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This would be a  nice feature to have. Current ways to implement it are:

1) Simply have scripts that check for items that the defense facilities have and if so kill aliens.

2) Just give defense facilities some useful automated turrets. It's not exactly what you want but serves a similar purpose. Mines for example would be very likely to simply result in a fixed amount of killed enemies. Or you can even set them to have enemy spawn points where the enemies are instantly killed.

3) Use the missile strike system, where some UFOs just destroy facilities without base defense, as outlined at,6668.0.html

Open Feedback / Re: New here, some questions
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:32:44 pm »
Miniature wargames are definitely a sister genre. But then again so are classic roguelikes, GMT/block wargames, and Battle Brothers. Honestly the only thing truly like XCOM is games that tried to remake it.

There's a bunch of stuff you could do to improve CQB, such as:

  • Increase range in which it activates to 2
  • Make it take slightly more TU to move near enemies so they can't just move away (wrestling)
  • Add a new rule for each alien: "avoidsCQB" default false. If enabled will attempt to move out of CQB before firing.
  • Same as above but make the AI always pick the higher damage option. Kinda cheaty though, it shouldn't know whether it will win CQB.
  • Add another option which just reduces point-blank range as in FiraxisXCOM.
  • Free melee reactions which can stun instead? Nobody likes this idea though
  • Make the attack's accuracy based on the CQB stat. After all, are you really going to miss with a shotgun that's up against their head? Not unless they wrestle it out.

Open Feedback / Re: New here, some questions
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:52:48 pm »
It's not perfect, kind of clunky, but it adds something and takes almost nothing away. I actually didn't mean to say I don't like it. I do, it just could be better... probably...

Open Feedback / Re: New here, some questions
« on: May 06, 2019, 08:41:37 pm »
Ok, ty!

Gotta say tho I'm not a huge fan of these realistic bullet physics if they can't make partial cover viable. In most FPS partial cover is a huge deal because you can peek and lean and generally manipulate it so that it blocks your opponent but not you, as well as pop out from multiple sides to catch them off guard. Here it looks like you can't manipulate it more than full cover, so there's not much reason to use it. In Xenonauts this is not the case and partial cover is huge, especially for ufo breaches.

Open Feedback / Re: New here, some questions
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:22:59 pm »
1-2) So I assume if you are in knee-high cover it won't reduce your chance to hit but will reduce your chance to be hit?

4) Fair points.

5-6) Basically I just want to easily spawn custom enemies/missions for testing purposes. I'm not entirely sure what the master tag does. I know that it prevents you from enabling vanilla mods with it. Does it do something else?

8 ) I am a traditional roguelike player. Those games can be 2-5 hours, yet I replay them for hundreds. I don't understand why every game dev in this genre thinks longer = more hardcore/replayable. Mostly it just seems to mean you spend less time on the fun geoscape gimmicks.

Open Feedback / New here, some questions
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:20:38 am »
1) In Xenonauts and to a lesser degree FiraxisCOM you ignore the terrain that's directly adjacent to you. This lets you take cover behind a barrel without it negatively impacting your aim. Does original XCOM have this feature, or can it be modded in? It might seem minor but it's extremely important to the feel and cover-based combat of those games (though not necessarily this one).

2) Similarly I hear that the tiles are physically modeled in map files? How exactly does that affect gameplay?

3) In Xenonauts and Apocalypse there are gasses that deal damage (and other stuff) instead of just obstructing vision. Does this exist in OpenXCOM?

4) I'm not a huge fan of the CQB / melee dodge mechanic enabled in a lot of mods. You can just take a single step back and it doesn't count, which you should very often do because 2-space accuracy is very high and they have no dodge chance. But the AI won't, which is extremely awkward. It feels like it could do better, maybe apply in a slightly larger range. Would love to have someone CMV.

5)  What is a "master" mod? What kind of files would you need to basically have a 1-hour campaign with a single level? That seems like it would be a useful starting point for me making a mod. The ruleset reference is very helpful, but I basically don't understand how to delete everything and start from scratch like most mods seem to do.

6) Are there any wizard modes or similarly helpful debug tools/mods?

7) Free reaction fire seems like a fun idea. Basically wearing light armor would give you 30% TUs refund on end of your turn. This way you can offhand a pistol to protect yourself. Is it possible, and would it be fun?

8 ) Got any mod reviews? What are the shortest mods? I like short games.

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