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« on: July 18, 2015, 01:49:30 am »
Prepare yourselfs heretics, thus i have returned... updates incoming...

« on: January 12, 2015, 02:51:16 pm »
hello again, came here to answer some questions..
btw If you want special psi attacks you can try my mod that allow creating it.
note taken, thanks.
Another thing is that you could create weapon that shoot explosive shells but don't create big explosions, good for recreating bolter explosive ammo.
there is hit animation for that allready? just a small blast when bullet hits target ...or do you mean something else? :p
Does the Codex Astartes support this brother? (Beware the Games Workshop, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird...)
..Uhh *cough* GWs Emperur dont support this ... bit afreid of this kinda, im allready thinking of changeing names and doing some sprite rework. BUT thou this should be free commercial for them ...inb4 everything is Galagtic Rangers and Bulters :D
Chainswords and flamethrowers plus as much armor as possible seems to be a quicker solution.
Oh i wish i could make flamethrowers for this. Code says "nay" for this. (or it could be implented somewhat cheap/fugly way tho..)
Is there any special way you implemented bolters?
nope, bolters work as laser pistols for now ... or are equally powerful. Need to do some research how these weapons would work (could need a little help around on this)
After testing this mod against some hapless Sectoids, I can say that a major overhaul is needed.
True, ruleset has been thrown quickly together, so it is still in babyshoes. Still tho, i quite easily defeated mutons in one fight :)
As a test mod, everything seems to be working fine, besides the game crashing when using Krak grenades.
it seemed to work well for me, can you be more specific on this? .. what version of ocx and is it windows or linux side? .. exact point when the crash happens. can you hear the explosion sound or does the explosion animation even start. ill try to figure this out somehow :)
IMHO, the armors should start at the Mk I Thunder pattern.
man ,your killing me :D .... if i would make from mk 1 to 7 armors, it would prolly kill me mentally. Not that it would be hard to make in battlesprite (by changing the torsos) but also making all the new dolls for every armor. Then to have all diffrend rules for every armor to stand out somehow each other. its a good viewpoint tho and nice idea, but how it would be implented ingame, thats a bit hard.
I think that the game should start with Guardsmen with Autoguns as the X-COM agents before researching 'Gene-Seed'.
Plausible! it would be nice to have first guardsmen and then researched towards to marines. Again, making guardsmen takes time and effort to make sprites all over again. prolly would be easy to start from combat armor sprites and editing it towards to guardsmen look-a-like. This mod is still in "scetching" state so yeah, it could be done.
Is it possible to use soldiers as manufacturing materials?
it can be done, but if the soldiers would be manuafactured by engineers,  they would all have the same stats (ega. like tanks are in XCOM with same stats) .. i dont know if its plausible to have random stats for manufactured products. This is a question more like ocx devs to answer , they'll know prolly much of this than me.
If you need any info about the Warhammer 40k universe or a beta tester for this mod, just PM me.
For now i would need help at the rules on everything... like how much protection armor offers (currently its the same as powersuit in OCX) how powerful the weapons should be in OCX ,how much ammo they can carry, weights, etc etc. good Ufopedia.orgrmation text for each item (now they are just taken from wiki) ... stuffs like these i need help, i can fix things in graphical side myself :P .. i might need testers, ill pm if i need later on.

And now for the other things. Prolly going to change weapon colors to classical red look (since now they are quite much blending in battlescape view ,into the armor) so it would stand out a bit. gray,red,yellow.... guess ill leave the orginal blue as a optional color to choose from.

Also the krak grenade is a "anti-armour" grenade as i looked afterwards... so it will be graphically changed , and current graphics are changed to "frag-grenade" wich is anti infantry grenade.. So how the krak grenade should work? 2x2 grid small explosion and huge power? ... looking to that later on..

Now i had blackout, i really had something more to discuss but now i dont remember anymore, oh well... ill drop by later

cheers! and thanks for the feedback. sorry for awful truckdriver english.

« on: January 10, 2015, 08:57:46 pm »
[Armor/weapon] Space Marines mod


Thunderhawk Gunship mod - By Bulletdesigner

Space marines mod released. Discuss here, report bugs and such.

Future plans:
+ fix all in first release
+ "advanced" weaponery
+PDF (cannon fodder units)
+Imperial Guards
+Assault Marines
+Squad Leader suit(s)
+DIY Space marine ( Layout of the space marine sprites, so you can make your own Chapter)

Distant plans:
+2x2 size Terminator
+New planet placed into horus herecy chapter
+Chaos to opponent side (marines,renegades,cultists)

and something more :>

updated 16.10.2015

You could try one dumb trick... in ruleset its named as ShotgunAmmo2.gif go into  X:\OpenXcom\data\Resources\GunsNGadgets_1\Shotgun folder and you see there image named as Shotgunammo2.gif (the letter "a" in ammo word is small font). Change that Shotgunammo2.gif to ShotgunAmmo2.gif with big A letter and report me what happens :P ... that might be something wich messes up things.

Work In Progress / Re: [ARMOR] Gas-mask equipment
« on: July 12, 2014, 08:26:58 pm »
guess not :p ... i was thinking something like having a slightly limited sight when you use gasmask, but blargh, afterwards it sounded quite stupid. Battledrugs would be a fun addition to this, if person gets panicked, gasmask canister would provide relaxants to breath and thus calm down.. or even berserk like toxin, go full mad but reduces health...  but those would be hard to make i think.

Work In Progress / [ARMOR] Gas-mask equipment
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:59:13 pm »

Gas-Mask mod

So... Sharing this here ,since iv allmost lost my nerves making this to work. if anyone is willing trying to fix this,  you will be credited to god amongst men ;P (it must be something small that i havent noticed in ruleset)

Everything else works well (inventory, purchasing, ufopedia) except the battlescape sprites. Somehow it just get messed up everytime i try to config it (e.g gets Black boxes, white lines or just looks something like mutilated mutant)

Purpose of this mod was kind of a minor, able to fight in smoke without inhaling smoke all the time as some players seems to love fighting in smoke.
inspiration for this was definatly Emans playtrough videos ,loved his playtrough from the start when they first appeared to youtube :)

So yup, here it is.

edit: Works well now, big thanks for falko helping out @ irc

did the 1.0 version work on linux? Linux is somewhat grey area for me (i really suck at coding things)...
i only can assume its it has something to do with image formats i guess?

Can you tell me what mods works for you in linux so i can chek out those mods what they have that i dont.

oh man, i totally forgot flechette was possible now, it can finally work exactly as intended!
Yup it works quite fine for me, orginally i added 24 pellets flying out of it, but it crashed. then 20 -> crash, then 18 -> worked fine... soon after i added new shooting sound (shotgun like), well it crashed again ;P ... now its into 15 pellets and without new sound, so i guess openxcom handles atleast that amount of pellets :)

Dear Ryskeliini, First thanks for this amazing mod bundle. I found one tiny minor gliche with it. see below.I added your mod about mid january in a campaign. Maybe this little glitch wouldn't happen if starting a campaign with it ready installed.

Thank you. :)  You propably have Grenade Launcher mod activated. This Pack has the same grenade launcher with the same code, some slight changes only ,so that might cause crashing/mixup. This pack also uses partly the same code as the Shotgun mod has so THAT also can cause trouble also. Other than that, this should work flawlessly *cough*

Fix should be simple, just deactivate Grenadelauncher mod and shotgun mod for a while when you use this mod.

Dear Ryskeliini,
I have found another problem. The game CTDs when one attempts to tranfer the medical drone from stores onto the Skyranger.

i thought i added line "droid/DONTBUY" for that medical droid... simply, just dont use it yet before i fix it for 1.1 version.

Aand done. Check the for this package.
edit: damn i forgot the hit function and addon languages... well maybe later udtaes then.

working on it. ↑

ill update the graphics of the inventory weapons for more appealing to todays standards and also adding some functions to weapons such as "melee hit" and new ammunition. Oh and the diff. languages too.

ALSO, ill be merging the grenade launcher and shotgun to this package. (shotgun still needs slight graphical touch) + Adding new weapon(s) and sounds.

It'll hopefully appear in modsite somewhere around this week, ill propably release a testing package to experimental forums first to let ppl check out and add ufopedia lang.strings to it if translators are willing to do so. Lets call it "Ryskeliinis Tier-0 Weapon Pack" or something then :p

instead of making ed-209 ,wich is law enforcement unit, make ED-309 that is Military purpose droid thus more suitable to xcom? :>

Work In Progress / Re: When Xcom fails...
« on: March 08, 2014, 08:57:29 pm »

IT'S COMING! D; ...after 9000+ of confusing coding..

Work In Progress / When Xcom fails...
« on: February 06, 2014, 01:15:40 pm »
... Doom guys come to stand STRONG! Rrip n Tear!  ;D

This is merely just a concept art still. most of the inventory items are just photoshopped in, exept the inventory doll (still in messy state) and the shotguns. Battlescape doomguys are real deal, only needs editing in arms at leg parts still. after that its quite easy to change palette to megaarmor (blueis armor) by just changing the palette.

Thinking of it, it would be fun to replace Xcom tech with doom tech. meaning that there would be no xcom weapons or fancy things. You would start the game only with the first weapons that doom had.. with doom pistol and Knuckles (knuckles would work as melee and stun) .. then just researching forward for example:
Chainsaw -> Shotgun -> shotgun ammo -> Super Shotgun -> Minigun -> Minigunammo -> Rocketlauncher -> rocketlauncher etc etc...

Side reserches would be Stimpack -> Medikit ->  Armor II -> Armorr III etc etc.. something like that.

Or even dem Powerups research ... Berserk, Partial invisibility, megasphere .. well these would prolly be impossible to code i guess.

But yup.. concepts :3

Released Mods / Re: [HWP] Scout Drone
« on: February 01, 2014, 09:39:06 pm »
hi mk-fg! thanks for the constructive feedback, i see you have used it more than i am :) ... i havent tested it a lot ingame so this is important information whay you have given.

-- It costs 200k vs 40k for usual "scout lamb", takes as much time to arrive.
- Pending on that... tho it has superior way to go trough alien ships to seek whats in there as vanilla HWPs cannot do. Maybe that can be lowered. i agree timing to arrive to base should be halfed.

-- Armor is pretty much useless - both rookie and vehicle gets one-shotted.
-i didnt want to be this as fighting vehicle, more likely spot and hide one. Spotting is one factor that gets aliens killed by snipers. (atleast in my game i can easily spot then kill them with sniper fire wich imo causes huge unbalance... it shouldent get easy!

-- After the very early game stage, rookies have better armor and still cost way less.
- Saving rookies will get "trained" to better class, so saving them is useful? DONT YOU LOVE YOUR SOLDIERS! :D

--- Gives much worse score penalty for loosing - 50 vs 20 - 2.5 cannon fodder people make much better scouts, even unarmed.
- ok, needs to be looked on this. (if i understood correctly what you ment)

-- It gets no xp and gives no chance of nice stats (i.e. 99psi), surviving rookies (good chance) should always be better than vehicle.

-- Sacrificial rookies can and actually do shoot, and not that ineffectively.
----drone shoots smoke at them aliens :> .. hilarious for me atleast when it has extra TU to use :)

 --Given that aliens see better through smoke, not sure which side actually gets advantage from mounted smoke launcher.
- Not completely sure about that, i think its completely the same as Xcom units have. IF there is a smoke screen aliens cannot see trough it, atleast in my gameplay experience.

-- 70 AP is slightly better than rookie, but only by 10-15 AP, which is kinda negligible.
- So it should be more?... it was in the first rule version ,and scouts completely overrunned aliesn instantly by spotting them in first turn, and thus getting killed by agents running from skyranger and shooting from distant places. Disacree in this point. i think scouts should have EVEN less AP. But notice taken, be pending on this..

-- Should be immune to psi attacks.
- i have no exprience on this but totally agree (if this is mindcontrol thingy) :)

Sorry for my harsh awful english, im finnish and drunk at the monemt ;p ... But afterall, thanks your feedback is very good :) Lets try to fix it :>

Released Mods / Re: [WEAPON] [WEAPON] Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:12:59 am »
Nice! .. tested and working well with latest build. No need for new hit animation layout since it looks good allready. gj wb82 :> ... updated the frontpage also with new DL link too.

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