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Released Mods / Re: Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:22:05 pm »

Updated UFOpedia to better one. ignore image text.
Updated Taser.rul - Fixed battlescape sprite conflicts with HW Cannon and Auto Cannon sprites
Updated! Works now as intended, no more explosion when hits target. Happy zappin everyone :) kudos to warboy1982 for the fix. - 27.1.2014

Released Mods / Re: Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:21:42 pm »

Updated UFOpedia to better one. ignore image text.

Updated Rules, WORKS NOW AS INTENDENT! - 28.10.2013

Released Mods / Re: Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:21:25 pm »

Updated UFOpedia to better one. ignore image text.

Released Mods / [WEAPON] [WEAPON] Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:20:57 pm »
"Gentlemen, take your seats and lets do some business" ...




Updated UFOpedia to better one. ignore image text.

Open Feedback / Re: Youtube videos
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:39:31 pm »
Ah, so there was a topic with random youtube openxcom videos... i also made one with OBS and edited it with sony vegas today. just a random battle with current features and mods shown.. horrid battle.

Part 1 :
part 2 :

Offtopic / Re: Abomination: The Nemesis Project
« on: June 22, 2013, 10:38:08 pm »
i remember this ,it looked awesome back then.. only played the demo version tho, but watched the whole thing in lets play... imo very underrated game.

edit: and it has kinda this feeling where x-com would have been failed, and now fight continues in overtaken earth with resistance.

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 18, 2013, 05:21:04 pm »
Ok, this is best i came up with flying suit animation. For me now it looks like its "hovering"  instead of bursting towards something, like the last ones... others would been good for movement animation, but since flying suit needs to be still ...this is prolly for the best.

-Legs "wavy" hover particles (in every direction)
-Torsos backside ..gah brainfreeze,engines? ..animations, small pulsating ones. (in directions if looked into keypad 4,7,8,9,6. 1,2,3 wasnt needed imo since you cant see flying suits back.
-preview animations.
-horrid explanotary image.

have fun   ::)

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 15, 2013, 12:02:08 am »
somehow i noticed ppl wuould like the spread one... and its hardest to make ( making single particle to fly animated correctly) but iits duable...
i also thought about alien sentry but then, how AI would would act dropiing them in the scenatio is a another thing..still bending. but if ppl like the spread one,im willing to give it 6 frames for proper look each side.

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 14, 2013, 07:28:19 pm »
not a bad idea, i would love to see also a flying suit with fly animation...  i made for starters 3 kinds of flames. spreading ,pulsating and just straight forward flame.. and all in one just for fun. Now i realised that All-in-one looks for me the best option.. well 4x9 sprites to go. hm, flying animations would have 72 sprites then, would it be possible even to code that into game? ..i just want to make sure before ill do anything :p

Edit: each image has now 3 frames looping.

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 14, 2013, 03:41:11 pm »
amongst drawing those other sprites i got inspired by Pmprogs UAV idea, i made "hastly"  this  Sentry turret ..

Includes: Geoscape animations, destroyed ani, wreck sprite and inventory sprite.
Adding later prolly new inventory sprite (Folded sentry in smaller size rather than a case, maybe) & Research image. New wreck ani (a better one)

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:40:57 pm »
Not at all, just go ahead. I'm glad that you even made that work ingame ,thanks!  :)

i'v been working on suicidal zombie animations sprites for now. Next ill finish those battlescape alien weaponery sprites + projectinal shot-sprites for them.. maybe draw magazines for some of them.

 Probably after that ill head finishing that droid sprite sheet wich i started ages ago, but im still mindstorming wich sprite sheet/layout i should use for it. its currently made on XCOM_0 (that Xcom agent with a jumpsuit) wich has awful amount of sprites in parts. Probably best to change to civilian male sprite sheet, since it has whole sprite in one image. Prolly only animations are the legs when moving, hands will be stiff position like letter "L" pointing towards (not waving hands like other units are moving) maybe shoulders bound up n down when it moves, just a small animation, but getting later on that.

oh and that suicidal zombie when its about to explode... imagine it with something similiar sound like this :>

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 06, 2013, 03:07:22 pm »
"Did you hear someth--"

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:13:08 pm »
Ok, time for a long post... sorry for the akward english type-writing allready. edit2: Scroll down to get files if you dont care this babble ;P

So the X-Com 'n Alien weaponery. I created these Xcom weapon sprites since there is all-n-all allready pistols, rifles, HMGs n such for Xcom allready so i tried this time to
create something diffrend.

SMGs: i was hoping to have FULL auto mode to shoot as well as snap shot. could be doing same amount of damage as pistol does now... spray n pray anyone?

Flamer:... well its a flamer,

Magnum: Needed more sidearms, with bigger punch!

Taser: Could be a short-ranged, battery carries 2 shots, for balance that ppl wouldnt only use this than ...brainfreeze.. rodstick? Could be less powerful than that.

LAW: Simple lightweight bazooka with 1 shot, after usage can be thrown away as its then used. Has lighter punch than the orginal rocket launcher?

Alien weaponery:

For these i tried to make them look-a-like the aliens themselfs, have a some sort of their very own weaponery. Alltough i dont have much of ideas what kind of projectiles
these could shoot or even make

Snakegun: Something that shoots acid? acid-spray flamethrower?.. or like blasterbomb with hazardous gas, maybe?

FloaterSMG??: none... shoots discs? :D

Ethreal Railgun/Gaussgun: See the image. Design came straight from the District 9 movies alien weaponery.

Sectoid Raygun: Some classical oldie ufo movie gun... could have these round O:s projectiles ?

Floater-somethingsomething: a Sonic weapon? no ideas from me :p

Chryssalid Leechgun: Organic weapon that shoot leeches, basically same idea that Half-life alien grunt had but something more dramatic. by that "appply awesome ani"
i ment death animation of when it would blow up ( zombie raises hands to sky and eyes get swollen up when it finally pops) ..

But for you who code these and mod these, these can be anything else what you just want, these are just merely my view of points what these could be :)

MOON NAZIS  was supposed to be this small "eastern-egg" mini-campaign for OpenXcom with the orginal campaign, in some day nazis would just invade earth for-no-good-reason and just terrorise ... once you had captured one of the leaders, you could had the moon-ish solution where you could travel to moon, and fight them off in the "swaztika" base.. i know much related to iron sky movie :p . ..Enemy types:

 Soldier: (as in picture) - Carries modified MP40 or a modd.Rifle

 Soldier AT: (as in picture) - Carries modified Panzer-somethingsomething-bazooka

Tank: (as in picture, a Hetzer like small tank, wich is fitted with one half-man, meaning that it only has torso-head-hands...[ dead nazi -> reanimated -> fitted to operate tank])

Officer: cap n uniform, carries luger

Armored soldier, reanimated, biggerbadder etc. MG42... something like jin-roh

Clone-Hitler: the Boss! ;P ... imagine wolfenstein 3d. ...or a floating brain in a fishbowl.

 Scientist: operates at the moonbase, carries something lightarmed.

... And finally when you'v had finished the nazis you could aquire re-animate technology wich would make dead soldiers back to use... could be fearless, but still fragile...
basically X-Com Zombie soldiers.

But i guess this kind of "mini" project would be quite huge to make alone, so i discontinued making this further (all the ships, soldiers, maps etc etc..)


Had this design made when someone talked about worshippers, dunno was it here, but then i looked at the X-Com Apocalypse that it had some sort of cultist so
why not in Openxcom also :)

Could be duable, partly , since its not that much of work (atleast graphically) ,cultists with their weaponery could be quite easily made. (e.g. make 1 cultist and recolor it to another one and  use the civilian to re-color it to ... "redneck?" look.. 3 new enemies! ...(well 4 if you redneccise the civilian women also)

Problematic would be ,i guess the mapping? ..About coding i have no idea how hard it would be to import in. This would give some variation to base invasion missions.
Another one i was thinking how about diffrend kind of terror missions? like VIP escort? ... land in terror mission, search VIP ,take it back to landing craft.

But now i need to stop , here let me show you my pouykeymons down below... Weapon pack with X-Com weaponary and only Alien inventory. Not finished, but guess ill share these ones for now, will finish them later

NOTICE that these havent been tested in anyways , not sure if they fit right in the inventory screen.
Also i re-edited the Combat armor inventory screens couple hours ago, also i made some edits to README.txt (for easier to understand who hasnt never tried these.)

i'll guess ill put those to Xcommods website in sometime then. Now, out cu!

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: June 01, 2013, 07:43:16 pm »
No time to explain, just throwing these here from old-assumed-to-be-broken-HD ,will be back in couple days to share some of these..

Resources / Re: Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: October 19, 2012, 11:15:12 pm »
Herro there you :3 ... u h first of all thanks for good feed back, (good or bad ,everythings welcome...) ... so yeah, iv been sketching  the mk2 research screen with google sketchup n photoshop and mk1 droid sprites a little bit... but i decided to share some DRUNKEN knowledge to you how to make researcgh screenns to xcom ...phew finnvodka is really starting to kicking in... so.. eyah...

But hopefullyt this is some way helpful (tho itg might be a bit.. uh.. badly written) who ever wants to make "new" research screens and such tp xcoim...

have fun..atleat i did had fun making it :D ...

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