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Released Mods / Expanded U_BASE
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:15:42 pm »
So i have one week left before school resumes and the amount of free time i have after work will greatly be reduced so i am working frantically to get another gift out to the community.

These are using the original terrain files and are designed to keep 99% of the community happy .

So far 20 new mapblocks are done ( some are minor changes to existing ones just to keep you on your toes), would like to make a few rotated versions of some of these eventually also but not this month :)

There are 2 Rulesets here, "Expanded Ruleset" just adds the new map blocks to the mix, "FULL Expanded Ruleset" turns on the unused maps included within the original game (which are commented out by default in OXC install), adds my new map blocks and macks the map slightly bigger with more enemies to hunt down.

IDT Modding Hub / Pyramid Rebirth
« on: July 08, 2014, 01:34:12 pm »
So these are the rebirth of some unused Pyramid UFOs that had mapfiles left within the Dos install. Now  BombBloke was the person who brought these to my attention some time ago and also created a basic MCD set for these. Since then, i built a few new features into the MCD set and thanks to Warboy, i now have a test Ruleset to continue my experiments.

 Now i have started trying to workout how to bring these into OXC but have already found one issue the internal corners on these are not displaying correctly ( it is still blacked out even when looking at it) anyone have any ideas as to why?

Also if anyone has some free time and wants to get the seams between the Wall sections to blend a little better i would greatly appreciate it :)

Suggestions / Collapse a building
« on: June 28, 2014, 04:32:31 pm »
 So i have been away for a while but thought i would ask, has anyone else here thought about being able to collapse a building like in XAPOC?

Could some form of this be built into OXC?

Tools / PCK VIEW - Win8
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:48:12 pm »
Anyone have a PCKview install that works on Win8?

Suggestions / Solider status icons
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:09:18 pm »
Been thinking about some Solider status icons for some time after discussions with Daiky and others, the intent for these was for FOXC but i would also like them in OXC.
Bee playing around with some idea, obviously i need them relatively small and i think it would be best if they fade away after a few seconds to avoid getting in peoples way but still wanted to show some basic ideas.

Initially , this leads to more player feedback if solider is suffering Burn or Exhausted. Also i cant be the only person to waste TU's telling a unit to duck when they already where, there a Icon for that  :P  Eventually i am alsothinking Spell effects on units :P

Easiest solution would be to borrow the ones done from Baulders Gate but i am trying to resist that temptation :P Here is 3 of my first concepts, feedback on this is requested as i know its not as pretty as we would like ::).

Suggestions / BASE LAYOUT
« on: September 05, 2013, 12:51:00 pm »
 I would like to see the Base layout expanded in  Geoscape .

 Random event like a room collapse or discovering some rock that you cant dig through when placing some objects would be a nice start, as seeing EVERYONE uses the same base layout is stupid ( and boring) .

Also the option to add new features would be cool , like Tunnels between block instead of just having rooms side by side, also add-on like BLAST DOORs , security towers etc could really change Base  design and Defence missions a little more exciting and increase the Human requirements also , like have some gyms , shower blocks etc

Lets face it , base defence missions are easy, run to aircraft bay , through biggest explosive through door , Hide and repeat as needed >:(.  i thought this was a tactical game ::)

Suggestions / Items that Modify Unit Stats
« on: August 11, 2013, 01:35:45 am »
 As suggested by Moriarty in the Modding section, can we get this option???

it would be nice to have a mechanic that allows for an item to have a property "ModifyXY: <integer value>". yes, negative numbers, too: perhaps the mind shield would increase Psi Power, but decrease Psi Skill while equipped? would make sense to me.

maybe there could even be two "modify" properties: "ModifyWhileInInventory" and "ModifyWhileEquipped" - a mind shield in the backpack might still help, but a sniper scope would only work if held in the other hand (or something like that)

This would also open the door for a whole lot of RPG-like stuff, which might be interesting for total conversion mods... Sword of +5 Strength, anyone? :D

IDT Modding Hub / FOXC - Fantasy OpenXcom
« on: August 10, 2013, 03:35:45 pm »
Been thinking about a Fantasy version of OXC for some time, right now i am just toying with the idea, i still havnt even thought about How Geoscape works or even what even type of game that half is, but the Tactical side would be a Blend of X-com and  Mordheim ( something i played alot of when i was a Teen).

Project goals:
To be revised ( 2019)

Special Requirements:
Walk/Run Option: Running can increase Tiles covered with same TU's used but Field of vision is reduce, Stamina used is increased and penalties are applied to both Melee attacks and Ranged attacks after running, the longer you run per turn the greater the penalties applied ( Short runs ( 6 tiles or less) would have only reduce Vision and use up necessary amount of stamina for that distance. A addition, Short run, would just add the numbers together and start adding penalties , this is so you cant cheat 8)

Reaction Melee Charge Attack: Standing away from target, if you select Charge Attack you Charge up to 6 tiles and do a special attack with double damage.

Face your attacker : If you are attacked a target on the Flanks,  the AI can decide to face you and get a Cheap retaliation attack  ( TU's Permitting) , this should not happen by default as i am sure someone will exploit it :P special conditions or random code may need apply.

Parry and Block Rolls (if sword or Shield is equipped, target should have chance to block/deflect the attack, chance of parry/defence should be effected by some unit stats.

2 single hand weapons VS 1 single hand weapon - perhaps some sort of Bonus/penalty system can be conjured up for when a unit has something in second hand ...Not sure how to handle this one yet.

BackStab : If your in close combat with a enemy and you turn to walk away before there dead or unconscious , they get a Free attack into your side or back .

Weight Affects TU's : The more you carry and the more armour you have one, the More  TU's every action costs

Warband Leader/Hero:  Units within "X" value of the warbands nominated Leader gain increases to Moral + Maybe increase TU's as the are receiving instructions directly and not thinking for them selves.

Weapons Can Wear out and Break : As description

Stat Increase controlled by Player: As Description , random selection of "stats"  ( EG: Melee, magic, Tu's, throwing etc) is created by computer on level up  allowing  the player to pick from these on level up

Skill Increase controlled by Player: As Description, random selection of "stats"  ( EG: Sword Skills, Shied Skills, Fire Magic, Dodge etc) is created by computer on level up  allowing  the player to pick from these on level up

Perma-Death: Still in game, just scaled back so its more likely people can be saved after mission. Also Execution of knocked out units should be possible if standing on top of them ( just encase you really want them dead)

Initial Weapons :

Sword - Special ability : Parry ( based on Stats and Special Skills developed)
Axe -   Special ability : reduces effectiveness of enemy armour ( based on Stats and Special Skills developed), Good vs Terrain
Mace/Club : Special ability : Stun effect ( based on Stats and Special Skills developed), Good vs terrain
Spear :  Special ability : Counteracts Charge Bonus , Spear also strikes first( based on Stats and Special Skills developed)
Knife: Backup , no specials i can think off
Sling : Stun Effect
Bow :   TBA
Crossbows : TBA
Throwing weapons: TBA
Throwing Cocktales : TBA

Shields: Increased armour rating on Front, Special Ability  BLOCK ATTACK( based on Stats and Special Skills developed)

2 Handed weapons: as others, increase damaged , Increased TU's Requires, Increases Stamina used

Potions: Health , Mana , Others TBA
Wizards and Magic : Long term :P

FOXY also has a Channel on the IDT Discord server, please check it out below:

Offtopic / Ultimate Underworld
« on: July 13, 2013, 02:03:23 pm »
Since this game is a another Classic i thought i would ask here,  Anyone know of any successful remake for this game ( same as SupSuper and Team is doing here with OXC), so far today i have found many half finished remakes but no complete ones , such a shame.

I did find a Funny review on this game also whilst looking :)

Open Feedback / So its been a while
« on: June 30, 2013, 03:33:32 am »
So its been a while since i have played OXC or even vanilla X-com via dosbox so i have a few questions for the experts.

1) in Original game, was it possible to land on water in the polar region, i had a unit with a flying suit panic and that is where he ended up
2) Did chrysalids throw grenades in original, honestly i think its a nice touch, i just done remember it
3) the Secopod sound effect when walking sound like a cow stomping around , is that the correct sound effect , i would of expected something more robotic.

Also , i dont seam to be able to select MIX CREW tab in the instant battle option without the aid of the RANDOM BATTLE option, is it just me.

Also Mixed Battles are fantastic  ;D

If someone can tell me what are Bugs, i will report them 8)

Suggestions / Target acquired
« on: June 21, 2013, 03:06:41 pm »
Just played a night mission and i remember a old issue that always drove me up the wall, Its dark, my agent has spotted the enemy, i have a RED BOX telling me he exists yet i still spend 5 mins moving block by block with my mouse trying to target the bugger , If i press the RED ENEMY BUTTON, can we Flash his location for 2 secs so i can move my mouse to that location?

Now i am not trying to cheat so do just make the target shown or anything i just want to end the pointless searching you need to do in the Dark, maybe hover the target icon there for a second or two..

Offtopic / Abomination: The Nemesis Project
« on: June 21, 2013, 07:44:22 am »
 Did anyone else ever own this game?

 I came across it in a  discount bin once and found it to be a good substitute to Xcom but no where near as good.

Did anyone else enjoy this one?

I may dig it back out for another play :P

Tools / MAPVIEW upgrade
« on: June 19, 2013, 03:12:15 pm »

 Any of you excellent Coders want to try your luck at making a few Upgrades to MAPVIEW? I downloaded the source out of curiosity but have no clue where to start :P

I PM Daishiva but since i have not heard from him in over a year i guess LIFE has gotten in the way of the last upgrade i asked for :-[

My Suggestions for Upgrading Mapview:
1) Fix existing Bugs EG: the PATHS can only be modified by Notepad as doing it by the program wipes everything.
2) Specify Default Node type was added last time By Daishiva at my request , we need a extra Option to tell it to AUTOLINK to previous Node in both directions ( this will save alot of time)
3) Extra Visual clues as to what Unit type a NODE will be spawning ( Just some letters added to the Green box to represent a Class would be helpful)
4)Move Node Option, There is nothing worse than realising you have fully setup a NODE 1 block to the right of the desired location, a tick box to Drag and drop node at a new location and Keep all current LINK nodes would be awesome
5) Numbered Grids ( around the images) i hate goign cross eyed tryign to work out if i am in the right Row or not , a simply Number system down the side on ALL screens could be useful.
6) AUTO-Link : Not sure HOW you will handle this but this would save alot of headaches if i only needed to clean up a few LINKS instead of manually modding every one of them.
7) RMP Statistics = Would be great if there was a option somewhere to do a count of all Spawn Ranks per level and a overview of spawn Ranks across the entire map set, just Pop open a new window to display this when requested.
8) Some kind of import Wizard for the PAths , Mapedit page as i have Lots of differnt , half finished maps to import and its very time cinsuming to do them one by one. It would be good if it was clever , and noticed if i selected a Map without a ROute file, that it could ask if i want to make a empty file for it. ALso if you can improve the way the Map tree is controlled ( and allow Drag and Drop to change the sequence) that would be great.

This is a Fantastic program it just needs some work to make it easier for people like me to make LOTS of new map types, Any part time coders for OXC want to take a look ?

Fan-Stuff / OXC RPG
« on: June 06, 2013, 02:08:14 pm »
Just a random thought , really not worthy for the SUGGESTIONS section, this is a offshoot from my thoughts on finishing the Doom mod and creating a mini campaign , now i am wondering if anyone ever has any interest in creating a OXC-RPG similar to the classic Fallout tactics ( plus older Fallout games). I was thinking maybe a story about a Mutant that escapes a alien Lab and trying to battle his way home  in a world that hates Aliens  ( talent writers are encouraged to apply  :P ). Small party max ( like 6 people), differnt storys , skills, objectives etc.

Just thinking , we have all the original game Graphics so that's a start, any new resources  would be compatible with normal OXC mapsets ( RPG to have set level layouts not the random Generation), you would want a real time/ turn base switch like Apocalypse had plus some small squad grouping rules ( also beneficial to OXC long term), plus we get to expand the Classic X-com story.

Peoples thoughts???

Suggestions / Spawning -Grenade Types
« on: May 31, 2013, 01:27:13 pm »
Been thinking of some new Grenades for the Aliens , one that would be thrown and turn into a static gun turret and another could turn into a floating ,fast moving Stun unit. Was thinking Both should have limited Energy amounts to use before they explode, maybe give them enough for roughly 5-10 turns.....

Will something like this possible? No point playing around with graphics until i know if it can be done.

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