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XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 25, 2022, 01:38:13 pm »
I thought xpiratez ideal mod.  :(
Worst part is these 6 miniguns on the sides. I think it is possible to execute some epileptics with this mission.
Interesting that corpse of the general recoverable. At least now i got second power armor for assault bike.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 25, 2022, 03:37:18 am »
I am trying to do "govt base defence".
Briefing says that i can convince the general somehow but how?
I got him and govt enforcer(stunned their asses with emp)in escape area but mission ends with fail and without them. I tried to heal him to the sleep status or carry them in hands. Nothing works.
So how to complete these missions? Do i supposed to kill all those turrets or accept -2500?

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 23, 2022, 11:22:44 pm »
executionOdds: 42
Is that a chance  for event to apear?
Unlocked everything i could i think but still no event.  :-\

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - M4 6-Jan-2022 Peasant Revolution
« on: January 23, 2022, 11:20:55 pm »
Diplomacy was bugged in 4.0 for peasant path, but after 4.1 everything is fine. You can purchase only peasants but all other races available through recruitment.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 19, 2022, 08:58:15 am »
I guess its about this thing on the screenshot. She met me as event in early game and said that i need to unlock Thebes and do some grind for "purple bloom".
I will try to focus on capturing civilians more now. I only bothered with leaders so far.
Oof.. If only I had chosen the gray codex..

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 19, 2022, 08:17:57 am »
I guess those missions just not for me, cause they locked behind embrace the power=>shadow chasing=>hyperwave mysticism.
Dont know what in the hell Wasteland priestess II neither.
Interesting that ninja gods=>ninja guns locked behind shadow chasing too.
Truly confusing stuff going on.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 19, 2022, 07:23:53 am »
challenge goblin zaxx
Thats a good idea actually. I already have this subject to research.

Whats the deal with UAC btw? I remember that on previus run i had multiple base defences against those guys from doom.
Met few missions this them on the current run but cant figure out what needed to unlock vault.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 19, 2022, 06:49:14 am »
I recieved 7 of them from the event in the beggining but wasted all. Can you imagine that? 6 went into brainers and 1 into recruit.
I guess only option for me now is mass produce recon expeditions for old boots.. Also i wonder wich missions give crazed gnomes?

I think Deliverator will solve all my speed problems, i only need to survive till then. If i unlock Thunderhorse somehow(Cloaking Device, yep) then Harvester will become absolete completly.

Academy is a pretty hard base defense from what I hear
Siege will be not for me. For them.  :D
I will take all RPG's i have with me.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 19, 2022, 05:56:01 am »
Yes i had 2 or 3 defences in the first year, but they had just packs of dogs/hounds and some ratman hobo. Not sure how they crawled in, because i shoot down all slow things.

I have different problems now. I killed some ships with Osirons and then Academy become active, i managed to capture a ship with Provost and around 5 cyberdiscs, but they sended 3 ships or so and builded new hideout on my island. I am furious about this. Siege will be.
Also realised that i need to grind for gnomes somehow on "reject the power" path cause seems like it's the only way to get Shadowtech and to build interceptors. Thats frustrating, first it was stepler now this.

Well plantation bases work extremely well in L versions and earlier.
Dont know about plantations but i found that maxed out amount of Runts is extremly useful. They cost like 10k each and 100 of them produce income of 4mil with shateau or 1.4m with grog. So Large quarters instead of hangar is the viable option.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 18, 2022, 12:21:21 am »
Peasants have not bad stat caps, it is a rough start but if you not lose your main toons too much they go overcap with medals pretty soon and become as useful as ubers. Actually all races have cap for firing 120 and i think it is even possible to turn band of narlocks into little monsters. And still nobody locks you out of using ubers.
Just dont make mistakes like me. I settled in a country wich gives books for voodoo, i choosed the path wich requires grey codex and then just rejected the power and took 2 hangars where 3 is required.
Yep, thats me.  :D
Btw, does anyone know if there's a minimum chance to hit on aircraft weapons?  I was expecting a harvester would get trashed by a jetbike, but if there's even a 5% minimum chance to hit that wouldn't happen.
It's all about using good pilots.

Released Mods / Re: X-Chronicles resource review
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:41:13 pm »
So, i assume that now new fixes for x-chronicles will be there not soon because of this drama?  :-\

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:29:14 pm »
So i guess outpost near them is the only option for me to survive then? Because right now its impossible to get in time on these missions(8hrs) with harvester.
Pigeon doesn't have [undetectable] unforunately, but spy zepellin does.
I dont like baloons. Basic idea was to place pigeon outside of their radar and catch landed supply ships with harvester to cripple them.
But if there is just a pure chance to spawn the mission behind the curtains i guess there is no point to do that.
what's the point in adding interesting slow craft like harvesters and buses if they're just going to poof almost immediately?
Harvesters not poof immediately, they have 360 durability. I think you didn't get me, harvesters not gonna be killed if they get caught, they shred everything to pieces right now with 14m x3. Problem that they cant catch anything with thier speed of 400.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: January 17, 2022, 05:45:45 am »
I have ninja problem too and wonder how you guys deal with such things and whats going on for you on the new version.

My trivia:
Things go slow for me since i play on 3 difficulty, just wanted to chill and goof around with some of the new mid/late game content while still wanted that game provide some challenge too me. I went for 2 hangars at the beggining with the harvester and blowfish for no reason. Also rejected the power since wanted to take a look at ninja toys in the lategame. No mutant alliance for now cause i got smart books from the gnome. Unlocked C missions but game gave me first stepler and first nice pile of aquaplastic only at second year so right now i am at april of second year and this month workshop and library will be finished.
I have ninja fortress located in blackmarch and it acts wierd. On previous month they spawned 3 "save the general" missions wich gave me -6000 of rating and next month  they just sitted quiete and do nothing. Seems like at first they need to accumulate some points to do such things.
I am just worrying that sky will be swarmed by them soon like some people report or something like that.
So now i wondering what should i do next after construction of library and workshop finishes.

Downside of the Harvester is speed 400 and no -SUB-, so i barely can catch anything but ambulances and necroplanes but if i do it just goes down. With mistress or gnome as a pilot i can even handle ninja interceptors 1 on 1. Not sure about outcome tho. Does it worth it to lure them out?
Should i build new base with outpost near ninjas maybe? But i fear that they will strangle this until the base develop enough.
I can buy shark jetbikes but they will cost another 2mill to me.
New base anywhere else just for more profits and hangars?
Sell my blowfish and send pigeon/v8 to spy on ninja? Not sure what it will gives in longterm.
Base siege is not a option i guess. I have mortars but i think losses will be huge anyway.
Anything else?

sorry for the mindflow.
Oh and also i have second base(secret hideout) at the Death Realms, but they out of my reach and dont do rampages too much.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - M4 6-Jan-2022 Peasant Revolution
« on: January 11, 2022, 12:24:10 am »
Its not about survivability, scav armor just gives more TU, Str, Energy and 3x3 backpack. All these stats were a main problem with usual peasants in the begining. Promotion also reshuffles attributes and this can lead to interesting results. Also it gives me vibes of harley queen outfit. Looks really nice. :)

No, i have cities lore too and everything is fine. Cant really remember what was the deal sorry. It was like arround J17 for me. (really long ago)
Try to check if there is old oxce folders in my documents/user/, piratez have saves in the game folder, so this can be issue if they overwrite each other somehow.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - M4 6-Jan-2022 Peasant Revolution
« on: January 10, 2022, 11:40:56 pm »
Thats debatable, i actually like this path. It gives cool scavenger armor for free and allows to promote them with booze. Harvester is op for the stage when you unlock it(3 floors, lots of places for sniping). Dont know whats about this new tank tho, requierment of only gray codex seems wierd.

looks like update with old saves issue. I can remember that i had something similar when updated between old versions after really long break.
Mine looks like this on 4.1:

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