sponsons might not be, although they do have different types on some variants).
Aside for the main gun
    Leman Russ Annihilator.* Lascannons
    Leman Russ Executioner.* Heavy Plasma
    Leman Russ Punisher.* Massive Assault Cannon
+ Sponson Multimelta, hull lascannon, flamer sponsons and heavy bolter sponsons.

Chimeras have Twin Heavy Bolter turrets, Flamer turrets, Autocannon turrets and the Multilas turret.

As for HERESY runs, either Space Marines or Adeptas, as they have unique armors/units. However, you can access these as any faction once you do go Chaos - it just takes some more research. There should be transformation options to pump your guardsmen etc full of Heresy and turn them into various Chaos units.

Heretical Inquisition is its own path that can turn a lot of captive Chaos units to your side as well. 

« on: November 01, 2023, 07:15:39 pm »
ROSIGMA 2.4 is now live.
Grab it here:

- Fix for Chimera Heavy Bolter Turret not reloading.
- Light Bolter Kraken Ammo Manufacturing to produce the right type of magazine.
- Updated requirements for the Codex articles on the Jove and Dominion boltguns to match newer research requirements.
- Updates to Ripper Pistol Auto-fire stats and damage type.
- Slaanesh Gas Grenade fixes to not operate on a random delay fuse.
- Various updates to Necron scripts
- Updates to the Dodge script.
- Standardize Intelligence Stat (knows your units exact location for this number of turns after spotting). Lowered a few outlier 5-6 int to lower levels. Standard is now:
complete chaff/penitents/soldiers(cultists)/ogryn/brain scooped servitors/mutants =0 int
trained soldiers, sisters = 1-2
basic CSM = 2
officers 3-4
and a few high end daemons/psykers 4-5
- Gave the Mend Wounds Spell a Custom Action Name.
- Fixed some visual errors in half a dozen codex articles.
- Fixed some spelling errors in the Medikit fire-fighting codex.

- Added a Codex article briefly explaining Vision modes (Light/Darkness, Camo and AntiCamo, HeatVision) and default OXCE toggle keys for vision modes.
- Opened up many Imperial codex articles from game start. Some low tier enemy units also have their codex articles available (although autopsy research can still gather more information). Added new codex sections for Adeptas armors and weapons that are now visible from game start regardless of faction, for any looted gear or rescued units that join up.
- Updated mission tables for the new nurgle, slaanesh and tzeentch mission types. Race lists have also been moved around for the respective mission types and away from using the default ship types unless its undivided or mixed lists. In short: More variety and randomization. Different chaos bases will be popping up from infiltration missions and so on. 
- Outposts and the Training Base have had their defenses improved, with about 8-12 fixed bolter Tarantulas positioned on the gatehouses and overlooking the inner courtyards. The Outpost have had its walkways fortified to an extent, and new passageways and stairs to make it easier to move around the gatehouses and walls. The inner courtyard have had 3 new fortified buildings added with firing points overlooking the courtyard.
- Outposts and Training Base Spawn points have been increased to stop large defending forces from spawning troops out in the wilderness, and to spawn mostly inside rather than on the walls.
- Autocannon turrets accuracy and effective range buffed. Taurox and Chimera variants.
- Annihilator Turret for the Leman Russ power nerfed. BRRRT.
- Standardized Tzeentch Flamer stats.
- Custom Retaliation missions for Tzeentch and Slaanesh, using their respective ship types. This means their lists will not appear on the standard chaos ships going for retaliations, and attacks against their ships will trigger their retaliation missions instead.
- Slaanesh and Tzeentch infiltration missions now create their respective base type rather than the basic chaos one.
- Tzeentch will no longer spawn in the standard chaos base.

TO DO: - Buffed Krak properties for Hellfire missile pods. AUX_HOVERTANK_LAUNCHER, AUX_DW_DREAD_LAUNCHER and AUX_CENT_ROCKET. This affects Dreadnoughts, Marine Air Support and Centurion missiles launchers.
TO DO: - Applied Grav-script to Centurion Gravcannon.

- StarSquids New Stormtrooper (human) power armor loadout available at ceramite tier. Includes autocannons and meltacutters for breaching duty.
- Inquisition autocannon can use assault cannon ammo types.

- New Unit: Rotbearer, with art by Brenshar. Weaker version of the Plaguebearer. Integrated in early Nurgle lists, replacing some Midwife slots.
- Added A full set of Nurgle ship types with their own tilesets. 23 in total.
- Added Nurgle mission types, research, harvest, abduction, infiltration, base building, terror, retaliation etc.

- 9 New Ship types based on Jackstraw2323 and Luke83 "Blessed" Ship types and tilesets, blended with tzeentch CHAOS decoration. Very blinged out.
- Tzeentch missions now make use of these new ships.
- New Tzeentch Chaos Base with modified art for the top and bottom levels. Second level not yet implemented. Nothing fancy, mostly color changes to the the standard chaos base. Tzeentch bases will generate tzeentch missions using tzeentch ships.

- New Unit: Hormagaunt, melee grunt of the Tyranids that prefers to zerg the enemy in big numbers and pounce on their targets. Can appear in Space Hulks, and when a group of them have overrun some deserted outpost.

« on: August 22, 2023, 02:41:15 pm »
Bone 'Eads are tied to:
    cost: 200
    points: 25
      - STR_APOC_BAY

So if your strategy got Ogryns they can be made.

We are currently working on some minor fixes and balancing things, as well as spicing up the Outposts defenses.

The Hrud are indeed their Space Skaven selves, and mostly there to provide a mutant/xeno enemy early game. They´re not very tough, but the Nurgle ones can be dangerous.

« on: August 17, 2023, 09:46:03 am »


- Fixed a script issue from 40k that caused STR_GENE_HIVE GSC Hive map base to never spawn. It can now be spawned during the first 7 months of the year with a 25% chance. Several ones can spawn. Once spawned the base will generate GSC related missions at a low frequency.
- Fixed Commands linking and activating the wrong command type and benefits, or no command at all.
- Fixed Hunker Down protection not carrying over into enemy turn.
- Fixed enemies also benefiting from Fix Bayonets.
- Abhuman Strategy can now buy medic carapace for Beastguard as intended.
- Inquisition Multimeltas no longer recoverable/removable.
- Fixed Juggernaut and Valkyrie Leeroy AI issues by removing the ranged aspects of their melee weapons.
- Removed a low object blocking a corridor on certain Space Hulk part 1 maps.
- Solved a glitch with the GIBS system for the non-standard Gretchin spritesheet.
- Fixed some bugs with the Tzeentch corpse system, correct names and reward should now be showing.
- Geoscape silenced Deathwatch and new Crassus craft.
- Added height values and deathSound to &STR_TURRET_DEFAULT that could cause some LOS issues.
- Fixed some multiplication error Kill Token rewards for certain mission types.

- You now unlock Chaos Path research option by interrogating Alpha Legionnaires.
- Added code infrastructure for shield breaking/penetration traits/tags. Exitus shield breaker rounds now break shields.
- KHORNE:  Made Valkyries slightly better and more aggressive.
- TRAITOR GUARD: Made the Chaos Sentinel Rocket pods different; Incendiary pods are longed ranged. Krak pods have an 8 shot burst.
- TZEENTCH: TZ Inquisitors now have some Tzeentch magic at their disposal, replacing their previous guns.
- Early Tzeentch cultist/mutant lists have been pruned of Blue Horrors and Witches. Still some around in leader roles in certain lists, but their numbers are greatly reduced. Other daemons have taken the terror slot. You should encounter fewer psyker attacks in month 1-2 of fighting Tzeentch as a result.
- Early Tzeentch Traitor Guard lists can now show up for Tzeentch terror missions.
- Updated Tzeentch bird-mutant battlesprite to be closer to its inventory art.
- Basic flamer and incendiary grenades now do some item damage for destroying bodies and other things.
- Tweaked some weapon visual effects.
- Photon grenades use the new grenade standard throw range and TU costs.
- Added movement and aggro sounds for certain units.
- Added infrastructure for Flat and Percentile dodge reduction tags.
- Removed copy pasta from Eldar Grenade.
- Standardization of krak explosives RE: Item and Tile damage.
- Enemies can now surrender if all surviving units are panicking.
- Accuracy 50% penalty added for most weapons that don't have LoS on their targets. Weapons that are meant for indirect fire have a reduced penalty.
- DAEMONS: Standardized Daemon senses to be minimum 40 darkness visibility, 33 heat vision and 5 psi vision.
- Enemy Weapon Tech Levels/Loadouts: First months changed to be exclusively tier 0-1 and then tier 2 starts creeping in for the midgame, late game it's all tier 2-3. Previous setup was like OG X-Com where heavy plasma has a 10% chance of appearing in month 1 and the lowest tech keeps appearing late game. This means a cleaner ramp, easier early game and harder late game. You'll also find plasma weapons rarer in early game (3-6 months).
- Token cost for Orbital Strikes increased from 200 to 400. Monetary cost increased to 1 million.
- Gas (stun) Shotgun shells now ignores 75% armor instead of 40%.

- Integrated Filips DIG IN submod for Guard. Most guard units (exception Penitent/Ogryns) get the "Dig In" ability button (top right in the UI). At the cost of 50% of a units TU, this grants them a bonus while KNEELING similar to DODGE, where a FRONT "hit" does no damage if the Dig-In bonus is triggered (50% chance for first "hit"). Follow up hits that trigger the bonus reduces the chance to trigger it by 10%, until it no longer grants the bonus.
- Dig In does NOT protect against melee or rear attacks. The bonus is lost if the unit moves.
- Units that have the ability activated display little sandbags (Red Alert 2 style) when kneeling.

- Turrets now have a reload system. Most turret weapons expend the Munitions resource; when this resource is completely exhausted they will require a variable number of turns to reload and restore their Munitions (usually 2 but can be longer; typically higher for more potent weapons). A turret can be reloaded manually with their reload ability which zeroes out their Munitions; useful during a break in the action.

- Imperial Navy Auto(gun)carbine: Carbine version of the Hi-Grade Autogun, requires STR_BALLISTIC_WEAPONS_HIGHGRADE.
- Autoshotgun: High-Quality Automatic shotgun, lighter version of a ripper gun. Buyable at the Trade Market.
- Combistub-plasma Pistol: Plasma pistol with underslung stubpistol.
- Heavy Bolter Solar Pattern: Hand-held "light" heavy bolter without a bipod for arbites/guard at Ceramite tier.
- Hybrid Stubber: Kombistubber, heavy stubber + underslung grenade launcher
- Jawsnapper: Powered Knuckles, early powerfist/for normal humans.
- Plasma Rifle Sequana pattern: House Escher Plasma rifle that serves the DMR role. Higher ammo consumption, lower rate of fire but better accuracy at range vs the normal Plasma rifle. 

- Crassus heavy transport craft from 036 integrated, updated speed, refueling and availability values. Available at mid-tier for guard. Can bring 4 large units like the Sentinels.
- Changed the starting Boltpistol (Ceres) to a Light Boltpistol (and ammo).
- Kriegers now have additional psi resistance in proportion to current morale and higher low end recruit Bravery.
- Kriegers starting max strength and training cap upped to match normal guardsmen (+5/+10).
- Kriegers now get higher initial Bravery and all Krieg armor types get Krieger Mind Control resistance as they should.
- Mortar nerfed; reload TU cost increased to 30% up from 15%. Firing TU cost increased to 55% up from 35%. Gets nifty loading sound.
- Officer promotion now requires "Battle Tested" (1 month service, 3 missions, 1 kill) commendation and bravery 50+. Token cost raised to 200.
- Other commendations updated to require ENEMY kills rather than... any kills.
- Battle Cannon will no longer reaction fire (partially a nerf, and partially to keep you from blasting your own dudes in the way).
- New Cybernetic Bone 'ead Ogryn armors (see bellow for details).
- Abhuman Strategy now have access to Veteran promotions for any rescued guardsmen at mid-tier + their Officers.
- Abhuman Strategy now have access to Penal Troops.
- Beastman infection/corruption resistance reduced from 50% to 33%, but now have 33% faster wound recovery time.
- Felinid Flak/Medic and Carapace armors TU nerf reduced.
- Psyker Token Cost increased from 120 to 500.
- Veteran promotion Token Cost decreased to 50 from 60, buying a new Veteran costs 100 and 150k cash now to make it more rewarding to train and promote your own guardsmen.
- No more free Honor Tokens just for researching Psyker Requisiton.
- Added Harakoni Jump Carapace armor
- Added Carapace Scanner Armor with improved night vision and motion detection.

- Initial integration of Filips Advanced Chimeras submod. Only applies to standard Guard Chimera convoys and the Tank Convoy.
- Note: Does not include rear doors (due to normal AI not being able to handle them).
- Note: Used the new turret reload system, so the sponsons are not as powerful as in the submod.
- Chimeras now have a working front sponson bolter that can be destroyed.
- Chimeras now default to a gun-less turret type and can be outfitted with a number of different turret types. You buy and equip (in the craft item inventory) different turret types. Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Battlecannon Chimedon, Heavy Flamer and autocannons are the current turret types. If the turret is destroyed in mission, you lose it (cash loss! and a reason to not camp too hard inside your transports).
- Note: All such turrets will show up in end mission stats as "Equipment/Allies of Man Lost" for 0 score even if they aren ot destroyed.
- Leman Russ now have side sponsons (heavy bolters, heavy flamers or heavy meltas) and a front sponson (lascannon or heavy bolter).
- Leman Russ can now swap its main turret type between Battlecannon, Twin lascannon, Punisher Cannon and Heavy Plasma (the later two restricted to ceramite+ tech).
- The Twin Lascannon power output has been standardized to other mounted lascannons vs the submods higher value.
- As all the new sponsons add a lot of firepower and additional targets for the AI to focus down, the armor/health values of the sponsons have been reduced from Turret Level to be easier for the enemies to destroy.

1. Added Bone'ead Sergeants. These are Ogryn squad leaders and provide 4 Ogryn specific buffs with targeting similar to the Commissar's Inspire. The power of these buffs scales with the Bonehead's Bravery and Devotion:
Get Em!: Improves the target's Strength and Melee Accuracy until the start of your next turn.
Gotta Go Fast!: Reduces by up to 50% the Energy and TU required to move into a tile until the start of your next turn.
Getta Grip!: Restores Morale and may increase the target's Bravery until the start of your next turn.
Shrug It Off!: Removes Fatal Wounds and grants % damage reduction until the start of your next turn. Effectiveness scales with target's Morale.
2. An Ogryn must be Battle Tested and have 50+ Bravery and 30+ Psi Strength to be a viable candidate for the BONE Surgery. This Surgery takes 1 week to complete. An Apothecary Bay facility is needed at the base where the surgery is to be performed.
3. The Bonehead Surgery requires Mid Tier Guardsmen, Apothecary Bay, Ogryn Requisition, Imperial Guard Operations.
Ogryn Bonehead surgery requires the Veteran commendation instead of merely Battle Tested.
4. Added some TU damage scaling to the Ogryn Slab Shield to reflect its stopping power/disorientation it imposes.

FELINIDS Armor Expansion
- Added Felinid versions of the new Scanner/Auspex Carapace, Advanced (light) Carapace/Medic, Close Assault Armor and Powered Armor. The Felinid Assault armor comes with integral frenzon inhaler combat drugs and disruption field gauntlets (power claws) to rip into armored targets in melee.

- Stun recovery scales with current Energy and current Health.
- Energy recovery  scales with current Health.
- Squats now have mid level resistance to GSC infection.
- Squats now have halved wound recovery time.
- Squat Health and Stamina training maximums improved.
- Squats now yield +1 command point.
- Added TU, Stamina and Reaction penalties to Medic variants of armor.

- Biomancers now have passive regeneration that scales with Psi, bonuses to Health, Stamina and Strength, carapace level natural armor. Mend Wounds changed to Mend/Inflict Wounds. Heals friendlies of health, stamina, stun and wounds and does the opposite to enemies, opposed by PsiDefense. Cannot heal friendlies above half of maximum HP.
- Diviners now have 40/40 normal and night vision, 25 anti camo, 10 psi vision, +30 Firing, Melee and +60 Reactions and 1x 100% dodge.
- Telepaths now have 15 anti camo, 5 psi vision, +15 Firing, Melee and +30 Reactions and 1x 50% dodge.
- Thunderclap balancing: Decreased armor penetration from 75% to 60%, changed damage scaling from PsiStrength to Psi * 0.001. Increase cast cost by +5 Stun and +5 Morale.

1. Vindicare ammo is now made in bundles of 5, is more expensive and requires 20 Honor Tokens per batch.  Requires 200 man hours per batch up from 100.
2. Vindicare starting min/max, cap, training stats all increased substantially (this is a Temple Assassin).
3. Vindicare monthly salary/upkeep cost increased to 500k
5. Vindicare recruitment cost increased to 2 mil, and 1500 Honor.
7. Vindicare Assassin now has 50% dodge with 4 dodges; he's a proper temple assassin with Invul 4+.
8. Exitus Rifle has 100% dodge reduction; no one can dodge a Vindicare.
9. Added Infiltrator mechanics and code infrastructure to the game. Currently only the Vindicare has this ability (will be expanded later). Infiltrating units will not be detected by enemy units for 2 turns, or until they attack, and can re-enter stealth after achieving 6 kills.

- Integrated Arbites version of the Crassus 35-slot heavy transport from 036.

- Fixed repair/refuel rates of some Deathwatch craft.
- Updated Deathwatch Thunderhawk to mid-tier.
- Updated Deathwatch Landraider convoy to ceramite-tier.
- DW Dreadnoughts now Buildable. 300 Honor points and require 10 Ceramite.

- Added 7 new enemy units based on the (Skaven version) Hrud. They are a squishy enemy with high reactions and very good nightvision. They use a myriad of common imperial and tainted weapons, improvised explosives and pipebombs. At late tech levels their Stormvermins can wield some weak plasma-like energy weapons.
- Hrud warriors and Armored Hrud. Squishy, cowardly and low accuracy. Found in early months of the game.
- Hrud Snipers, stealthy and armed with Long rifles, they are the real threat in most Hrud groups.
- Hrud Verminkin and Festerkin. Nurgle cultists, have a little more HP than their common kin. Wields Nurgle weapons.
- Vermin Plague Monks, mutated creatures who wield low level Nurgle warp magic.
- Stormvermin and Fangleaders. The elite of the Hrud, with carapace armor and better statlines. Favors close combat weapons and are more aggressive.
- Hrud have their own GIB animation.
- Hurd are sometimes allied with, or used as mercenaries, with chaos cults and traitor guard.
- Hrud appear in the first half of the year, either mixed or in their own formations. They'll try to loot Imperial armories, exploit riots and even be crawling through Space Hulks.

- Standardized Necron stats; Deathmarks now have high aim like they're supposed to.
- Necron Scarabs spawning from Necron grenades have 75% of max TUs up from 25% so they're actually dangerous.
- Necron Gauss Reaper weapon added. A CQC Assault weapon utilized by Necron Warriors.
- Increased Necron Immortal stats to be more tabletop appropriate.

- NURGLE: Several plague weapons now do less infection damage in exchange  for improved debuffs/armor ablation.
- Early Nurgle cult lists pruned of Plaguebearers and the ratio of normal pox zombies increased vs boomers. This will make month 1-2 encounters easier as a result.
- Added (human) Plague Monks. They have not yet recieved the blessings of the Horned rat but knows some nurgle sorcery.
- Added Verminkin, Festerkin and Vermin Plague Monks blessed by papa Nurgle to certain Nurgle cult lists.

- Added new Acolyte Hybrids enemy variants & Leader, new battlesprites and inventory art. Mixed into existing mid-late game GSC lists. They are tough (high hp/mid armor), fast, have a special melee grapple attack and use a variety of civilian/imperial weapons.

can one access all new IG features when playing any strategy or Beastguard is the best choice?

The Advanced Chimeras and Leman Russ is a main Guard Strategy feature for now. Doesn't apply to the Light Chimeras yet.

There's optional .map files to provide doors to the light chimeras, standard chimeras, tank convoy and the Crassus on the discord. We didn't include them due to the normal AI not knowing how to handle doors, but if playing with Brutal AI they can be used to even the odds.

There's a known bug with the Chimera twin heavy bolter turret not reloading, it's been fixed in the dev version for the next update.

« on: July 07, 2023, 11:13:59 am »
Space Hulks are unchanged since previous versions and the Genestealers showing up after turn 14+ is how its been for quite a while now.

Hence gotta go fast, or setup a solid kill zone and kill 'em all (takes a while).

« on: July 03, 2023, 04:13:40 pm »


- Crash Fix: Live Alien capture set for STR_TZEENTCH_ZEALOT_THRALL_RITUALIST
- Adjusted mini unit preview art for Inquisition storm troopers that had part of the white border visible.
- Enabled the new Craft Bolter Ammo (same as bike twin-linked heavy bolter ammo) and removed the old version to match 035.
- Set several vanilla Chaos Marines to 1 psiSkill, to avoid them getting vanilla OXCE values.
- Change two slaanesh scouts to appear as mediums instead of small on radar reports. Various other size upgrades on radar return for other UFO/Crafts.
- Scion Officer Carapace ufopedia fix.
- PDF Flak Armor appearing everywhere fix
- Female Imperial PDF now with different inventory sprite from the male version.
- Added Deathwatch variant armors to personal_lights.rul so they don't glow in the dark.
- Added resistances to Tzeentch magic to their own armors.
- Some GFX improvements for Tzeentch faction abilities.
- Removed voice line 3816 when moving male Scions, which would play 1 minute of voice clips.
- TU carry over script updated for temp over to_time (halved %), stun-lock incidents should now be greatly reduced.
- Added missing RandomType+FireBlastCalc to Redeemer Shells and LB Inferno Ammo
- Moved some chaos weapons into the chaos -pedia category (previously under weapons and equipment).

- TEST: Visual Indicator of hits. Units flash red if they've taken health damage, or white if they've only taken armor damage. The more intense the red flash, the greater the damage dealt.
- Added more mission types to the starting month script to increase variation of enemy lists encountered (not just normal cult/tzeentch cult).
- Removed promethium cost from HB_clip, makes existance more tolerable for Grey Knights.
- Faster Rhino refuel rate so it doesn't take 3 days to refuel.
- Vostroya Autofire reduced to 2 shots, but made more accurate.
- (Heavy) Lascannons reload speed standardized to 30 TU (slow to reload).
- More bolters have access to Kraken and Metal Storm rounds.
- Ultra Pattern Boltgun (available in the trade outpost) improved to be inbetween normal and mastercrafted pattern.
- ENEMY BASES: The bigger the base, the bigger the reward for destroying it, and the greater the penalty for aborting. Abort penalties are half the point rewards. Abort penalties are meant to counter base farming.
- Penalties for enemy Bases operating around the world updated (was already a thing, but weaker):
Bases now penalize score per day equal to X^2 where X is equal to their base level, capping at -20 per day.

Level 1 Base: -1 point per day
Level 2 Base: -4 points per day
Level 3 Base: -8 points per day
Level 4 Base: -16 points per day
Level 5 Base: -20 points per day
CSM and Necron bases count as being level 4. This is meant to feature base proliferation as a soft lose condition.

- Grenade changes: Smoke, Frag, Phosphor, Melta, Hologram, Eldar and Krak grenades made slightly lighter (-1 weight from previously) and cheaper to prime and throw. Frags and kraks can be primed and thrown in the same turn (30-40% TU cost per action). For frags, 60% of TU cost instead of 80% previously. Proximity and Krak grenades cost 70% of TU. Heavier grenades cost 10% more TU to throw and the Melta bomb costs 80% TU to prime and throw.
- Sound-effects added to indicate priming/unprimed grenades.
- Lighter weight means they can be tossed their maximum distance by lower strength units.
- Frag grenades now do less item damage (-75%).
- 40mm launched melta grenades preArmor damage improved. 50% of 90 power in armor damage.

- Adapted Adeptas Sentinel variants for Drop Pod use (less prone to seriously injuring the pilot on drop).
- Melta-lance Sentinel improved. Slightly better armor and better attack range (harmony beamer melta type).
- Arche Sniper Rifle max range 35 removed.
- Stormbolter Turrets for Adeptas Drop Pods.
- Lead by Example nerfed; no longer provides healing and has a stun cost. Fixed some bugs with it.
- Dominion Strategy Adeptas can now requisition Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.
- Mid-tier Light Bolters Mephisto and Hellspite can now use Elohim AP bolter rounds.
- Added ammo-crafting recipes.
- The Dominion Power Axe and Zweihänder now does plasma damage-type like other power weapons.
- Adeptas Spirit of the Martyr miracle now removes all corruption/infection damage.
- Adeptas Thunderbolt accuracy improved.

- Stormbolter Turrets for Drop Pods.
- Fixed some bugs with Marine faster healing.
- Some general Thunderbolt stat standardization as all factions.

- Cost of Inq Stormtrooper requisition increased from $100000 to $250000 and from 120 Honor to 150 Honor.
- Inq Stormtroopers are now droppod compatible.
- Xiphon given 1 armor, 5 dodge, 5 hit bonus and repair rates on par with other basic interceptors; less speedy and maneuverable but more accurate.
- Greyknight armor given immunity to psi-attacks and infection.

- Tweaks to resist and zombiechance.
- Adjusted Inventory slots for DW Devastator Armor.
- Enabled MK7 Apothecary armor for DW.

- Officer's Sword Inspire ability now has a significant Stun cost and has a slight increase to its morale cost. Minor devotion scaling added.

- Gave the two new Necron units in 035 relevant Necron script tags and dodge values for the Scarabs (Still flimsy).
- Necron Scarabs now self-destruct when destroyed in a powerful fragmentation explosion.
- Lychguard Dispersion Shield now has snap shot mode for improved reaction fire.

- Tuned down PsiSkill values for low tier cultist members and blue horrors, witches and cult leaders/commanders are the primary psi-threat.
- Blue Fire made less direct damaging and more debuffing.

Available, Chill Mode files (see the discord):
- Delayed enemy item tech level progression to 24 months instead of default 12 months.
- Changed enemy races scaling to a 24 month cycle. 1: -> 2:, 2-> 4:, 3:-> 6: etc. Shift everything but month 0 entry.
- Set enemy count to 75% or so by lowering alienDeployments numbers and slightly lowered mission generation frequency from enemy bases.
- Disabled Hard Mode trigger for all player factions.

« on: July 03, 2023, 04:12:25 pm »
Might have to look into giving GUARD_AND_ARBITES to the psyker-related research topic(s) for that one. Probably restricted to guard right now.

« on: June 03, 2023, 03:58:47 pm »
EleriumWard: Probably a folder/installation issue.

Nosferator: You can always keep an outpost or secondary base around where you send the leftover guardsmen to "help" defend.

« on: May 17, 2023, 05:15:36 pm »
And for the new page, summary of update 2.2 from last page.

« on: May 17, 2023, 05:12:16 pm »
035 removed the old ammo type and switch to the twin heavy bolter setup used by certain HWPs.

Some factions have access to that ammo through a research topic, but not all.

To enable it for all, search in your rosigma folder for:
You'll find it in both items.rul (allfactions folder) and items_SM.rul (SM folder).

And remove it from both, save file.

« on: May 16, 2023, 08:38:37 pm »
I've found some bugs and made some fixes included in 2.2, like the Blood Angels Tactical Armor being available to equip for any unit. Stats are also updated.
Note that Deathwatch are available with Inquisition strats and units.

**Requires OXCE 7.9. Works with 40k 035**

- Some Loading fixes for the Ork Teleporta gun / Shokk Attack Gun, Nurgle sneezing attack and gravcannon ammo.
- STR_SLAANESH_BASE string added.
- Surface base generators are now immune to infection and intimidation.
- Nurgle unit spawner grenades now have proper reductions to their health damage.
- Bughunt Mode tweaked to trigger at 5 remaining enemies instead of 3, and with possibly lower TU (example: Squats).
- Valkia Shield now less open to being man-handled by non Chaos followers (added restrictions to using it).
- Stopped recovery crash of a tzeentch ritualist unit.
- A DW Blood Angels Tactical Armor set was available to non-marine units, added a missing limitation.

- New Flavor Names for outposts and sectors.
- Updated all Gibs graphics for existing scripted units that can gib.
- Added dozens of squishy gib graphics and units affected by the gibbing script. Includes deserters, civilians, Adeptas, GSC, Orks & Gretchin, chaos flavor cultists etc.
- STR_LIGHT_BOLTER_AMMO_SHORT: "Short Light Solo Bolter Mag" clarified.
- Added Corruption/Infection and Intimidation Metrics to Stats for Nerds
-  Updated STR_COUNTRY_HAS_SIGNED_A_SECRET_PACT and STR_COUNTRIES_HAVE_SIGNED_A_SECRET_PACT text to make it clearer they can be reclaimed if the enemy chaos base is destroyed.
- Lowered research cost of some corpses and live captures.
- Rearranged order of Enemy race lists (will change in the battle mission gen).
- STR_TELEPATH_STAFF_UFOPEDIA added with clarified text of the read mind and panic attack abilities.

- Set extendedExperienceAwardSystem. true with the new OXCE update. Several changes, xp gained by hitting enemy units (not neutrals), i.e you cannot train on mind-controlled aliens anymore, throwing experience also gives some secondary stat gain. Smoke counts, stun counts and shotgun pellets counts as 1 hit.
- Thunderbolt interceptor improved; gained 1 armor, 5 evasion, 500 fuel capacity and 3x repair speed. Acceleration reduced from 5 to 4.
- Hull Plating extra health reduced from 250 to 50; armor increased from 2 to 3; intended to reduce the equip times substantially and improve its niche at tanking low level threats without repair downtime.
- Standardized webber ammo stats (buff) to be in line between pistol and heavy webber.
- Added Incendiary rounds for the Ripper Gun; these are most effective versus lightly armored targets, and for illuminating darkness/defeating camo.
- Allowed Servitors on Taurox.
- Lowered first 4 months Space Hulk Mission chance by 20% (50->40).

- Upped stun damage for Adeptas Lead by example, halved healing to make it less OP.
- Terminators recover from wounds as quickly as their Firstborn brethren.
- Added "Throttled" Assault Cannon Mode to allow more flexibility in deployment.

-  Marshall Armor buff, more in line with custom human sized power amor/mastercrafted carapace, stands up a little bit better in the end game. Front armor 110 instead of 90, side armor 100 instead of 80, rear 70 instead of 60.

- Custom Scion Jump Armor sprites added.
- Updated Regiment Training Mission for all soldier types (even Adeptas are now invited).

- Added Jump Armor for Stormtroopers.
- GKs now get Force Halberd research automatically.
- GK Chaplains get Inspire and 40 Devotion at Captain rank.
- Fixed spawned Thunderfires having recoverable shells.
- Fixed Tome of Speed. Causes some stun and morale damage to prevent OP over-use. Now scales with psiSkill instead of bravery.

- Updated Soldier stats for ROSIGMA. These guys are veterans, so they have better random stat distribution on recruitment, higher bravery etc. The various chapters have slightly different odds of stat boons (+5 here and there, nothing huge).
- Integrated v035 Deathwatch Armor sets (about a dozen) with ROSIGMA stat lines. Includes anti-stealth, armor values and resistances etc. Salamanders get special fire/melta resistance.
- Integrated new DW Weapons with ROSIGMA stats balancing. DW Weapons are a notch above in terms of quality, which is reflected in some weapons.
- Integrated new DW Craft variants with ROSIGMA stats. Improved repair, speed and refueling time.
- Updated DW craft manufacturing costs with ROSIGMA balancing.
- Updated new DW Armor manufacturing costs and kill token balancing.
- Added STR_RIFLEA (Artifex Pattern) and renamed STR_RIFLEB back to ULTRA pattern. Updated starting care package events for DW to reflect this. RIFLEA is DW exclusive, similar to Stalker pattern but tweaked for auto-fire (Slightly worse at long range).


- Necron Weapons (Gauss Flayers/Blasters) Getting Missing Autofire; Weapons Improved Tabletop Accuracy. Gauss Cannons now suitably powerful.
- Necron Scarabs added as Terror Unit.


- Nerfed Nurgle Spits and Sneezes direct health damage. Several hits will kill a guardsman, but it's more about damaging armor and debuffing with corruption.

- Slaanesh Traitor Guard forces added with spritework by Xom and Leflair. Includes flak variants, carapace, officer and commissar (commander). Equipped with slaanesh flavor lascarbines, lasguns, longlas and plasma pistols. The Perfect Guard have a very small 1/turn dodge chance and higher reactions than their counterparts.
- Filling out their forces are Slaanesh contingents of turned novices, devotees, cultists and slaangors.
- Added a Slaanesh Sonic Platform, merging chaos and xeno technology, for the Slaanesh Traitor Guard and Slaanesh lists.
- Added Slaanesh Chimeras with custom turrets, including a Sonic Cannon variant (not as strong direct damage as the Havoc version).
- Added a Slaanesh Escher-derived lasgun (using slaanesh las cells) and reworked the tanith-one to act as their longlas. Slaangor, Cultists and Slaanesh Guard requipped accordingly.
- Added a Sonic Gun, equipping the Slaanesh Carapace Stormtroopers/Veterans, and replacing most of the Choir Guns that Slaanesh Sisters had. It does half health damage of the Sonic cannon, has halved armor penetration, but causes some time unit/energy damage.
- Added Slaanesh Traitor Guard lists to randomized defenders of Traitor Guard bases and patrols. They can also carry out certain mission types.

- Added Tzeentch Chimeras with custom turrets, equipped with heavy bolters or Tzeentch heavy flamers.

Note there are 3 or so Deathwatch Techmarine chapter specific variants missing in 035, they'll be added in a future patch and then I can re-add them to rosigma. The chapters affected are: Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Crimson Fists.

« on: March 23, 2023, 01:04:51 pm »
Version 2.1 is now out of beta and live on the Grab it in the usual place.

ROSIGMA 2.1 - Patch Notes (2023-03-23)

Spoiler2.1 Full Release Notes:
**Requires OXCE 7.8. Works with 40k 034**

- Removed redundant orbital strike handsprite.
- Hangar Requirement Issue for Outposts preventing buying of craft at outposts.
- Holographic Guardsmen are now immune to zombification.
- Wallfix, URBAN04.MAP
- Ammo sell cost update to fix a INFINITE MONEY exploit. Melta Ammo now less lucrative to mass produce. Trade goods profitabiltiy improved instead (outpost).
- Support Servitor, Chimedon, Castigator, Exorcist and Damocles turret energy regen fix.
- Adeptas autogun melee sound and animation now reference the correct index.
- Tarantula turrets can now no longer run around all willy nilly.
- Added Missing Kill Token rewards for Deathskulls Orks and the basic Ork Boy.
- Made the main menu art palette compatible with all submenus.

- Streamlining of Guard armors in the store for Abhuman units using Flak/Carapace. Buy one type of armor and units equipping these armors will switch to the appropriate version depending on unit type. Reduces store clutter.
- Changed craft carrying capacity for HWPs, now using the more specific maxLargeUnits: function of OXCE instead of "Vehicles".
- Translatable script messages
- Improved Heavy Weapon Toolkit description
- Manufacture Categories implemented for many manufacturing projects.
- Valkia corpse naming clarified vs live captures.

- Edited the RED palette to be more saturated at brighter values (top 8 or so). This means less pink Blood Angels, and more bloody gore!
- GIBS proof of concept for overkilling guardsmen with physical weapons. Splat! Limited to Flak Guardsmen right now. Expanded GIBS also include getting Necron Flayed and BBQ'd by Flamer weapons, leaving a nice ash pile.
- Added particle trails to Nurgle spit/puke and spewer attacks.
- More HEAT adjusting bigObs added for various plasma weapons.
- Various handOB fixes/improvements.

- Hologram Grenades can now be batch produced for 10 killpoint tokens per grenade (batches of 10).
- Infection Rebalance, Reduced the insta-zombification chance of most things across the board further.
- Slightly reduced the infection removal amount of the medikit heal function; now 5/10/20 instead of 10/20/30 for research levels 1 to 3.
- Added faction attribution to infection; units that succumb to player caused infection/corruption don't spawn hostile units.
- Slightly rebalanced several infection causing weapons; most notably gave the Plague Spewer weapon a snap shot.
- Friendly infected/corrupted units the player kills with "friendly" fire will grant the Emperor's Mercy; they will not turn into daemons on death.
- Devotion now affords protection from Chaos corruption/infection at a rate of 1% resistance per 2 points of Devotion above 50.
- Added rapid morale recovery for manned turret armors.
- Trading Outpost's trade goods now yield 10% profit rather than 5%.
- Lascannons now do gaussian damage rather than 50-200%.
- Large lascannon charge reduced to 5 shots down from 10.
- Tarantula turret base tiles added for Defense Corridor.
- Munitorium ammo piles health increased to 100. Will now die slightly slower to random hits. Also made infection immune.
- Standardized Shotgun buckshot to have extra Time, Energy and Stun damage.
- Standardized most fragmentation, krak, photon and phosphorous rounds.
- Frag, Krak, Phosphor and Photon grenade costs made sane.
- Normalized the heavy frag missile to the new standard frag munition conventions (debuff modifiers).
- Added Gaussian random type to many low fire rate lascannon style weapons (tl;dr less whiffing when hitting).

- QoL: Made Nurgle Cultists give another interrogation for free when interrogated.
- QoL: Made several Chaos commanders/leader give another interrogation research topic for free once researched.
- New Article for Pump Action Shotgun.
- QoL: Added information about Corruption/Infection mechanics to the Codex under the Help section.
- QoL: Made various Adeptas armor codex articles available from the start when playing as Adeptas (varies by strategy, but possible to get certain armors early vs when you can buy/build them.)
- Split Ork Kommandoz articles and created a new one for the Sniper variant. They share autopsy and corpse.
- Death Skulls research topics linked to Codex articles added.

- New Pilot armor/unit.
- Moved Light Taurox to Mid-tier, Manticore to Ceramite tier.
- Arbites Taurox Turret gets more shots.
- Small buff to Enforcer Heavy Armor (and Shield version) front and side armor (+5).
- Arbites can now produce same drum ammo as guard can (shared weapons).
- Expanded PAINT IT BLACK, formerly green guard weapons are repainted into Arbites grey/black when used by Arbites.
- The Arbites Arvus is replaced by FAT ARVUS. Cousin of Little Arvus and formerly in the Italian Mob, Fat Arvus can carry 24 soldiers/4 2x2 units.

- FIX: Moved Commandery/Landraider convoy to ceramite tier repentia
- Bloody Rose armor option now have unique (and very red) Inventory sprites. Bullying Leflair to sprite harder works.

- Alliance mechanic now available to Guard as well as Arbites.

- Tauros 2x2 unit assets and armor code. Heavy flamer and heavy stubber options.
- Ogryns now have a basic default carapace armor that doesn't require manufacture. Manufactured Carapace rebranded as 'Reinforced'; most manufactured Ogryn armor given slightly better protection at the cost of more weight.
- Ogryns given 33% infection resistance.
- Chimera speed increased to 150 from 120.
- Commissars have improved Psi Defence: 50% of Psi Skill (100% for Lord Commissar) + 100% of their current Morale. Commissars also have 33% Intimidation resistance (50% for Lord Commissars).
- Added Ripper Gun armor piercing flechette rounds; intended to make ripper guns more viable vs mid-late game armor. Unlocked for purchase and manufacture via Ogryn Requisition + Mid-tier Guardsman research.
- Added manufacturing recipes for Ripper Guns, Ripper Gun Munitions and Mortar Rounds.
- Frag Mortar ammo added.

- FIX: Requirement for Corvus updated for inquisition use.
- FIX: Requesting Arbites Judge support now unlocks the bike bolter ammo.

- Added Bad Moons Ork race tag for relevant units.
- Added Death Skull research topics (interrogation/corpses).
- Deathskulls Big Mek added to Deathskulls lists. An enemy leader, it is armored with a Shokk Attakk gun that teleports Gretchins (inside you).
- Weirdboyz have visited the spa and gotten their legs cleaned up, new baby smooth skin inventory art.
- Added Bad Moon Mekboy Codex+art.
- Added Kommandoz Sniper battlesprite and inventory art+codex article. They now have their own armor with slightly less front armor and 10% greater fire weakness.
- Added Bad Moons Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns and Nobz. Slightly better armored and ranged focused (worse melee) than the Evil Sunz boyz, they'll hang back more. For now they've taken the Evil Sunz Ork Boyz place in the mid-tier Ork lists. Big 'Uns and Nobz are better armored and got even bigger guns, but similar role.
- Added Bad Moons Snazzy Shootas, equivalent to High-Grade Imperial guns, they currently come in 3 versions. A more accurate Shoota, a Kombi-Rokkit and a Kombi-Blasta (plasma pistol) variant. Bad Moons Boyz, Big 'Uns and Mekboyz uses the various versions to provide more of a mid and late game challenge once encountered.
- Created a mid tier Evil Sunz list, removed the Deffkopter from the Early Tier ork list (also Evil Sunz weighted).
- Added but not implemented fully yet, inventory sprites for:
Blood Axes Ork Boyz, Big 'Uns, Nobz, Kommandoz, Stormboyz and Meganobz.
Goffs Boyz, Big 'Uns.
- Expanded Ork Clan race lists and mixed lists will be implemented as we get these into the mod.

- Expanded Khorne rampage and intimidation mechanics for units like Warptalons, Valkia, Daemons and Berzerkers. Intimidation = "Terrify". Khorne weapons updated for the mechanic. A character that is totally demoralized will take any overbleed as stun damage then stun overbleed is taken as health damage.
- Added resistance mechanics for intimidation.
- Juggernauts now have the Khorne rampage mechanics, heightened aggression and Psi Vision to aid them with their hunt. They now have heightened TUs, stamina and stamina recovery to match their distinction as a Khorne steed.

- Tzeentch spell tweaks for Flamer and Glimmering One.
- Tzeentch casters now tend to use spells in lieu of guns; taste the Warpfire rainbow.
- More Tzeentch Spells added to Daemons and sorcerers. 

-  Throw range for Nurgle spawner grenades capped at 20.
-  Reduced infection ratio on some Nurgle grenades.
-  Infection damage capped to a unit's maximum health; this generally means weaker units cannot spawn more powerful daemons when they succumb to infection/corruption. Low health units like guardsmen will instead turn into weaker poxwalkers, thralls and gimps.

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