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Resources / Re: new sprites and ideas... also request.
« on: August 21, 2012, 08:33:29 pm »
hi again, slight update. i quite much found a method to "fix" the invisible sprites.

first i took the orginal xcom_0 sprite, without touching it,

then i took the xcom_0 sprite that i edited and just overlayed the orginal one with edited one, without removing any pixels from the orginal.

that quite much worked. tho if you look real close ,u might see a couple pixels of hair hanging out of the helmet.
bit confusing eh? ... but things are coming along fine now, i think ill get this done in this week, also i'll redraw the inventory screen for these armors and the dead body wearing this also.

Resources / Re: new sprites and ideas... also request.
« on: August 21, 2012, 11:16:35 am »
> Ryskeliini, how did you extract the sprites and how did you put them back into the .tab file?

uh, actually i havent done nothing to the file, iv only used pckview to open xcom_0.pck then saved it to *.bmp image format, edited and then just saved the bmp back to pck format. After that just copyed it back to Xcom UNITS folder. So there must be done something to the *.tab file, lol. have to look up for the tutorial. thanks

Resources / Re: new sprites and ideas... also request.
« on: August 20, 2012, 08:33:24 pm »
i'v been quite away for while, been struggling with the sprites. Seems like ufo engine simply doesnt want to work with these new sprites... problem might be with the file? ... is that file controlling color "coordinates" or something? since iv deleted out some pixel that have orginally belonged in the sprite, and drawn new ones.

 i have used photshop and pixel painted using the xcom colorpalette. (guessing that xcom really hates any other color that arent used in xcom?) and everything should been done exactly as told. bitmap exported from XCOM_0.PCK using the PCKview and ported back from *.bmp to pck file (World terrain, SkanG file dont seem to work, and i guess they shouldnt since its not a static sprite?)

anyways ,i'll guess finish this one. maybe someday there will be a proper way to import/export sprites :)

yaay a pic! ..btw, when i used openxcom ,whole torso/head sprites were gone, but somehow they got into the game when i used orginal ufo with dosbox.

Resources / Re: new sprites and ideas... also request.
« on: August 10, 2012, 09:38:59 pm »
Thing is with GIMP that you can export the *.xcf sprite to *.psd format, but the biggest problem seems to be that all the layers are gone, and everything is just sticked into one image.

basically its 5 images that needs to be edited, instead of 8... easier just to mirror the rest 3 images. if looking at the keyboard numbad the image sides that are needed to make is 8,9,6,3,2 (8 is looking north, 2 looking south etc..) and the rest 1,4,7 can be mirrored from 3,6,9. Saves loads of time :) ..tho it'll still takes lots of time to draw hands, legs, diffrend poses, and make sure that they arent apart from the body etc etc..

Resources / Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: August 10, 2012, 06:45:15 pm »
Luke granted me a access to his openxcom site ,so go look at there :) ... updates coming to there more often than here. Any feedback is great, good or bad, post it here.


hi! been lurking these forums for a while now, and today decided to join the fun  :)
just here to show something iv been making..

this is still in work in progress. First one is new armor sprite for soldiers, combat suit. basically just a helmet, vest and kneepads... made with photoshop. only frontal sprite made ( over 9000 sprites to go? ;P ) ..could decrease the damage made by alien grens and explosives?...

and for the request , is there way to get the soldier sprites from GIMP to photoshop in *.psd format? ..talking
about this...

... i liked the idea of having all necessary sprites in all standing poses seperated by layers, but for editing, i really really want to avoid using GIMP... also is that pack missing the walking sprites?... altough awesome job with the pack  :)

Second picture is just a concept idea for xcom ... since there is tanks in xcom ,why not to have some androids to fight with xcom soldiers ..could be researchable in mid game... useful for "first to go, first to die" and for scouting. no more "FFFF- my best soldier died after getting out of the craft" ...well atleast lesser times.

quick update: now with ingame design.

thats all for now.  cu!


UPDATE!: Combat suit is done, download link is:

features: Battlescape sprites, battlescape corpse, inventory dolls & corpse. only few hand sprites are edited slightly. (just noticed that it looks better with xcom orginal hand sleeves on... viewers choise tho)

installing notes: ...uhh do i need to even bother? use pckview :p

NOTE: iv only tested this in dosbox using xcom and noticed there is some color bugging when animation starts moving(known problem?). i had no time to test this in openxcom, but it should work. But enjoy! you'r free to do changes for your likeing if you want to use it in your mods and host that file. just give atleast a credit for me if you use it. ;)

 cheers, im off for a trip. hopefully i didnt forget to add something important...


2nd UPDATE! Sectoids Retarded Cousin, just for lulz

feat. Battlescape anims & corpse, inventory corpse.

This is just a simple edit for the sectoid... at the weekend when i was bit drunk  i had this vision of this little abomination sectoid.. retarded cousin of sectoids. just really had to make this for the laughs. Use freely in your mods if needed. (it can always be something else than retarded cousin, maybe a sectoid without a suit or lower intelligent sectoid, your choise.)

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